Chapter 335:

Chapter 335: Zeth vs Kyle. The Momentous Battle Between Father and Son!

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 335: Zeth vs Kyle. The Momentous Battle Between Father and Son!

Narrator: Zeth is face to face with his father, Kyle, on a lift! Where exactly is the lift taking them to?

*The lift that Zeth and Kyle are on finally reaches its destination. They are now in a large room that is like a fancy museum room with a lot of paintings of the Light Goddess, Heaven, and other heavenly things*

Zeth: What is this?

Kyle: A place of worship for the Light Goddess. Long before this castle was built, there was a coliseum here where warriors fought in honor of the Light Goddess. This place of worship was underneath the coliseum.

Zeth: I don’t freaking get it. Why? Why would you want to unseal Kazan!?

*Kyle gives Zeth a stern look*

Kyle: Because it was a mistake to seal him away. We shall use you to unseal him.

*Zeth looks down with a sad look*

Zeth: A mistake? No, not at all.

*Zeth then looks forward again at Kyle in anger*

Zeth: The real mistake was you betraying mom and siding with the vampires!! I don’t care if you are my father! I will beat you senseless!

*Kyle smiles for a moment*

Kyle: I see you have inherited your mother’s personality. That sounds like something she would say when she was angered.

*Kyle then smiles confidently and uses his hand to motion Zeth to come towards him*

Kyle: Alright then. Show me. Beat me senseless.

Zeth: You are damn right I will!

*Zeth rushes towards Kyle*

Kyle: And so it begins.

*Zeth tries to punch Kyle but Kyle blocks it with his arm. Zeth quickly gets behind Kyle and tries another punch only for Kyle to quickly block with his arm while turning around*

Kyle: You will have to be faster than that.

*Kyle stops Zeth’s attacks with a gut punch and then punches him in the face to knock him back*

Zeth: (Thinking) That hurt a lot! I guess I shouldn’t expect anything less from my father!

*Zeth stops his momentum and releases a Star Shine Blast at Kyle. Kyle then immediately releases a wave of vampiric magic that makes the Star Shine Blast explode before it reaches him*

Kyle: Do you even realize what you are?

Zeth: What are you getting at?

Kyle: You are the child of a goddess. Very few people have that honor.

*Zeth rushes towards Kyle again while forming two Star Shards*

Kyle: You have divine power…

*Zeth gets close and throws both of the shards. Amazingly, Kyle dodges both of them by ducking and then sliding to the side*

Kyle: …But you don’t know how to effectively wield it.

*Kyle gets close to Zeth and lands a few quick punches on Zeth and then kicks him back*

Kyle: I guess that makes sense since you were in an unconscious state for 42 years.

*Zeth opens his eyes wide*

Zeth: How did you know that!?

Kyle: How about you make this fight more interesting and maybe I will tell you.

*Zeth is frustrated and forms a galaxy on his arm*

Zeth: I’ll show you an interesting fight!

*Zeth does an upward motion with his arm and then an orange beam of energy blasts upwards from where Kyle is standing. It hits him and blows him upwards*

*Zeth then does a downward motion with his arm, making the same kind of energy blow downwards from the ceiling and it knocks Kyle back down to the ground*

Zeth: This will be a cycle that you can’t escape from!

*Zeth keeps blowing Kyle up and down using Galaxy Blast*

Kyle: (Thinking) Yes, this cycle of attacks is impressive but will most certainly leave him exhausted. I don’t want this to be over too soon…

*After enough attacks, Kyle finally reacts*

Kyle: Magic Impact!

*Kyle releases the force of his magic and stops the Galaxy Blasts*

Zeth: I should have figured that you could stop it!

*Zeth rushes towards Kyle as Kyle lands back on the ground. Zeth punches Kyle in the face which knocks him back. Zeth releases his Chains of the Volcano Demon and wraps the chains around Kyle’s arm*

Zeth: How about this!?

*Zeth pulls Kyle back towards him and once again punches him in the face. This time, Zeth lets Kyle simply get knocked back*

*Kyle gets back on his feet. He looks unphased by Zeth’s onslaught of attacks*

Zeth: Have I made things more interesting for you… dad?

Kyle: Perhaps.

Narrator: Zeth has begun his battle with his father! Kyle appears to know about what has happened to Zeth. What answers does Kyle have?

Chapter 335 END

To be Continued in Chapter 336: He Who Knows