Chapter 342:

Chapter 342: Advance to the Ritual

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 342: Advance to the Ritual

Narrator: Back with Zonbi and the Nameless One.

*Zonbi and the Nameless One are still fighting the vampire queen, Asina. Asina releases a blast of vampiric energy and it knocks Zonbi and the Nameless One back*

*Zonbi and the Nameless One have taken a good amount of damage and look exhausted*

Asina: You both made a poor decision to challenge me when not at full strength.

Zonbi: Maybe so, but we dealt you some damage.

Asina: Zonbi, at full strength, you match well with us but you are too worn down from your battle with my husband to be a threat to me.

*Asina starts running towards them with her hands being held out to the sides*

*Zonbi and the Nameless One prepare to fight and begin rushing towards Asina*

*Zonbi and the Nameless One try to attack Asina but she swipes at the Nameless One’s side and then immediately swipe kicks Zonbi. They are both knocked back*

Nameless One: *huff huff* Damn it.

*They are all alerted suddenly as Kyle reenters the room with an unconscious Zeth hanging on his shoulder*

Zonbi: Oh no…

*Asina smiles*

Asina: I knew you wouldn’t fail.

Kyle: It’s time to advance to the ritual. Let’s go.

*Kyle walks up to Asina*

Zonbi: No, stop! Why are you doing this, Kyle!? This isn't at all what you wanted to do!

Kyle: Things change...

*Dark magic forms around the floor where Kyle and Asina are standing and they go down into the floor*

Nameless One: Now what?

Zonbi: We have no choice. We have to go after them.

Nameless One: I don’t think we can defeat them in our current states.

Zonbi: Even if we can’t, we can still get Zeth away from them.


Narrator: Meanwhile, at the entrance of the castle.

*Zaydra and the angel forces are fighting the vampire king, Leonis*

*Many of the angels release a barrage of ranged attacks at Leonis, he tries to dodge or deflect them but Salina comes in and gets a punch on him*

Zaydra: Not even you can handle all of us at once, Leonis!

Leonis: Maybe not with the amount of power I am using but if I used my full power I would.

Zaydra: You’re bluffing.

Leonis: Don’t make me laugh. I have no reason to waste my energy on all of you.

*Some angels start rushing towards Leonis and Zaydra reactivates her Raging Star Mode. She begins to flank Leonis*

*As Leonis fights off the angels, Zaydra comes from the side but Leonis takes a step back at the right time to avoid Zaydra’s punch. He grabs her and then hits her in the gut with his knee, doing damage to her*

*Bonetru tries to slash Leonis with his large sword but Leonis dodges. Immediately after, Leonis does get hit in the chest by Sapphire’s arrow. Leonis is stunned just long enough that Kren can come from behind to try and snap his neck. Leonis rips the arrow out of his chest and stabs it in Kren’s arm, causing Kren to release in pain*

Leonis: You all are wasting your time.

*Leonis pushes off of Kren and then swipes at Bonetru’s legs to knock him over. Leonis then punches Bonetru to knock him back*

*Leonis releases a vampiric blast at Sapphire. Sapphire jumps out of the way to dodge*

*Salina comes in to attack Leonis but he dodges and jumps back to the top floor*

*From the top floor, Leonis looks down at Salina*

Leonis: Aren’t you a demon? Why would you be fighting with the forces of Heaven?

Salina: I am loyal to Princess Sasha! What the Dark Goddess wants does not matter to me!

*Suddenly, Asina comes out of the doorway behind Leonis*

Asina: It’s time.

*Asina walks up next to Leonis and also looks down at the angels below*

Asina: We have now captured Zeth and are ready to proceed with the ritual.

*Leonis has a sinister smile*

Leonis: Excellent.

*The allied forces below have a look of horror on their faces*

Zaydra: No… It can’t be…

Leonis: It looks like your assault has all been for nothing.

Asina: You couldn’t even get farther than the main entrance room. Your battle ends here.

*Both Leonis and Asina charge up magic in their left arms. They do a swing motion with their arms and a large blast wave of magic energy comes down towards the allies and blows them all back and does some damage*

*Leonis and Asina then leave*

*On the ground injured, Zaydra feels hopeless*

Zaydra: This is terrible… Zeth, I’m sorry…

Narrator: Zaydra’s assault on the castle was a failure! What’s worse is that the vampires have captured Zeth. Where do they go from here?

Chapter 342 END

To be Continued in Chapter 343: Sasha vs The Darkness Vampires