Chapter 339:

Chapter 339: Vampire Zeth

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 339: Vampire Zeth

Narrator: Zeth has fully turned into a vampire!

Kyle: Don’t worry. Once Kazan is unsealed, you won’t need to worry about being a vampire anymore.

Zeth: Shut up!!

*Zeth quickly dashes towards Kyle and tries to rapidly punch him. Zeth’s increased attacking speed somewhat surprises Kyle*

Kyle: (Thinking) It took me off guard for a moment but it’s actually no surprise that vampirism has increased his abilities.

*Kyle does his best to block but he is punched in the face by Zeth. Zeth then lands some more punches and, lastly, kicks Kyle in the chin*

*Kyle gets away from Zeth and activates Raging Impact Mode*

*Zeth has a fierce look*

Kyle: (Thinking) I can see it in his eyes. He now truly has the intent to kill that he was lacking earlier.

*Zeth forms a Star Shine Blast in his right hand and rushes towards Kyle. Zeth never releases it and instead tries to slam it directly into Kyle*

Zeth: Here, dad!! I just want you to have this gift for being such a great father!!

*Zeth pushes the Star Shine Blast against Kyle but he faces resistance from Kyle’s Raging Impact aura. Zeth ultimately succeeds in pushing it through and it explodes*

*Zeth jumps back and waits for the smoke to clear*

*The smoke clears and it only looks like Kyle took a little damage*

*Zeth is shocked*

Kyle: Sorry about that. Just pushing it through doesn’t change that it resists some of the damage.

*Kyle quickly rushes towards Zeth and tries to chop him with his hand. Zeth blocks just in time but gets gut-punched immediately after by Kyle’s other hand*

*Zeth falls on one knee and Kyle tries to punch him again but Zeth stops the punch with both of his hands. Zeth pushes his arms forward and uppercuts Kyle despite his Raging Impact aura*

*Zeth follows up with a swipe kick that knocks Kyle back*

Zeth: I won’t lose!!

*Zeth rushes towards Kyle at a fast speed to do another attack*

*However, Kyle grabs Zeth and slams him down instead*

Kyle: Aggression and determination alone will not win you this battle.

*Zeth tries to stand up and attack but Kyle keeps circling Zeth and is able to get multiple punches in. He then kicks Zeth to knock him on his back*

*Kyle then walks up to Zeth and slams his fist hard into Zeth’s gut. It causes Zeth to cough up a lot of blood*

*Zeth looks like he is about to fall unconscious*

Kyle: Your vampirism gave you slightly more power and a renewed stamina but you still can’t stand up to me. I guess I should say that I am proud of you. You were able to last this long against a top-class vampire. Now to knock you unconscious.

*Kyle attempts to punch Zeth again but his arm is grabbed by Zeth’s left hand. Kyle is surprised*

*A vampiric aura begins to surround Zeth*

Zeth: No… It’s not over…!

*Zeth now also has vampire fangs*

Zeth: I’m going to destroy you!

*Zeth punches Kyle hard and knocks him back*

*Zeth stands up with his fangs being bared*

*Kyle just looks at him*

Kyle: That’s odd. His vampiric stage advanced and his power increased again. I certainly did not expect that to happen.

*Zeth starts running towards Kyle and leaps at an arc*

*Zeth tries to slam his fist down on Kyle but Kyle dodges and Zeth’s fist creates a small crater in the floor where he lands*

*Kyle tries his own punch but Zeth has no trouble blocking with his arm*

*They exchange some punches that get blocked before Zeth succeeds in kicking Kyle back*

*Kyle steadies himself and looks at Zeth*

Kyle: Yes, he is definitely getting much stronger. He seems more… feral as well.

Narrator: Zeth’s vampirism advanced and his power increased! Why did it surprise Kyle?

Chapter 339 END

To be Continued in Chapter 340: Kazan’s Influence