Chapter 360:

Chapter 360: Kyle vs Kazan. Battle Against The Vampire of Origin!

Beyond The Stars

Author's Comment: It's been a long arc but we have finally reached the beginning of the final battle of the Vampire Kingdom Arc.

Chapter 360: Kyle vs Kazan. Battle Against The Vampire of Origin!

Narrator: While the rest of the heroes fought the other vampires, Kyle fought Kazan.

*Kyle and Kazan trade multiple punches before Kazan kicks Kyle back*

Kazan: Come on! Show me the power of a top-class vampire version of you!

Kyle: Don’t worry. You will see it.

*Kazan further continues to take on his original appearance as some of his bulk returns*

Kazan: Hmhmhm. I don’t think I need to remind you that the more I take on my actual appearance, the more my power returns to me.

Kyle: Yes, I know. I plan to kill you before you regain full power.

*Kyle increases the power of his Raging Impact Aura*

Kyle: Let’s go!

*Kyle rushes towards Kazan. Kazan tries to punch Kyle but Kyle seemingly vanishes which surprises Kazan. Kyle appears above and to the side of Kazan with some blur lines behind him. Kyle uses a powerful kick on Kazan’s neck and it does some damage. However, Kazan grabs Kyle’s leg and gut punches him*

*Kyle feels some pain but his Raging Impact Aura limits the damage. Kyle retaliates by kicking Kazan in the chin, allowing him to break free from Kazan’s grip and jump back*

Kazan: It looks like it is fair to say that your durability is much better than it was as the human you once were. Let’s try something else!

*Kazan launches some Lava Snakes at Kyle*

Kyle: This is no problem!

*Kyle releases his Shattering Spears and they destroy some of the Lava Snakes but some get by. Kyle has to dodge as the snakes continue towards him*

*Kazan appears in front of Kyle as he finishes dodging*

Kazan: You’re wide open!

*Kazan starts rapidly punching Kyle*

Kazan: You’re very disappointing so far, Kyle! Challenge me more!

*Kyle eventually grabs Kazan’s left arm to stop his attack. Kyle has a serious expression on his face*

Kyle: Be careful what you ask for.

*Kyle then slams his elbow into Kazan’s face. He then follows that up with a Max Impact Punch that sends Kazan flying back into some large rocks*

*Kazan is damaged and tries to push himself off the large rock he is stuck in but he sees Kyle’s Shattering Spears coming straight towards him. He opens his eyes wide as they head towards him. They hit him and the rock which destroys it*

*Kazan jumps high into the air and looks down at the ground, trying to find Kyle*

Kazan: Impressive series of attacks but that’s—

*Kazan is interrupted, however, as Kyle is coming from above him and does another Max Impact punch on Kazan’s back, sending him flying down to the ground*

*Kyle sends another barrage of Shattering Spears down at the ground*

Kazan: Lava Bomb!

*Kazan sends a giant ball of lava up towards the Shattering Spears. The Lava Bomb overtakes the Shattering Spears and quickly heads towards Kyle*

Kyle: If only I hit him before he launched an attack…

*As Kyle falls from his high jump, he is concerned and tries falling down towards the side. The Lava Bomb explodes and sends lava everywhere, catching Kyle in it*

*Kyle is blown down to the ground with lava covering his back. Kyle tries to get the lava off of him as Kazan runs towards him*

Kazan: You thought you had the upper hand!? Think again!

*Kyle is unable to react as Kazan does a running kick which knocks him back. Kyle stops his momentum and tries to find Kazan. He notices just in time as Kazan attempts to do a downward pierce with his fingers and successfully dodges it*

*However, Kazan kicks Kyle again and knocks him back again. This time, Kazan launches a barrage of small lava bombs at Kyle while Kyle steadies himself and prepares his attack*

Kyle: I will regain control of this battle!

*Kyle dodges some of the lava bombs but uses an Impact Kick on one of them to send it back towards Kazan and lands a direct hit. The lava bomb knocks Kazan back with the bomb pushing him*

Kazan: Grrrr!!!

Kyle: Let’s add to that!

*Kyle sends a single Shattering Spear towards it to make it explode. Once it explodes, small amounts of lava burst out in all directions*

*Kyle waits to see the results*

Kyle: Let’s see how much damage that did…

*Kazan is more damaged*

Kazan: You impress me after all. You really are far stronger than you were in our last fight.

*Kazan’s face changes from Zeth’s face to Kazan’s original face*

Kazan: Unfortunately for you, you are running out of time to defeat me before I become too powerful.

Kyle: I never said I was at full power. Blazing!

*Kyle’s aura turns blazing*

Kyle: I’ve been wanting to use this mode on you so badly. It’s time I show you it!

Narrator: Kyle and Kazan fight and Kyle will now use his Blazing Mode against Kazan! Will it be enough to win?

Chapter 360 END

To be Continued in Chapter 361: The Power of Blazing