Chapter 1:


love sick delinquent

I decided not to take the bus and go out for a walk instead. claudias probably waiting for me and this isnt school makes punishments for late comer so i have to stand with the delinquents

''aw its scary it draw me attention ''i said and sigh as i remembered my conversation with mom last week


katarina,i want you to enroll in st palantine academy" i shook my head after my conversation with my mom yesterday morning recalled in my head.what a pain in the neck

"st.palantine?but I don't have to transfer to any other school. i'm doing good with my current one"i calmly answered

''dont be you want to bring shame on this family''

"but its music school!'' i whispered in disbelief

''they still offered general basic education.just stay away from the music department and you'll be okay''I took more deep breaths, eyes closed, back straight against the dining area wall ...

okay?i guess?against my will,i decided to back off without putting a fight.if that's what going to make her happy then,fine by me

after all,my grades are decent so it probably won't be hard for me to go in that school

like a sardines swimming along with aronawas

end of flashback

"I usual shortcut block off? .... i said when i saw some pile of logs in my way

''this is the only shortcut..."i said in disappointment when i heard someone not far away

"check this out some palantine students aye?"someone said that brought me back to my senses

i turned around to see where that voice come from,and not in distance..a group of boys stared at me as if they need something and walk towards me.they're making me uncomfortable but i tried my best not to make any unnecessary move

"Excuse me"one of them said with a husky voice which sent chills down my spine"do you mind lending me some little extra cash?"

something instead me saying"look down and walk away then run after as fast as you can"but i shook my head

maybe he does need some cash and i shouldn't be scared of them

"this is the only cash i have,but here you can take it " i handed him some of my extra cash but instead to taking the money,he grabbed my arms instead at laugh hysterically

"are you sick or something?"i asked worriedly

"i heard even uniform from palantine can be sell with some good amount of money"said a guy with a scar on its face as he toss a coin

"unwear you clothes" he ordered as he tried to pull my tie

"what do you think you guys are doing?''i said as i tried to take his hands off me

''ganging up on a girl?and you call yourselves men?''i heard a voice as he throw stones in direction which hit a guy at the back''not in my watch" the voice with full authority added as the man who asked money from me minute ago stumbles far back as a light skinned boy with an average height walk over to him.

He had his hair styled in a black long wolf haircut that reaches to his shoulders and wears a large, white sweater, plain dark pants, and tennis shoes.Oum his taste aint bad.....

"position!"he commanded and they immediately followed his order and lay down on the ground in upside down lining up together making him a way to me and he just step on them like a carpet and walk closer to me

"your emblem"he said"hand it over "

"woah hey let go of me"I shrugged at his grip"hey what do you think you are doing?"he let me go with a push and i twisted my body and step back trying to gain more balance "why are you acting violent all of a sudden "i fired at him

"shut up and let me see it!"He yelled as he stepped closer to me

"but I thought you would help me" I slowly backed away

" that's an order"

"and since when you are my boss?how rude"to protect the emblem i hugged my arms protectively around myself as i caressed my arm. It hurt as if I was injured by the blade of his nail.

I don't want to stay here any longer.

"i don't know what your deal is but i'm not going to hand you anything"I was able to gather all my remaining strength and stood still trying to escape

"you little"his eyes widened in disbelief

I badly want to shout and asked for help but who knows what he's gonna do.i decided to took all the courage to run away

Now someone is chasing me and I don't even know if I can make it to school.i felt stupid thinking a stranger like him would help me...he is a complete stranger

A delinquent

''but wait..i brought it upon myself''i thought to myself

He probably knows that I go to saint palantine academy by my uniform even if i run away, even if i fight him's only a matter of time until he finds me after all,everyone knows that only wealthy families can afford saint palantine.

but im broke...basically,it was a mistake for me to enroll such prestigious high school

this sucks!this sucks!!this sucks' ' what should i do?what should i do? "what am i going to do?at this rate

'Claudia...''I shook my head and erased it from my mind. Claudia's safety is the first thing I should worry about right now.

''i'm just going to act defiant and settle things here'

I reached a park near a river with a gently sloped artificial riverbank featuring a sidewalk-like trail either at the top or bottom and stairs to descend to the water's edge. There's likely a nearby bridge, too. Suitable for Lying on a Hillside, Scenery Watching the sunrise and set...likes a scene in a dream

i've been to this park before but why does it seem like there's something different around here?

