Chapter 341:

Chapter 341: Blazing

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 341: Blazing

Narrator: For the first time since the Mansion of Horrors arc, Zeth goes into a Kazan-influenced Blood Magic state!

*Zeth launches towards Kyle and tries to punch him. Kyle blocks the punch and then he grabs Zeth’s other hand and throws him into a wall*

Zeth: Eeerrrrrrrraaaaaaaahhh!!!

*Zeth releases a lot of magic energy from his body and Kyle has to resist its overwhelming power. Zeth takes advantage and punches Kyle in the chin. Zeth then grabs Kyle’s neck and slams him to the floor. However, Kyle then does a backward roll and throws Zeth off of him*

Kyle: Do you have any control left in your body or have you now gone completely feral?

*Zeth and Kyle collide again and punch each other. Zeth then wrestles with Kyle and they both fall out of the window of the tower*

*As they fall, Zeth kicks Kyle hard and he is sent down at a fast speed onto the roof of one of the lower parts of the castle*

Kyle: I will take your lack of a response as confirmation that you are completely feral now.

*As Zeth falls down towards Kyle, Kyle stands up*

Kyle: Blazing!

*Kyle’s aura turns blazing and Zeth just makes monstrous noises as he falls*

Kyle: This won’t take long…

*As Zeth falls, Kyle launches upwards until he is above Zeth and does so almost instantly with a trail of flames coming from his path. Kyle rapidly punches Zeth and then kicks him onto the roof*

Zeth: Rrrrrrrrraaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!

*As Kyle falls, he rapidly releases many balls of fire at Zeth which Zeth keeps jumping around on the roof to avoid*

*Kyle then almost instantly appears behind Zeth again, but this time Zeth is ready for it and punches Kyle hard as soon as he gets behind him. Kyle tries to get back but Zeth head-butts him*

*Zeth then does a quick one-two punch and then blasts Kyle into a wall with vampiric energy*

Kyle: Damn… That actually hurt…

*Zeth begins laughing like a monster and powerful vampiric energy just keeps flowing out of his body*

Kyle: I almost forgot just how fierce Kazan’s magic was to feel. It’s almost like he has already been unsealed. But it’s just a result of a link between him and Zeth.

*Kyle gets off the wall and then jumps away to a different part of the roof*

*Kyle is surprised to see that Zeth does the same so quickly*

Kyle: (Thinking) He’s starting to match me in speed!

*They keep jumping around from different parts of the roof and keep trading punches*

*Kyle is eventually able to kick Zeth away from him*

Kyle: (Thinking) I didn’t think I would be using this much power in this battle. I can’t afford to go any higher right now. I’m going to need to use one of my ultimate techniques.

*Zeth launches towards Kyle*

Kyle: Here I go!

*Kyle launches like a missile towards Zeth and gut-punches him. It makes Zeth cough up a lot of blood*

Kyle: Blazing Impact Barrage!

*Kyle starts to continuously knock Zeth around and pounds him with each hit. Each blow does a lot of damage to Zeth and leaves tiny flames on each spot he is hit*

*After a final hit, Kyle knocks Zeth down onto the roof*

Kyle: This will end it!

*Kyle thrusts both arms forward and a giant ball of fire forms. The fireball is released and slams down onto Zeth. Smaller fires burst out in all directions but don’t actually make anything catch fire*

*Because it’s dark outside, this can be seen far away*

*After the fire clears away, Zeth is lying on the roof unconscious and his body is back to normal. His shirt is also completely burned off. Kyle lands down on the roof and walks up to Zeth*

*Kyle looks out in the distance and sees the volcano where the unsealing will take place*

Kyle: And so finally, Kazan will be unsealed.

*Kyle lifts up Zeth and hangs him from his right shoulder. Kyle says something (Author's Note: That you the reader don’t get to hear. I wasn't exactly sure how to describe that without just specifically stating it in an author's note.). Zeth’s right eye opens for a moment but then closes again*

Narrator: Kyle has defeated Zeth and will now use him to unseal Kazan! Is there any hope to stop it?

Chapter 341 END

To be Continued in Chapter 342: Advance to the Ritual