Chapter 349:

Chapter 349: Releasing Hatred

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 349: Releasing Hatred

Narrator: Back at the battlefield.

*Kren is fighting multiple vampires and gets kicked and knocked on his back. A male vampire then attempts to stab him with a dagger. Just before he can, the vampire gets decapitated by Zonbi who chopped his head off using her hand. The Nameless One is with her*

Zonbi: I hope you angels don’t mind if we join this battle.

Kren: Not at all if you’re an ally.

Nameless One: We are definitely on your side. We are going to blow through their forces.

*The Nameless One picks up a basketball-sized rock and uses his momentum magic to propel it forward powerfully at very fast speeds. It blows back a whole bunch of vampires*

Zonbi: Nicely done. Keep that up and the vampires will all be taken down in no time.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Zaydra and Sasha.

*As Zaydra and Sasha run forward, they come in contact with Leonis, Asina, and Kyle*

Zaydra: You’ve got to be kidding me!

*Sasha looks at Kyle and becomes angered*

Leonis: Sorry, but you won’t be getting past us.

Asina: The ritual is already in progress. There is no hope for you now.

Zaydra: For as long as Zeth still lives, there is hope!

Leonis: So foolish—

*Leonis and Asina see something speeding towards them in the air. It’s Zonbi and she is moving at an extremely fast speed. She flies in and punches Leonis in the face and kicks Asina in the gut at the same time*

Zonbi: Did you miss me!?

*Zonbi stops herself and lands*

Zonbi: Landing those hits felt good.

*Soon, the Nameless One, Emily, Joe, and Daniel join them*

*Leonis and Asina start to stand up feeling pain*

Asina: What did you just do?

Zonbi: Momentum Magic has a lot of uses I would say. I simply launched myself from my son’s hands and he applied Momentum Magic to me. Then I fly in and land a big blow to both of you.

Leonis: You should have listened to me and left while you still could. Now you will die along with the angels.

Zonbi: With all of us here. I don’t think you will be able to handle us.

*Suddenly, Sasha rushes forward angrily and tries to punch Kyle but he blocks the punch*

Sasha: Leave Kyle to me! I have a bone to pick with him!

Zonbi: If you so desire, then sure.

*The two sides separate to create some distance. Sasha will now face Kyle alone*

Sasha: You really piss me off!

*Kyle just stares at her not saying anything*

Sasha: You’re literally sacrificing your own son to unseal a powerful demon!

Kyle: Despite what you may think, I understand how you feel. However, Kazan must be unsealed.

Sasha: But you’re the one who sealed him away in the first place!

*Sasha rushes towards Kyle with her power rising and her dark aura fierce. She tries to punch him again. He still blocks the punch but his own arm is pushed back more*

Sasha: You make me so angry that I can barely think!!

*Sasha uses her other hand to punch Kyle in the face and the hit knocks him back*

*Sasha stands in place and she starts crying*

Sasha: You can’t do this!! He’s not just your son!! He’s the one I love!!

*Sasha cries even more*

Sasha: I don’t even know where I would be without Zeth!! I would be lost…!! Or I may have even become a piece of shit like you!!

*Kyle looks at Sasha like he feels bad for her*

*Hell Sasha’s voice echoes through her mind*

Hell Sasha: Just remember, if you want to destroy the strongest of Hell’s warriors, don’t forget about your demonic side.

Sasha: Stop the ritual… Or I’ll kill you!!

Kyle: I won’t.

*Sasha starts to nervously shake. The door in her subconscious begins to open*

Hell Sasha: Yes, that’s good. Go through the door. Accept me and you will tear your enemy limb from limb. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Just accept me.

*Sasha begins to go into her Stage 2 Blood Form so her skin turns dark gray. She grows horns, a black devil tail, and claws*

Sasha: I’m going to kill you!! I’m going to rip you limb from limb!! I will feed your body parts to my Hellhounds!!

*Kyle still just stares at her but then finally quietly speaks*

Kyle: Poor girl…

*Sasha dissipates and reforms right in front of Kyle and tries to slam her claws down on him but he jumps back just in time to avoid the attack*

Kyle: I have never felt a hate for me so strong than I see in you. You would become more demonic just to kill me. I won’t underestimate your power.

Sasha: You will regret everything you’ve done…!

Narrator: Sasha has begun her battle of hatred against Kyle! Will she be able to kill Kyle? How are the others doing against Leonis and Asina?

Chapter 349 END

To be Continued in Chapter 350: From The Grave