The surroundings are quiet and the breeze is nice. the same as yesterday and the same today.... but this time seems very different

there's a high school boy wearing saint palatine academy's standard uniform standing in front of a cherry blossom as his hair sways as he stands , the cherry blossoms around her falling on his head Like falling has no choice but to go wherever the wind takes them. It has no choice but to bloom and face the harsh world.

i just stared at him blankly "what a beautiful scenery"i whispered

"I look up at the starry night sky and make a wish as the fragments of the moon fall on my chest… My heart is melted by your gaze"… ♪… his voice sounded so crisp and clear his song soothed my ears

He's singing...i never heard such a lovely voice in my entire life before

♪♪ "I want only you to hear, it's like these two sounds bind us forever........Within coincidence,your music was lead me to you Before I even know it, even the oozing darkness”♪♪

♪♪ “I will forever be holding on to you for my monochrome day it was you who give them color" ♪♪♪

"I'll only listen to you, your melody starting to overflow, every emotion Since that day you played for your music to remain eternally I'll let you hear those feelings"♪♪ ♪♪

His uniform consists of the typical general department black school blazer with an unbuttoned white dress shirt and an undone red tie around his neck and the right collar of the shirt. He wears black pants, and a pair of red and black sneakers.

the moment he saw me.

he remained silent as he stared at me emotionlessly. so lifeless that i send chill down o my spine

"why isn't he saying anything??what should i say??should i break the silence?

i turned for a moment in the direction of the stalker and there it was still standing few steps behind me

I gathered all courage and I called out happily while running towards him. the black hair stranger turned to face me. ''Darling.'' I said smiling. I hugged him and he hugged me back''darling you're here"

however,He just stared at me for a second, and then his eyes moved to the man standing behind my back

"did i keep you waiting?''i leaned close and whispered into his ear'"someones been following me...please help me''i whispered in the wind as if in prayers

''oh i've been waiting for you "after i heard him say that it somehow made me calm down

''i thought you wont came"he added and wink

'' Oh bro? Are you looking at your girlfriend? Do you have a problem? "he asked in a very calm tone and smile and dark aura surrounding him as he held my hand tightly when he saw him approaching me.

''I'm trying to be nice here,"he calmly said but coldly stared at the man following me as if threatening here as they looked at each other and glared daggers. The tension was so thick it could drown a fish.

The two stared at each other for a while ...the suspicious man stayed there for a few seconds like he wanted to tell me something. Then he just walked away.

I let out a breath then suddenly,the song i heard a while ago relayed in my head"i've never heard such a lovely voice before in my life" i started clapping without even realizing it

"Sorry,I bet it's weird to hear that from someone you just met!!"

"He just looked at me once and smiled. Now I just stared at his gentle face closely .... as if all the fear and worry in my body was gone.

i felt safe just by starting at his angelic face and that's when i saw the most beautiful pairs eyes I have ever seen

One pupil looks Like a shard of amber and the other was coloured turquoise looking straight at me,For a moment,I was transfixed on those pupils,unable to look away from them

''are you okay miss?"he calmly asked and gently took my face with his hand. I closed my eyes shut as I nodded and slightly smile to tell him that i'm okay

i was about to meet a friend when i encountered some delinquents along the way..and now someones been following me.he won't just leave me alone so i decided to go to the other route which lead me to this park

"So that's why you approached me?"

i nodded again

He was about to walk away when I decided to speak'' I love your eyes. Normally, they look stern, but when you're being kind,I loved the way they softened "I smiled"to convey my gratitude. If there's anything you need that I can help you with,just ask" he stopped his track tilting his head slightly to the side to look at me.

a saddened look crossed his face

He paused and walks up to me slowly as he stared, not saying a word as a smirk formed on his lips"my face really deceived you huh?''he stared at me with emotionless face and lean closer

his eyes were colder than ice as fear took shape inside me

"What should I do?Does this guy know the stalker in the first place?"He spoke so sincerely.I didn't know what to believe at this point. What does he supposed to he actually capable of something ?

"Thanks is nice but money is much better"i accept cash "he reached out his hand to me

such a creep....... I don't even know how to react.....

"if you're thankful you should give me some money "

"huh?"i looked at him confusedly

"lady,money makes the world go around you should know that"

"whyd i waste time saving a girl who dont have any money?"

"i hate poor people bye bye"he turned around and walk away waving his hands on air as if mocking me or something

how can he change his expressions as if it was nothing?

I just stared at him blankly and lost in thoughts when he called out to me softly "please take it as a gift"he revealed a silver hair pin in his hand "use the hairpin in your hair as a weapon if he advanced any closer ... i won't be around to protect you"he said and goofily smiled as he placed it on my hair and styled it

"There! It suits you!" He said, smiling widely as he gently stroke my hair and pat my head"its beautiful"he said and he smiled before he turned his back on me I just followed him with my gaze as he walked away from me

he went back just to give me this?"i asked myself and touched the hairpin in my hair

"I felt guilty by suspecting him.... but there was something strange about him. He looked as if he was hiding something else, something more than eyes can see?

A quiet and serene Boy with mismatched color eyes...for the first time ever since i was born .i got a powerful interest to a person