Chapter 345:

Chapter 345: The Black Devil

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 345: The Black Devil

Narrator: Sasha is now in her Black Devil Stage 2 Blood Form and is ready to continue fighting the Darkness Vampires.

Sasha: Even in failure, the experimentation did give you more power, but you could have had more.

Darkness Vampires: We’re going to have to release everything we got!

*The Darkness Vampires go into the floor*

*Sasha looks at the floor*

Sasha: That won’t work anymore.

*Two of the Darkness Vampires come out of the floor from each side of Sasha. She is ready and punches both of them which knocks them on their backs*

*An energy blast comes at Sasha from above. Sasha backflips to avoid it and then she kicks it back up at the Darkness Vampire. The Darkness Vampires goes into the ceiling to avoid being hit by his own attack*

*The other Darkness Vampires go into the floor and then all three of them reappear somewhere else*

Darkness Vampires: But how!?

Sasha: It’s faint but I can feel your magic in the floor while in this form. It’s another disadvantage of trying to use the magic of the dark gods and goddesses.

*The Darkness Vampires go back into the floors. The three Darkness Vampires reappear from pillars and all three are feeding energy to one black energy ball*

Darkness Vampires: We will obliterate you!!

*The Darkness Vampires send the energy ball at Sasha*

Sasha: You are just wasting your time.

*Sasha dodges as it hits the floor but it keeps chasing her*

Sasha: Well, that’s a surprise.

Darkness Vampires: You will not escape!!

*Eventually, Sasha decides to stop avoiding it and confronts it head-on. She pushes her hands onto it*

Sasha: Your attack is impressive… but it won’t stop me!

*After struggling with the energy ball for a bit, Sasha releases her own power and uses it to blast the ball back at the Darkness Vampires. They try to retreat back into the pillars but Sasha is suddenly behind one of them*

Sasha: Oh no you don’t.

*Sasha rips the Darkness Vampire out of the pillar and throws him into the large black energy ball. The ball finally explodes*

*After the explosion clears, there is nothing left of that Darkness Vampire except a puddle of goo. The two remaining Darkness Vampires have frowny faces*

Darkness Vampires: How did she get to him so fast!?

*Sasha looks behind over her shoulder at them. The Darkness Vampires look scared*

*Sasha’s body dissipates and she reforms by the Darkness Vampires*

Sasha: Surprise.

*The Darkness Vampires are shocked*

Darkness Vampire 1: That must be how she got behind the other one of us!

*Sasha rips them out of the pillars and kicks them onto the floor*

*They try to go into the floor but Sasha lands and pierces one of them with her tail to prevent his escape*

Darkness Vampire 2: Ah! Let me go! Let me go!!

Sasha: This is the end for you.

*The other Darkness Vampire comes out of the floor and punches Sasha. It doesn’t hurt much as Sasha just stares at him for a moment which frightens him. He then starts rapidly punching her, hoping to do damage. The rapid punches didn’t do much damage*

Sasha: You’re annoying.

Darkness Vampire 1: Die, damn it!

*The Darkness Vampire forms an energy ball in his hand and tries to shove it into Sasha’s face. However, Sasha grabs his arm and shoves his own energy ball into his face while adding her own power. The blast destroys the Darkness Vampire and leaves him as nothing but a puddle of goo*

*The last Darkness Vampire pulls out Sasha’s tail and tries to run away instead of going into the floor*

Darkness Vampire 2: I won’t die!!

*As the Darkness Vampire runs, Sasha grabs the back of his head and slams his face into the floor*

Sasha: Word of advice. Before messing with someone, make sure you understand their power.

*Sasha lets go and the Darkness Vampire starts running again*

*Sasha reappears in front of the Darkness Vampire and pierces him in the abdomen with her tail. She then does an uppercut and knocks the Darkness Vampire’s head off*

*The Darkness Vampire’s body turns into a puddle of goo*

Sasha: That takes care of them.


*The demonic door that Sasha entered in her subconscious closes and she returns to normal*

*In Sasha’s subconscious, she talks with Hell Sasha*

Hell Sasha: You mercilessly slaughtered them. Just remember, if you want to destroy the strongest of Hell’s warriors, don’t forget about your demonic side.

Sasha: Don’t forget about my demonic side? I’ve been using my demonic side ever since Kogen. I’ve been recognized as a sadist.

Hell Sasha: That is only partially true. There are three aspects to bringing out your true self. The first is remembrance. The second is accessing. And finally, the third is acceptance. You have only partially done the first and second aspects and you haven’t done the third at all.

Sasha: What are you talking about!?

Hell Sasha: You must remove her. She will hold you back.

Sasha: Who is “her”!? I don’t get it!

Hell Sasha: I cannot tell you who she is for she has no real name but you must remove her.

Sasha: Just tell me!

Hell Sasha: I represent a side of you. There is nothing that I know that you don’t know. Remove her! Remove her! Remove her! Remember Ultensmite!

Sasha: I seriously don’t get it!!

*Hell Sasha begins to fade away. She says one last thing as she fades*

Hell Sasha: Accept me……..


*Sasha looks up for a moment*

Sasha: What was that hellish version of me that I saw? I have no idea what anything she said meant. Is there more to me than I thought…?

*Sasha shakes her head*

Sasha: There’s no time to think about that! I have to get moving!

*Sasha then starts running*

Sasha: I have to get out of here and get back to Zeth!

Narrator: Using her Stage 2 Blood Form, Sasha destroyed the Darkness Vampires! Now she must escape and try to rescue Zeth. Will Hell Sasha’s words linger with her?

Chapter 345 END

To be Continued in Chapter 346: Reuniting