Chapter 343:

Chapter 343: Sasha vs The Darkness Vampires

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 343: Sasha vs The Darkness Vampires

Narrator: Back while Zeth was fighting Kyle, Sasha was fighting these… dark vampires.

*There are four of the Darkness Vampires. They look like shadows with vampire eyes and mouths. Sasha and the Darkness Vampires are in a somewhat dark room with large pillars throughout*

Sasha: Just what are you?

Darkness Vampire 1: You want to know what we are?

Darkness Vampire 2: Think of us as mutant vampires.

Darkness Vampire 3: We underwent a lot of experimentation.

Sasha: And now all of you look like nothing but creepy shadows.

Darkness Vampire 4: You might look down upon the look but we have a lot of power.

*One of them goes down into the floor and comes up behind Sasha. Sasha notices just in time to jump out of the way but she is hit by a different Darkness Vampire coming out of the ceiling and is knocked to the ground*

*Sasha rolls out of the way before one can attack her from underneath her. She then gets up and jumps away from them*

Darkness Vampires: I think we have demonstrated our power and shown you why the experimentation was worth it.

Sasha: It will mean nothing once I adjust to it.

Darkness Vampires: We’ll see about that.

*All four of the Darkness Vampires go into the floor*

*Sasha starts paying attention to her surroundings*

Sasha: (Thinking) It’s critical that I am able to determine where they are all coming from once they launch their attacks!

*The Darkness Vampires start launching towards Sasha from different pillars*

Sasha: (Thinking) Here they come!

*Sasha dodges two of them and then stabs the third one with her Dark Spear. However, she is then hit and knocked into a pillar by the fourth one*

Sasha: (Thinking) I failed to avoid all of them! I have to do better!

*Sasha jumps away to avoid another attack but two other Darkness Vampires come out of pillars and are holding out their arms. Both of them are feeding power into a black energy ball*

*Sasha tries to avoid the black energy ball but she is knocked back in its path by a Darkness Vampire. She is hit and blown back by the black energy ball and the impact also destroys some of the pillars in the room*

*Sasha is now sitting against a wall and is bleeding in a lot of places*

*The four Darkness Vampires just hang half their bodies from four different pillars and are laughing*

Darkness Vampires: Is that the best you can do!? The Dark Goddess’s daughter is pathetic!

Sasha: No, it’s not the best…

*Sasha starts to stand up*

Darkness Vampires: Eh?

*Sasha summons four Hell Vultures*

Sasha: Feast on them, my vultures!

*The vultures fly towards the Darkness Vampires but the Darkness Vampires go back into the pillars*

Sasha: That won’t save you!

*As soon as the Darkness Vampires start coming out of other places, the vultures are already swooping in to get them. The Darkness Vampires try to retreat again but two of them fail and are picked up by the vultures*

*Sasha smirks*

Sasha: Got you!

*As the vultures try to chew down the Darkness Vampires, the other two come up and form links with their energy blasts. The non-captured Darkness Vampires pull the energy blasts back towards them*

Darkness Vampire 1: Your birds will die.

*The vultures going for them are hit with the blasts as they are about to scoop up the Darkness Vampires. This shocks Sasha*

Sasha: What!?

*The non-captured Darkness Vampires then send the blasts up to the captured Darkness Vampires which are used to hit the vultures chewing down on them*

*The blasts cause the vultures to let go, freeing the two captured Darkness Vampires. The Hell Vultures fall down extremely injured and just like that, all four Hell Vultures are defeated. However, the vultures did successfully damage two of the Darkness Vampires*

Sasha: That easily!?

*The Darkness Vampires begin laughing at Sasha again as she unsummons the vultures*

Darkness Vampires: Maybe you can’t tell but we are among the elite vampires! We won’t be taken down by some vultures when using our teamwork!

Sasha: This is bad…

Narrator: Sasha has found herself in a difficult battle with the Darkness Vampires! What can she do to defeat them?

Chapter 343 END

To be Continued in Chapter 344: A Dark Magic Awakening