Chapter 344:

Chapter 344: A Dark Magic Awakening

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 344: A Dark Magic Awakening

Narrator: Sasha continues a difficult battle against the Darkness Vampires.

*Feeling cornered, Sasha begins running away from the Darkness Vampires. They just look as she runs*

Darkness Vampires: Ah, hunting our prey is fun!

*They go into the floor*

*As Sasha runs, one of the Darkness Vampires comes out of the floor and does a horizontal chop at Sasha’s abdomen and leaves a serious cut*

Sasha: Ah, damn!

*Blood drips on the floor as she runs*

Sasha: (Thinking) There has to be something I can do!

*Another Darkness Vampire comes out from a foot in front of her and uppercuts her which knocks her upward. She is then kicked from above by another Darkness Vampire which knocks her down diagonally until she hits the ground*

*Sasha tries to stand up while looking back at the four Darkness Vampires*

Darkness Vampires: It’s no use. Our ability to travel through the floor makes us faster than you can possibly run.

*Sasha stands up and holds on to her side that is bleeding*

Sasha: *huff huff* I’m going to blow all of you away with my next attack…!

*Sasha’s dark energy takes the shape of a black dragon head and forms around her body. A beam of energy begins to form at the mouth of the dragon head*

Sasha: I hope you are ready!

Darkness Vampires: Oh, we like challenges!

*The Darkness Vampires go into the floor again but the dragon head begins to grow larger*

*The Darkness Vampires come out of the floor surrounding her*

Sasha: Have a taste of this!!

*Sasha fires the wide beam out and the blast actually pushes Sasha backward so the Darkness Vampires behind her also have to dodge*

*Sasha’s blast destroys a whole section of the room*

*The dragon head has dissipated and Sasha looks exhausted*

Sasha: *huff huff* Please tell me I got all of them with that attack…

*One of the Darkness Vampires was caught in the blast. It starts to turn into a puddle of goo and dies*

Sasha: *huff huff* I only got one of them with that? That’s disappointing…

*The other three Darkness Vampires all have frowny faces*

Darkness Vampires: Do you know what you just did…? You just killed one of us! Failing to kill all of us with that attack will be the biggest mistake you made!

Sasha: (Thinking) I was counting on that. I’m completely worn out now…

*The Darkness Vampires go into the floor and Sasha opens her eyes wide*

*The Darkness Vampires all get close and land a barrage of punches on Sasha. she is unable to defend herself*

*One of the Darkness Vampires finally pins Sasha against a pillar. The other two Darkness Vampires turn into energy and cover Sasha’s body*

Darkness Vampire 1: You’re going to die.

Darkness Vampire 2: You will be destroyed from the inside.

*Sasha blacks out*


*Sasha then finds herself in a pitch-black area*

Sasha: Where am I?

*Sasha then sees a large demonic-looking door*

???: You are at the gate of your hell.

Sasha: Who said that!?

*Sasha turns around and sees a bloody and hellish version of herself*

Sasha: What the…!?

Hell Sasha: Don’t be surprised. You are the princess of darkness. You are a demon. I just represent that side of you.

Sasha: What does this all mean?

Hell Sasha: Those foolish vampires are trying to destroy you from the inside with darkness energy. It would work brilliantly on others but you feed off of this kind of energy. Their forms are the result of mutations from experiments so you know what that means, right? They are nothing more than failed attempts at trying to scientifically fuse two types of magic.

Sasha: I see.

Hell Sasha: Now go through the door. Show them why they made a big mistake attacking you this way. Show them… no mercy.

*Sasha seems like she is in a trance as her eyes look unfocused*

Sasha: Yes…

*Sasha opens the large demonic door and goes through*


*The Darkness Vampire still has Sasha pinned against a wall. She suddenly opens her eyes and they look like they are peering into the Darkness Vampire’s soul. This causes the Darkness Vampire to let go of her and jump back*

*The other two Darkness Vampires are forced out of Sasha’s body as a smoke of darkness begins to surround her whole body*

*The Darkness Vampires look into the smoke of darkness and see a more demonic Sasha. Her skin is gray. She has horns, claws, pointy ears, sharp teeth, and a black devil tail*

Sasha: Now I understand what all of you are. You are the result of trying to fuse the magic of the dark gods and goddesses with vampirism. But you are all failures, even if you got more powerful. That’s why you look like what you do. Instead of killing me, you gave me the ability to unleash the next level of my blood. This is my… Blood Form Stage 2: Black Devil.

Narrator: Sasha has reached the second stage of her Blood Form! As a Black Devil, just how vicious can she be?

Chapter 344 END

To be Continued in Chapter 345: The Black Devil