Chapter 2:

Character ( Punishment )

The Character

It was near the time of dawn when the first letter was opened. And now, there was a huge anarchy in the vicinity.Bookmark here

Why? You may ask. The answer is quite a bit complicated.Bookmark here

Gods do exist. In every single world. Sometimes they let their existence known and sometimes they remain unknown, most interestingly sometimes they start a family. In this case, in this world, God decided to remain silent and let minor pseudo-gods influence. But today was the first when God summoned every single entity. It is certainly because of the pile of letters that the great God received.Bookmark here

Well, the story behind these letters goes a bit earlier in time and gets more and more complicated as it progresses. The fact about this world’s great God is, well, that it’s a she. And was known for her playfulness. However, one more thing she was known for. It was her peculiar method of choosing new candidates for becoming new pseudo-god.Bookmark here

Her preferred method included the process of she reincarnating herself in the form of a beautiful mortal and choose her candidates amongst her lovers and her friends. But this one line that I have mentioned cannot encapsulate the complexity of the irrational morality that she created.Bookmark here

It was during her last incarnation. When she came to know of a handsome dark creature, well acknowledged, well behaved and frankly successful person. One that was offered the post but yet denied. And thus, these letters were.Bookmark here

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Bookmark here

“These are not his words” she spoke, wearing a bright red coat with a black necktie alongside a black shirt and matching deep blue jeans with the compliment of high heeled boots and a shining titanium watch. Truth is she looked more as a business executive rather than a god. When a sudden voice from her back caught her off guard saying “We have arranged the letters in the correct order”.Bookmark here

It was a standard angel for this world setting. Dressed more as of a bodyguard of a popular actress then godly. Wings hidden away by a touch of divinity.Bookmark here

“Is everyone ready?” Goddess inquired.Bookmark here

“Yes,” The angel responded.Bookmark here

She slowly started walking forward, leaving her office, heading towards a meeting hall. If it is recalled vividly, the entire structure of God’s residence was based over an office. Finally, she was there in the meeting hall. Everyone else present stood up and greeted her presence. There was no announcement, nothing. She slowly headed to the central seat surrounding which there arranged the seats for other pseudo-gods in a circular arrangement. And thus, the lady Goddess stood next to the seat that was made out of the finest of the most comforting materials crafted by the hands of the most skilled craftsman in the entirety of her creation. Finally, she spoke, “Explain”.Bookmark here

A pseudo-god stood up to answer her. He answered her with the facts of miscalculations.Bookmark here

The security, the entire structure that was developed and based upon the AI security system has recently gone under a Core attack from an unknown source. The only piece of evidence that was found was a simple photo that was taken from a camera made in the early nineteenth century.Bookmark here

The person in that photo was indeed the person who wrote the letters. There was no mistake, goddess upon seeing the picture, even if his face was hidden behind a hood, in the picture that only contained his photo in her office holding the letters late that night was enough to identify him.Bookmark here

Listening to the pitiful explanation, the goddess asked about the letters while staring right at the speaker and her hardened tone made every single person present crumble in fear. Listening to a pissed goddess the speaking pseudo-god raised his hand and signalled a female angel to come close. She came forward with a tray in her hands filled with letters and stood right next to the goddess while bowing down as a sign of respect.Bookmark here

And there it was, finally the second letter was opened.Bookmark here

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Bookmark here

Date: April 20, 2296.Bookmark here

Dear so-called friend,Bookmark here

Okay, now I am doing overtime, maybe just because I am too excited. Second, take on the classic letter writing system. Okay, let's start. You do know, right, the setup you decided upon while creating this world. You by some stroke of luck based this entire created world of yours over the logic of quantum physics and feed every next minion of yours as this world is being the logical assumption of a singular reality. But know this, I know there exist nearly countless possibilities.Bookmark here

^--- that aside let’s just Start.Bookmark here

From now, two days in future when it all started, not here, <== because as we all know thirty-first of December is still to come.Bookmark here

It was the day when I finally slaughtered God responsible for my homeworld. Now you're wondering the name, who that luck forsaken God might be, rightttttttttttttttt?Bookmark here

Don’t worry. I am giving out the answer here and now, IT WAS YOU.Bookmark here

WAIT!! Not you, or how would you be the one reading this. Let’s say the other you. OH!! Yes, it was such an interesting fight. I can still smell my own blood flowing out of my severed hand while your lance piercing through my soulless body. BUT! You know what, my flames did manage to freeze you entirely and I slowly guided my hand inside your head and BOOM, your gone. And there it was the next this I remember was dark confinement, it was so dark and irrespective of time that I myself is not sure for how long have I been there. <== Sorry I have made the mistake again. THE “OTHER YOU”.Bookmark here

