Chapter 334:

Chapter 334: Father and Son Confrontation

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 334: Father and Son Confrontation

Narrator: During Zeth’s pursuit of his father, Asina swoops in and bites him!

*Asina is still biting down on Zeth’s neck*

*Zonbi looks nervous and angry*

Zonbi: The queen…

Sasha: She’s the queen!?

*Asina stops biting and tries to take Zeth away*

*Zonbi and the Nameless One surround Asina and punch her, making her let go of Zeth. Sasha grabs Zeth to keep him from falling down*

Zonbi: Go after Kyle!

Nameless One: We will handle the queen.

Sasha: But what if you need help?

Zonbi: Just go! She’s trying to capture Zeth! We can’t risk it!

*Sasha helps Zeth stand up*

*Asina just looks at them, smiling*

Zonbi: (Thinking) What is she smiling about?

*Zeth and Sasha start running up the stairs to the other side of the room*

Asina: Hmhmhm.

Nameless One: What are you laughing about?

Asina: You think it was my job to capture Zeth?

*She licks Zeth’s blood off of her lips*

Asina: Think again.

*Zonbi has a shocked face as she looks back to where Zeth and Sasha are running*

Zonbi: Wait! Stop!

*At this point, Zeth and Sasha are turning the corner to go to where Kyle went. As soon as they do, Sasha is blown back by a vampiric blast. A vampiric barrier then forms behind Zeth, preventing him from escaping*

Sasha: Zeth!!

Zeth: Sasha!!

*Zeth finds himself on a circular lift and face to face with Kyle*

*Zeth looks at Kyle angrily*

Zeth: What are you doing!? Dad!!

*Kyle just stares at him as the lift begins to go downwards*

*Sasha gets up*

Sasha: No! I won’t let you take Zeth!!!

*Before she can move anywhere, her ankles are grabbed by shadowy hands coming out of the floor*

Sasha: What is this!?

*A shadowy head with vampire eyes also comes out of the floor and looks up at Sasha*

Darkness Vampire: Sorry, princess, but you’re not going anywhere but with us! We are the Darkness Vampires.

*Sasha is dragged through the floor via a pool of darkness by the power of the Darkness Vampires*

Sasha: Nooooo!!

*Sasha is then completely dragged through the floor*

Zonbi: Shit!!

*Zonbi and the Nameless One turn around to try and go do something. However, Asina gets in front of them*

Asina: Weren’t you going to fight me?

*She tries to punch Zonbi but Zonbi crosses her arms to block. She is pushed back though*

Zonbi: I fought evenly with the king. I assume your power is similar to his. Together with my son, we shall take you down.

Asina: So you fought him and lived? I imagine you must be pretty worn down at least. You won’t put up much of a challenge.

Zonbi: I healed myself enough.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Sasha.

*Sasha is in a dark dungeon area, in the room are four shadowy vampires*

*Sasha has a serious expression on her face*

Sasha: Darkness Vampires, huh? I will show you true darkness.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Zeth.

*Zeth and Kyle are still on the lift that is going down*

Zeth: I don’t get it… Just……What are you trying to accomplish!!?

Kyle: I plan to unseal Kazan.

*This shocks Zeth*

Zeth: What…? But you were the one who sealed him away in the first place!

Kyle: I know.

Narrator: Zeth has confronted his father who shockingly reveals that he plans to unseal Kazan despite being the one who sealed him! What does all of this mean?

Chapter 334 END

To be Continued in Chapter 335: Zeth vs Kyle. The Momentous Battle Between Father and Son!