Chapter 1:


The Character

Date: April 20, 2296.

Dear so-called friend,

I hate writing but the idea of surprising you with a bundle of letters was interesting enough that I couldn’t stop myself from doing so. It’s fun right, the worst way to annoy someone like you, is to bait that person with a factor of information and expand the elements so widely that the person stops his life to dig out the key information. Anyway, this time your old and young and charming friend is going to tell you a story from his life.

Now, you're imagining what is this story? Why is it? What is it? Where is it? Especially When is it? <== about the last part, actually your about to imagine that.

Now, now, calm down, I am going to give you every piece of information you need to know but you must dig deep for it, or like I always say, THINK.

Oh! Yeah, another thing you must be imagining, Why me?

It’s quite simple, you see. You’re their God.

Anyway, I spent nearly five years thinking from where and how should I begin my story, and I seem to have finally have discovered a pretty neat way to explain things.


^--- Had to mention that. Because this is a rush job.

Well, if you’re ready to pardon, let me tell you something about what I found stupid about every single thing that is alive. Well, after this you’re definitely going to call me a racist son of a bitch. But hold your horses and try to go through everything, if possible, fix the literature issues yourself. <== Cause this guy is bad with this thing.

Okay, bad jokes aside. Let me ask you this.

What is LOVE?

STOP!!!! <== imagine a danger sign, please do!!! Well, I said that because your very likely imagining the dictionary definition for the word, or maybe imagining your experience with it. Trying to imagine the moments of pleasure and all ….. all the kinky stuff.

^--- and that is what I am NOT talking about.

Well, by my wisdom, it is the universally spread abnormal human emotion which spreads over observation and acknowledged by every single fucking life, just so that they all can prove that they are normal.

Okay, okay, now, what is this? Have you ever looked into the pages of history? Actually, for the starters let us not even look that deep. I won’t even give an example. Just imagine with me for a while.

Consider a guy, a perfect one, with, let’s say perfect haircut, very good with his studies and very good at hiding his secrets from his family. For example, he is hiding the fact he has a girlfriend and sometimes takes some booze with his friends. Now flip that logic with him being too madly in love with that girl. Sort of being highly dependent over her emotional support.

Let’s fast forward. After two years or so, something happens and they broke up and the guy becomes unstable. Why?

Because, as mentioned. He feels alone, now incapable of imagining his life without the factor of support, her. And thus, he starts drinking more, getting drunker. Finally, becoming a person that none has ever imagined him to be.

What he has become now is a PTSD patient with next to no control over his emotions that is leading his thoughts to more suicidal perspective. If you haven’t understood my last few lines then just imagine this. After break up, that perfect guy becomes an imperfect ass hole that would get himself drunk right in front of his mother and cry all night long until someone good or worst enough kill him or slaps him out of his abnormal state and chances of success is very low too.

^--- read that very fast, I know you can do it.

Well, For the first letter and first try, I think this should be enough to intrigue your curiosity.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention, SPOILERS, reading this means you know the end.

By this time, you must have realized or by any chance that your too dumb to understand let me tell you this, no matter what happens, quote ==> “THIS LETTER IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THE STORY. REGARDLESS HOW MESSY IT IS, FOR THE FIRST TIME”.



A. D.


“What was that all about?” thought the lady in red, her face hidden behind a letter.

As she finished reading the first letter, she slowly lifts her head to just realize the pain and suffering she was to endure both cleaning and compiling through the pile of letters that overflowed her entire office. 

A.A. James
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