Chapter 350:

Chapter 350: From The Grave

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 350: From The Grave

Narrator: While Sasha fights Kyle, the others are fighting Leonis and Asina.

Emily: We won’t let your plan succeed!!

*Emily launches her Ball & Chain at Leonis but Leonis jumps up to dodge*

Leonis: You won’t hit me with an attack like that. You would be better off just throwing a pebble at me.

Joe: Well, how about this!?

*Joe starts falling from above and intends to strike Leonis with his razor hail-covered hand. However, Leonis dodges and kicks Joe back to the ground*

Leonis: Maybe if you hadn’t given away your position by shouting, you may have hit me with it. Not that it would have done much if any damage.

*Zaydra comes from below Leonis, intending to blast him with a Star Shine Blast but she is intercepted by Asina who punches her back*

Asina: Unfortunately for you, I got his back. I’m impressed that you managed to survive our first fight. I wonder, did my parting gift kill any of you?

*Zaydra becomes furious*

Zaydra: You killed Kerdon, you bitch!!!

*The Nameless One tries to attack Asina from behind but Leonis helps Asina by blasting the Nameless One down to the ground using a vampiric blast*

Leonis: Asina has my back but I also have her back.

*Daniel flies in trying to kick Leonis but he misses and goes past him. With the help of his Steam Magic and Zonbi, he immediately blasts back towards Leonis with incredible momentum and kicks him hard in the face*

Daniel: I got you, you bastard tyrant!!

*Leonis is knocked back. He stops himself and wipes the blood from his mouth*

Leonis: That actually did damage.

*Leonis then notices in an incoming attack in time as he just barely dodges Emily’s Ball & Chain*

Emily: Damn! So close!

*The Nameless One uses his Momentum Magic and sends the Ball & Chain back towards Leonis. This time, Leonis is hit by it and knocked back again*

Nameless One: We have the teamwork to punish you!

Emily: Thanks for the assist!

*Asina rushes towards Zonbi and tries to do a rapid pierce attack with her hand and Zonbi does all she can just to dodge the rapid attacks*

Asina: When I’m done with you, you won’t be the queen of the undead. Rather, you will be the queen of the actual dead!

Zonbi: Not a chance!

*Asina notices two Star Shards coming towards her and she ducks her head back to avoid them. Asina then immediately lands a kick attack on Zonbi to knock her back*

*Asina looks over towards Zaydra*

Asina: You should just wait your turn. I consider Zonbi to be a bigger threar.

*Zaydra is in Raging Star Mode*

Zaydra: I won’t stop until you stop the ritual!!

Asina: That won’t happen.

*Zaydra starts rushing and comes in close to attack Asina. Asina blocks Zaydra’s punches and then she jumps up to avoid Joe’s lightning bolt. However, she is then kicked back by Zonbi*

Zonbi: Sorry, but you will have to take us all on at the same time.

*Leonis grabs the Nameless One’s leg and throws him into Daniel to knock them both down. Leonis begins forming a large vampiric ball of energy*

Leonis: It’s been fun but it is time for you all to leave.

*Leonis throws the ball at the Nameless One and Daniel. Emily tries to knock it away using her Ball & Chain but the vampiric ball overpowers it and it knocks back into Emily which does a good amount of damage*

*The vampiric ball splits into many smaller ones and rains down on the Nameless One and Daniel which damages them*

*Emily begins to stand up. She is bloody and angered*

Emily: *huff huff* This isn’t over…!

*Joe is knocked back near Emily by Asina*

*Emily takes out her Shadow Sword. Her vampiric power and dark power from the Shadow Sword collide*

*Emily’s bangs go to the sides of her head, revealing her left eye. A few of her hair strands turn red*

Joe: Not again…

*Emily starts quickly moving towards Leonis*

Emily: I’m going to cut you to pieces!!

*Emily jumps and tries to vertically slash Leonis but he dodges. She then does a horizontal slash but only cuts off a few strands of his hair. Leonis grabs onto Emily’s shoulder*

Leonis: You’re a vampire now. I think you’re targeting the wrong person.

*That angers Emily and she is about to try to slash him again but he punches her back down to the ground first and she lands near Joe*

*Leonis forms a golf ball-sized energy ball in his hand*

Leonis: This ball of energy is certainly small but it has a lot of energy condensed into it. It will cause quite a large explosion. This is your last chance. Swear allegiance to me and my cause. Or die.

Emily: I would never join you!!

Leonis: Goodbye then.

*Leonis throws the energy ball down towards Emily and Joe. Emily and Joe look as it comes towards them and they are scared and out of options*

Joe: Oh no!!

*The ball of energy hits the ground and creates a giant explosion*

Leonis: And now you’ve reached your end.

*Leonis smiles but then has a shocked face*

*Joe and Emily are being carried by someone in the air*

Emily: What…?

Joe: …We’re alive?

*It appears to be a flying angel carrying them. But it’s not just any angel, the angel that saved them is Kurt. Kurt is wearing a white angel uniform and has white angel wings*

*Joe and Emily are shocked*

Emily: K- Kurt!?

Joe: But how!?

*Kurt lands on the ground and lets go of them*

Kurt: Harmona recently reviewed my moral standing while I was alive and determined it was high enough to reincarnate me as an angel.

Emily: We’re so glad to have you back!

Joe: I- I want to apologize to you…

Kurt: It’s alright. I know what you’re getting at. If you feel you must then we can talk later. First, we must deal with the vampires. I’ve been filled in on everything that has happened. Harmona has arrived in the country and is on her way. But she sent her Air Attack Squad ahead.

*Joe and Emily look up*

Joe and Emily: Whoa…

*A large number of flying angels are in the sky above and ready to fight*

Narrator: 101 chapters after his death, Kurt is back from the grave reincarnated as an angel, and ready to fight alongside his friends again! Will the tides turn in the favor of the allied forces? Or will this just be false hope?

Chapter 350 END

To be Continued in Chapter 351: Stop the Ritual!

Author's Note: I just wanted to add a little bit of context to Kurt's return. While it could be looked at as coming out of nowhere with the angel reincarnation thing, it actually did not come out of nowhere as it has already been seen that the Dark Goddess can reincarnate dead mortals as demons. Therefore, it only makes sense that the Light Goddess can reincarnate dead mortals as angels.