Chapter 340:

Chapter 340: Kazan’s Influence

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 340: Kazan’s Influence

Narrator: Zeth’s vampirism has advanced!

Kyle: It looks like I will need to not play around as much in this fight.

*Kyle gets in a battle stance*

Kyle: If you are ready, let’s continue.

Zeth: Gladly!

*Zeth starts rushing towards Kyle*

*Kyle and Zeth try to punch each other but their punches collide and end in a draw. Zeth then slides under Kyle and elbows him from behind*

*Kyle quickly turns around and Zeth is already trying to do more attacks as Kyle barely dodges two more punches before Zeth lands another punch to knock Kyle back*

Zeth: I’ll end this and drive the vampires out of this country!

*Zeth launches himself towards Kyle. Kyle jumps up and then slams his foot down on Zeth’s back, dealing significant damage*

*Zeth quickly recovers from the attack and tries to swipe at Kyle but Kyle jumps back to avoid it*

*As Kyle jumps back, he releases a barrage of Shattering Spears and Zeth just runs straight towards them. He dodges some but gets hit in the shoulder by one of them*

Zeth: Grrraaaaaahhh!! You won’t stop me!!!

*Despite the damage, Zeth just keeps running*

*Kyle looks at him closely*

Kyle: He is indeed becoming less himself. He is becoming more and more feral. I better not let this go on much longer.

*Kyle clenches his right fist*

*Massive pressure goes towards his fist*

Kyle: This will end it! Slamming Impact!!

*With his fist clenched, Kyle does a quick dash and thrusts his fist forward as he gets close to Zeth*

*However, Zeth jumps over Kyle at the last possible second which shocks Kyle*

Kyle: He actually dodged it!?

*Zeth kicks Kyle down on the ground*

*The pressure released by Kyle destroys much of the floor in front of his released attack*

*Kyle gets up but is pushed into the lift switch (Author’s Note: The lift is in the center of the room and they are on it.) and the lift begins to go up and leave the room*

*Kyle kicks Zeth back into the wall as the lift continues to go up*

Kyle: (Thinking) Time for some quick attacks.

*Kyle starts using great speed to get within point blank range of Zeth and then he punches Zeth hard. Zeth just bounces off the wall after hitting it and Kyle hits him again*

*Because of the close space of the lift, Kyle is easily able to use his speed to take advantage of Zeth and hits him over and over*

Kyle: Just go to sleep and then your suffering will stop. I promise.

*Eventually the lift reaches the top floor in one of the castle’s towers*

*In the room are two standard vampires*

Male Standard Vampire: Kyle sir… wait, is that our target, Zeth?

Kyle: Yes.

*Zeth’s whole body begins to turn completely to blood red. His teeth become sharper and his ears become pointy. He is now so bloody that he is becoming unrecognizable*

Kyle: This seems familiar.

Female Standard Vampire: Let’s capture him!

Kyle: Wait, you fools!

*The two standard vampires try to attack Zeth but, in an instant, they are both ripped apart by Zeth’s new claws*

Kyle: Yes, I definitely remember. My spy told me about it. After his rescue mission in the Mansion of Horrors, Zeth became completely red and bloody with pointy ears and sharp teeth during his battle with Crimson. He had a different personality too. This is Blood Magic with Kazan’s influence. Zeth’s vampirism has allowed it to happen. It’s interesting that it happened back then.

*Zeth does nothing but growl*

Kyle: I’m going to need to use more power it looks like.

Narrator: Zeth has gone into a Blood Magic state with Kazan’s influence! Will it at least help Zeth avoid being captured by Kyle?

Chapter 340 END

To be Continued in Chapter 341: Blazing

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