Chapter 7:

A War Has Begun!

(Discontinued) Kazuki X Sayuri: Koibito Tero

(As a month now flies by, Kazuki was advanced to one of the executive members of the Golden Gate Mafia and thanks to the status, he was now given the last name "Takamori" as Tulliano sees Kazuki as a son to him. During the time, Kazuki and Amelie went by one of the prestigious colleges in Japan and noticed that Kazuki aced the entry exam as the third of the top ranked.)

"Amelie: Wow! You aced to the top three..!"
"Kazuki: Well, I may be an outcast but I don't skip out on studying."
"Amelie: That's why I'm proud of you!"
(As they smiled, a familiar face appeared at number two in the rankings which was Sayuri Ukyo who noticed Kazuki and Amelie high fiving each other for his success.)
"Rakuyomi: Is something wrong?"
"Sayuri: No no, just some bad vibes or something. I'm fine though, don't worry!"
"Rakuyomi: Well, the good news is all of us managed to pass the tests!"
"Sayuri: You're right, lets get ready for the welcoming ceremony!"
(As the Kabukicho Devil graduates, Kazuki and all the other students attended the welcoming ceremony, almost seven hundred welcoming students was present for the college's opening. During so, the headmaster of the academy gave the welcoming students a speech of inspiration before the ceremony concludes.)

"Headmaster Kane: Once again, I am very grateful that you all has made the decision to join Takugane Academy and I promise to you all, you're now part of the Takugane family! Now, to give us her final words of the welcoming ceremony, please welcome the Student Counsel President, Ms. Rena Hoshino!"
(Walking down the aisle of chairs was a long-haired female with the end of her hair brained and dyed with red which had almost all the guys blushing at her endless beauty including Rena's exotic colored green eyes as Kazuki wasn't focusing on her appearance but was waiting for her to say her final words.)

"Rena: Thank you, Headmaster Rikiyo. Greetings to each and everyone of you, I am the student council president, Rena Hoshino. But as your upperclassmen, I would appreciate the respect if I was called "Ms. Hoshino. I may be a higher class than you all but that does not mean each and every last one of you aren't my new peers! I do pray that you all enjoy the next few years here at this wonderful institution. Now lets have a cheer, be proud of yourself that you passed the entrance exams!"

(Everyone then cheered for themselves as the bells run for the campus which all the freshmen was now dismissed for the day. Amelie and Kazuki was walking around the school campus which was a personal tour for Kazuki.)
"Amelie: This is my classroom, its where I am normally during the day."
"Kazuki: I like it, pretty.. modern."
"Amelie: All the classrooms are like this."

(They continued to talk more as they then left the school to return to the hideout. As they held hands and walked, they heard rapid gunfire in an area near them which civilians ran to safety to avoid being shot. Kazuki and Amelie then took cover as a nearby car was speeding down the street and performing a drive-by then stops as four different gang members left the cars and rapidly fires at Kazuki and Amelie.)

"Amelie: Shit! Kazuki, are you okay?"
"Kazuki: I'm fine, I'm always glad I came here with some backup!"
(As Kazuki then lifted his left leg, he'd pull out an Uzi Submachine gun and awakens ARS.)
"ARS: Kazuki, is there an issue?"
"Kazuki: Just a question and yes, we're pinned down! If I shot a gas tank, the tank explodes along with the car right?"
"ARS: Yes, that's right!"
"Kazuki: Good. Amelie, stay here!"

(Kazuki rushes out and fires endless rounds with his submachine gun and aims for the gas tanks but suffers several scratches to the face, arms and his body as he takes the risk and hits the gas tank as the two cars exploded, creating a loud explosion as Amelie noticed Kazuki's minor injuries and noticed one of the enemy gang members alive still. Kazuki then puts the gun away and walks towards the charging enemy who carried a dagger in his hand and fights him in hand to hand combat after kicking the dagger out the hand. Amelie notices a handgun unattended and grabs it then quickly grabs it and hides as Kazuki continued to beat the hell out of the unknown assailant whom was splattering blood all over Kazuki's hands, body and face. Kazuki then gripped the assailant's neck and slammed him against the wall.)

"You're gonna fucking talk. WHO ARE YOU BASTARDS?!"
"???: .... A...-"
"Kazuki: What?"
"???: A.. Argen..t-tino.. Pirates.."
"Kazuki: Type of bullshit gang is that..?"
(Kazuki then notices a blaring horn which was six other gang vehicles rushing at Kazuki as he quickly ran towards Amelie despite his injured state and jumped out the street and avoided the six gang cars. As yelling was going on, Kazuki and Amelie quickly escaped while hearing fighting along with rapid gunfire. Back at the Golden Pyramid, Tulliano was pacing around his office with a pissed expression at the other gangs for their actions towards Kazuki and Amelie.)
"Guard: Mr. Takamori, sir. Young Kazuki's injuries are only minor so he's okay and Lady Amelie is fine too, just a little shaken by the assault."
"Tulliano: Good. Good."
"Guard #2: What's the best course of action now sir?"
"Tulliano: These poor ass bastards wanna climb over my golden gate and attack two very important members of my family..? Track all six of those gang cars and tell me every single location. Its time the mafia sends them their "blessings."
(As Tulliano was then leaving his office, an entire army of his mafia members was armed with golden handguns and assault rifles while protected by gold-plated armor.)
"Everyone! When we find all six gangs... don't hold back! A war.. has begun."

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