Chapter 347:

Chapter 347: Battle of the Volcano

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 347: Battle of the Volcano

Narrator: The ritual draws near!

*The vampires are getting close to the volcano*


Narrator: Farther behind the vampire forces.

*Zaydra’s forces catch up to Sasha, Joe, Emily, and Daniel*

Zaydra: Did you see? Did you see that they have Zeth?

Sasha: We did.

Zaydra: Then let’s hurry!

*Everyone in the allied forces continues running ahead*


Narrator: Back over to the vampire forces.

*As the vampires get close to the volcano, Leonis turns around and sees the allied forces pursuing them*

Leonis: They are getting close to us! Hold them back while we complete the ritual!

*Leonis, Asina, Kyle, and the Sanctum Vampires continue to the volcano while all the others stop to fight the allied forces*

Zaydra: We must crush our enemies!!

*The vampire forces include both standard and elite vampires. The allied forces reach the vampires and so they and the vampire forces attack each other*

*The two sides clash against each other in close combat. Each side is determined to overpower and destroy the other*

*In the clashing, a vampire slashes two angels with his sword but then he gets slashed and killed by Bonetru*

Bonetru: You won’t be hurting any more of my comrades!

*Some of the humans from the resistance are blown back by a vampiric blast. Ruby does nimble movements to get in close and stabs the male vampire with a dagger, killing him*

Ruby: Good riddance!

*Ruby is then kicked from behind by an elite vampire*

*Zaydra tries to blow through the vampire forces but encounters a vampire defensive line at the back*

Zaydra: I will save my brother!!! You awful vampires will not have him!!! He is not some ritual sacrifice for you to use!!!

*Zaydra is blown back by multiple vampiric blasts*

Zaydra: Damn it!!

*A vampire tries to come from the side to bite Zaydra but he is pierced in the head by an arrow and dies. Sapphire comes up to Zaydra*

Sapphire: My princess, I was in the back scouting out their forces from a tall rock. They have a weakness in their defensive line. The weakness will allow you and maybe one other to push through.

Zaydra: Do tell.


*The two sides continue to fight each other with neither side gaining an advantage*

*Sasha summons Hellhounds to attack the vampires*

Sasha: Feast on them, my Hellhounds!

*Joe uses a Derecho and blows back some vampires until an elite vampire with an absorption aura steps in front of it and starts absorbing its energy*

Joe: Vampires with absorption powers are very annoying!

*Joe stops his attack but Emily jumps in and tries to slash the vampire with her Shadow Sword. However, the vampire is able to block by using the energy he absorbed. Emily is shocked and the vampire smirks. The vampire punches Emily back*

*Multiple humans and angels are stabbed by other vampires*

*Sasha’s Hellhounds come in to attack some of them and while they are distracted, Salina comes in and kicks a few of their heads off*

Sasha: Salina? You’re here?

Salina: Yes. I finished training your students and came here with the angels. I’m here to serve you after all.

*Zaydra comes up to Sasha*

Zaydra: Sasha, you and I will push through their defensive line. Sapphire has laid out the path for us.

Sasha: Okay. I’m with you.


Narrator: Meanwhile, at the volcano.

*Leonis, Asina, Kyle, and the Sanctum Vampires have reached the top of the volcano*

Leonis: This is it. Kazan, you will at long last be unsealed!

*Leonis has a sinister smile*

Narrator: The Battle of the Volcano has begun! Can Zaydra and Sasha possibly break through the vampire defenses to stop the ritual in time?

Chapter 347 END

To be Continued in Chapter 348: The Ritual