Chapter 0:

The inevitable dark future

B.U.T.H.O / ブットホ

Year 2030

A new biological technology made possible the first successful mechanical transplant in a human body. After suffering poisoning from an unknown toxin, the subject lost his lungs and heart in a matter of 4 months. After 2 months of recovery, the mechanical implants have stabilized in the patient's body. On this day, the first cyborg in history came out to speak in public; these were his words.

"I feel much better. My blood pressure is perfect; I can hold my breath for 10 minutes while running; and the doctors say I will live for over 100 years. It almost seems like I’m getting younger hahahahaha."

*According to reports provided by the Shanghai Biological Research Center, this is just the beginning that will lead humanity to a new frontier.*

Year 2035

The first disputes broke out between the allied countries against cybernetic changes in humans and those countries that are beginning to build their economy with the sale and development of mechanical prostheses that enhance human capabilities.

"We will not lose this battle against the machines. We are humans, imperfect beings with a finite life. Our lives are in the hands of nature, not in the hands of a company that intends to enslave its population by offering them body enhancements to lengthen their lives! "

"We are against all violence. Our purpose is to help humanity. We seek mutual coexistence among our equals. Cyborgs and humans, together, in pursuit of a dream of mutual coexistence. We do not force anyone to modify their bodies, we just want to heal and help those who desire it."

"Don't be fooled by those half-machines. Yesterday, that technology was intended to cure incurable diseases. Today they market it as cyber enhancements for cyborgs to become better than humans! Tomorrow there will be war, and next week the annihilation of pure humans!"

"We repeat. Humans, let's all live together. We are not machines. We do also die."

Year 2037

A total war between both sides begins and ends in less than 2 weeks. This event was known as [The Division War]. The world is divided into two factions; the liberal Neo Human faction and the conservationists, the Stay faction. The world gets hereby devastated. All those trapped in the opposing territory are hunted down and killed over the next few years in secret, while peace negotiations take place.

Year 2042

With the fear of unleashing another war that devastates the rest of the world, peace between the factions arrives. A tenuous peace. As a sign of friendship, both sides cooperated and built a wall to divide the last inhabitable territory on the planet. A small territory in Asia becomes the last safe place for humanity to live. All survivors who were not killed were repatriated to their corresponding faction according to their beliefs (or so it was said).

Year 2060

Over the last 18 years, after rebuilding important infrastructures, securing resources, and basic services, the Neo Humans have completely changed their way of life compared to those of the humans of yesteryear. Body and genetic modifications occur daily in the most important metropolises. The number of humans alive in that part of the world was as high as 2000 million. Nothing is known about the humans beyond the wall.

Year 2070

The great cybernetic metropolises began to segregate those who were sub-modified. People with few resources are despised and slowly thrown into slums. Drugs, corruption, murders, hacking... everything changes for those who were forgotten. Resources are controlled and distributed to keep the poorest strata in check.

Year 2075

Something is brewing behind the curtain. This is where our story begins.

Taylor Victoria