Chapter 346:

Chapter 346: Reuniting

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 346: Reuniting

Narrator: Somewhere in the castle.

*A door with a medic symbol on it is kicked open. Entering into the room are Zonbi and the Nameless One. They find a female vampire. She has shoulder length brown hair and is wearing a medic uniform. She is shocked by their entrance*

Zonbi: You must be the lead medic of this castle. You’re going to heal us.

*The medic’s expression turns from shock to anger*

Medic: That’s ridiculous! I’m not going to heal an enemy!

*The next thing the medic knows, she gets punched in the face by Zonbi and knocked back against a wall*

*Zonbi gets close to the medic and puts her left hand against the wall and her right hand close to the medic’s face. Zonbi starts barely scraping the sharp nail on her right hand’s index finger against the medic’s cheek and it leaves a small cut*

Zonbi: (In a quiet voice) You will heal us… or bad things might happen to you.

*The medic is frightened*

Medic: I already spent a great deal of my magic energy healing King Leonis, I doubt I have enough for you.

*Zonbi uses her finger nail to leave another cut on the medic’s cheek*

Zonbi: Are you lying?

*The medic is extremely frightened now*

Medic: I swear I’m not lying!

Zonbi: Well, then you will use what you have left to heal us.

Medic: Y- Yes ma’am.


Narrator: A bit later.

*Zonbi and the Nameless One have been healed significantly*

Zonbi: See, I knew you had a lot in you.

Nameless One: Now we have to stop that ritual.

Zonbi: Right. Let’s go.

*Zonbi and the Nameless One leave the room, leaving the medic to sit down in exhaustion*


Narrator: Elsewhere in the castle.

*In an oval-shaped room near the back of the castle, Sasha runs into the room and finds Joe, Emily, and Daniel*

Sasha: Joe and Emily! Thank goodness.

*They turn around to see Sasha*

Joe and Emily: Finally, we found you.

*Sasha is then shocked to see Emily’s vampire eyes*

*Daniel is shocked to see Sasha’s Dark Divine Eyes*

Sasha and Daniel: Those eyes!

Sasha: Emily… You’re a vampire?

Daniel: You are related to the Dark Goddess…

*Sasha looks at Daniel*

Sasha: Who is this?

Joe: This is Daniel. We fought with some of the strongest vampires and they turned Emily and Daniel into one.

*Joe looks at Daniel and points at Sasha*

Joe: That is Sasha. She is the daughter of the Dark Goddess but she is on our side.

Emily: Sasha, where is Zeth?

*Sasha looks down in sadness*

Sasha: We got separated when we found the person we were trying to find. That person was his father.

*Joe and Emily are shocked*

Sasha: I don’t know what has become of him but I fear the worst.

*Joe and Emily then look sad*

*Before Joe and Emily can respond, they hear a loud noise outside*

Emily: What was that!?

*The four of them look out the window. They see a large number of vampires marching away from the castle*

Joe: The vampires are going away from the castle?

*They look closer and see an unconscious Zeth being carried by Kyle who is at the front near the king and queen. They are headed towards the volcano*

Sasha: They have Zeth!! We have to save him!!

*Sasha uses her hand and destroys the window*

Sasha: Let’s go! I won’t let them use Zeth!!

Emily: Don’t worry! We will definitely save him!

Joe: Come on! You too, Daniel!

Daniel: Right!

*The four of them jump out of the castle*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Zaydra.

*The angel and human forces led by Zaydra are rushing around the side of the castle to catch up*

Zaydra: (Thinking) We’re coming, Zeth! We’re not going to give up just because the odds are against us!

Narrator: The vampires are headed to the volcano while the heroes give chase! Can they stop the ritual from happening?

Chapter 346 END

To be Continued in Chapter 347: Battle of the Volcano