^--- about that I was honestly going mad, like an anime character I was actually biting my nails and my hair and never mind. In simple words, it was boring as hell.Bookmark here

Well! At some point, I blinked. <== it’s not like I never blink I just blinked at some point and there it was. A mirror standing right in front of me, just a normal mirror in the darkness reflecting light, how is that even possible, I don’t know. I tried looking away but it always followed my vision not letting me see anything else but myself. First, I was hesitant to examine that darn thing but soon, there was nothing else to do. Ant I touched it right where it was reflecting my face.Bookmark here


^--- DUMB ASS!!!! it’s a mirror, of course, it felt like touching the glass. But soon I realized something. I was being freed from my confinement. I looked at my body and it was scattering as every single rudimentary element of my existence is being stressed away. Dear their God, it was painful, it was just like when other you cut off my hand, my blood was flowing out of me. Everything was hazy and that was when I finally awake.Bookmark here

Dot.Dot…Dot.Dot…Dot.Bookmark here

^--- I really don’t know how to express the time passing moments but. Anyway, after sometimes let’s say I felt something like being stuck inside a slap thick concrete, it was hard to breathe, hard to move but soon it just broke off of me. I don’t know. Maybe its structure was not quite good?Bookmark here

Oh! Come on. Use some imagination, think your inside something made out of concrete and, and you suddenly try moving your good for nothing ass and whatever your inside of is breaking off…. let’s make it artistic, you feel it breaking off of you and the sound of cracking is now feeling as if someone is playing a slow low volume music in your ears and THE light is slowly finding its way to your eyes through the cracked surface. Suddenly your free and the first thing you do is take a deep breath and slowly lie down on whatever you’re seating on.Bookmark here

Well about the lying down part. I was actually sitting on a strange muddy place, and stinky also, as if instead of being mud it was a pile of rotting corpses, abandoned, lonely, unworthy of their final respect. It was beautiful… Yet so sad. I was there for a while and started thinking about and observing the place. It was a huge tunnel, like the one you will find in the mines but it was rather bright and warm. Trust me at that point I was only looking at the sealing of that tunnel.Bookmark here

Well, it was not too long before I got bored and decided to jump up and began my journey into the unknown==> with my dirty clothes. It’s a good thing I always wear army boots or walking through this endless sea of mud would have been a lot more problematic.Bookmark here

What I have told you up to this point is something that I have experienced about me. But now comes the interesting part, when it all started happening. I was a sceptic, wanted to know more about the place. On my way, now I could observe more and more and could tell this tunnel was something that could be regarded as an outskirt of a central location, why you ask? because it became brighter and brighter as I progressed, which almost meant I was on the right path. As I mentioned earlier it was warm down there. It was quite expected. But still, the warmth itself had an uneasiness because it was pleasant, not breathtaking. After walking for a while, I saw a huge entrance point to tunnel or maybe an exit point in my case. And I acted as anyone would. I rushed to free myself from that stupid tunnel.Bookmark here


Anyway, moving on when I was making my way outside.Bookmark here

How do I put it? How about another imagination?Bookmark here

Well let’s say, it was almost like coming out of a cave to the open wild. It was just like seeing sunlight from the dark depths of a cave. But to my imagination it was not the open wild it was just another larger, no, no, nooooo, much larger cave connected to the tunnel. The only difference was it was brighter and had a surprisingly flat surface and had plants and flowers blooming over it.Bookmark here

Now, now, I know you're confused about WTF I am talking about, actually, what am I writing about. Well, let’s say it was like you were in hell and suddenly you got thrown out of the hell and landed right at the doorsteps of the heaven.Bookmark here

Anyway, if I to give my own vision of the place at first glance. It was beautiful. Even by some stroke of luck a cool breezy was also flowing, kissing and playing alongside the playful grass.Bookmark here

Hold on!!! Just a second… have I just mentioned grass? Well about that, it was not quite the thing I would conclude as grass or something, it felt more like a power source. Like a small battery that harness its energy from some unknown source, possibly supportive bacteria, maybe, I think so, because it was glowing. Otherwise, it was grass. And I know, I know, I am going to sound like a broken record but I was a sceptic so decided to conduct few inspections upon it and lean down. It was nearly eight to twelve feet long and when I touched it, it felt as if it was maintaining the atmosphere and that is not all. I went and checked several more and all left the same impression over me. There was a flower glowing bright white. And I picked it, okay, I know it was dangerous. Maybe because of the parasitic life? But listen to this after I picked it up, all the light it emitted just went off. Like turning off a bulb. It was very strange. And then I stood up to take another good look at the surrounding. This time, I noticed something peculiar, the place upon which it was standing. The sealing was as expected was a cave nothing new about it but the ground, it had a twist. Unlike soft ground, plants prefer to grow, it was rock solid. As if made of stone. I tried cleaning it up, thinking I might find some inscriptions or something but I was wrong. There was nothing it was just a flat piece of rock. With my disappointment on finding nothing, I discovered another major issue with the setup, direction. There was nothing I could count upon.Bookmark here

