Chapter 348:

Chapter 348: The Ritual

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 348: The Ritual

Narrator: The top vampires prepare for the ritual!

*Leonis, Asina, Kyle, and the Sanctum Vampires stand at the top of the volcano*

Leonis: We shall now descend into the volcano.

*Leonis looks at the Sanctum Vampires*

Leonis: You stay here and guard the top.

*The Sanctum Vampires bow*

Sanctum Vampires: Yes, your highness.

*Leonis, Asina, and Kyle descend into the volcano. The path down into the volcano is like a circular staircase going around the edges*

*Kyle looks down into the bottom middle where there is a bit of ground surrounded by lava. Coming out of the ground is a large gray relic. The “disappeared” victims are all surrounding it*

Kyle: (Thinking) This is it…

*Leonis looks at Kyle with a confident smile on his face*

Leonis: So tell me Kyle, how does it feel to know you are about to use your son in a ritual to unseal Kazan?

*Kyle looks at Leonis*

Kyle: I can say I have waited a long time for this moment. Kazan’s return has been long overdue.

*Asina laughs*

Asina: Of course, you were the one who sealed him away in the first place. We’re glad you have come around to rectifying that mistake.

Leonis: Though, Lord Kazan may still punish you for sealing him away.

Kyle: I’m well aware and have readied myself for any punishment he will give me.

*The three of them soon reach the bottom and walk on the ground where the relic is. There are two elite vampires already there*

Male Elite Vampire: We have succeeded in binding the sacrifices to the relic, my lords.

Leonis: Excellent. Now go join the battle.

*The two vampires leave the volcano*

Asina: We can now start the ritual. Kyle, put Zeth in front of the relic.

*Kyle walks up to the relic while holding Zeth and looks at it for a moment*

Asina: Go on. Don’t tell me you still have any attachments to him.

*Kyle puts Zeth against the relic and then the relic makes a magic connection between it and Zeth*

Leonis: It’s starting.

*The relic begins to glow with magic energy. The eyes of Zeth and the sacrifices all open in a trance (Author’s Note: There are ten people being sacrificed. As a reminder five of them include Keith, Dom, Jane, RAG, and Zenfaro)*


Narrator: Meanwhile, on the southern coast of Vandox.

*Harmona has just reached the country via the ships of her angel forces. Harmona looks stunned all of a sudden*

Harmona: It can’t be…

Angel: My goddess. What is wrong?

Harmona: I can feel his life force…

Angel: Whose?

Harmona: Zenfaro’s… I don’t understand. I don’t know what is going on but we must hurry.


Narrator: Back at the ritual.

*The relic uses the sacrifices to power itself*

*Leonis gets on one knee, puts his hands together, and makes a hand sign*

Leonis: I shall now do the chant. Oh ye darkness. Hear me now. The Great One. The Vampire of Origin. A direct creation of Zenta herself. We here offer the cursed one, Zeth, so that he may be unleashed. Now unseal him. Unseal Kazan the Volcano Demon!

*The relic begins exerting a lot of power. The force of it even pushes back the king, queen, and Kyle a bit*

Asina: It’s happening!

*The energy can even be seen blasting out of the volcano and into the sky*


Narrator: Back at the battlefield.

*Zaydra and Sasha begin their push through the vampire defenses*

Zaydra: Shit! They’re starting it!

*Zaydra and Sasha follow through the path in the enemy lines that Sapphire set out for them. They soon come across the final defensive line for the vampires and attack at an angle against the weakest part of the line. Zaydra and Sasha knock out their targets and get past the line*


Narrator: Back in the volcano.

*The relic is still exerting energy*

Leonis: It’s going to take a bit of time for the ritual to complete and for Kazan to be fully unsealed so let’s join the battle ourselves shall we.

*Leonis, Asina, and Kyle begin leaving the volcano*

Narrator: The vampires were able to begin the ritual! Is there any hope left for the allied forces?

Chapter 348 END

To be Continued in Chapter 349: Releasing Hatred