The entire place. Which was glowing with a beautiful soft green light that shared a resemblance with the starry sky because of the blooming white flowers was now a maze for me. A maze, architecture by nature to confuse people.Bookmark here

Well, for next a few hours I was scratching my head standing on the same place thinking what to do, and it finally came to me. At this point, the setup was starting to annoy me. It was like the most annoying thing ever. And another gust of wind flew by but this time I noticed a pattern. The pattern was that after grass and the plants stopped dancing, or what so ever, I noticed each plant was growing in a very stiff angle all pointing to a certain direction as if the gravity of this place is off the point and concentrated towards a central location.Bookmark here

There was nothing to lose, not to mention I had no other choice to make. Even if I had. I was unable to see it. So, I followed the direction these plants gave me. On my way, I kept encountering stranger and stranger objects all also pointing towards the same direction.Bookmark here

^--Why I say that because at one point I threw a rock sidewise to the acknowledged direction and result shocked me. It did go to the direction I threw it but upon landing or just say after my added force became weaker it just slightly shifted towards the acknowledged direction. I was honestly confused. More or less my mind was thinking about the flat earth theory at this point. Come on. There was all the proof. Weirdly shaped rocks, plants all pointing to the central direction, objects shifting to the same direction. Anyways, now your question might be, did I only find these things? The answer is. For quite a long time those were the only discoveries I made. But after a long, LONG BORING walk for like a very big number on the distance scale, I finally arrived at the bank of a river and slowly found a few more evidence.Bookmark here

Quote this one too ==> “EVIDENCE THAT SHOCKED ME”.Bookmark here

I found evidence of early but advance life.Bookmark here

^--- Sorry, that line went a bit wrong, not life, no, let’s say literature. This here is a bit twisted because the river was artificial. It was big no doubt but was not flowing there on its own.Bookmark here

Let me give you another example, remember the rivers standard in your world, banks full of sand or soil, its banks were made out of hard rock slaps. As if someone took a naturally flowing river and bent its direction and curves to fill the needs. And it’s also fair enough to tell you this that the river awfully flows in a straight line. Very much like a true straight-line existing on mathematical heaven. Now the main point where the literature part adds up. Looking at the strange setup, I was hopeful. Thus, I decided to put myself in danger and I positioned myself near the riverbank while almost hanging from it. Just to clean a small, smaller. EVEN smaller section of a slap. And finally, I found it. There was something written but unfortunately it was too damaged and trying to clean the entire slap was both impossible and dangerous. Thus, I gave up on that idea also.Bookmark here

BUT. This time I had a certain direction to follow. <== Or maybe not because it was also strangely flowing towards the same direction.Bookmark here

Follow the river. <== and I did.Bookmark here

LIKE A PRO.Bookmark here

If my calculations are correct, it took me like say two full days, to find something new while fighting against this under cave forest.Bookmark here

Quote that ==> “UNDER CAVE” <== My way of saying things, but it was soon to change. Just wait.Bookmark here

Well, about those two days were boring. Nothing happened, I maintained my sleep and I was not that hungry as you know me. I am one of the Dark kinds, but the water supply was there. so, no problem for maybe like next one month. But one more thing it never went dark, not once. Those plant bulbs, they are actually quite helpful. Plus, there was no sign of life except those plant bulbs <== somehow, I feel like quoting that too. Anyway, enough jokes. After two days of following the river, I arrived near a ruin that seemed like a battle arena.Bookmark here

Well, I should probably explain this too. In your world, during ancient times, cities were built upon centring industries or economy. In ancient times it was almost the same, right? I mean put some logic into it, there was a huge arena and people who lived there must love games and thus it must have been an economic centre and a city was built around it. That’s how simple it is.Bookmark here

^---- if you’re not bored with my logical perspective. <== if I am not wrong, I hope I am not wrong. Let’s continue the first adventure, shall we?Bookmark here

It took me nearly standard three hours to reach that place and frankly speaking at this point I was nearly hideous, smelly, dirty, and was looking like a bagger. My snow-white skin was covered with unspeakable things. Anyway, moving on, when I got closer, I started hearing noises as if maintenance work. Well, it was the sound of hammers and people shouting commands.Bookmark here

Maybe the most peculiar or call it the lucky thing about all this is that I could understand their language.Bookmark here

Believe it or not, this is a bad thing.Bookmark here

Well, this much should be enough. My hands are hurting now, not used to writing this stuff.Bookmark here

Bye, annoy you with the next one.Bookmark here

Regards,Bookmark here

Bookmark here

A. D.Bookmark here


The Character

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