Chapter 361:

Chapter 361: The Power of Blazing

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 361: The Power of Blazing

Narrator: Kyle’s battle against Kazan continues as his time to finish Kazan before he regains his full power is running out.

Kazan: Alright then. Show me this Blazing power that you have.

*Kyle smirks*

Kyle: I already did.

Kazan: Huh?

*Suddenly, Kazan feels a big pain in his gut and is knocked back while coughing up blood*

*Kazan stops his backward momentum and puts his right hand over his gut. He is angered*

Kazan: What did you just do?

Kyle: Simple. I punched you. You just took a moment to notice.

Kazan: That won’t happen again—

*Suddenly, Kyle appears right in front of Kazan and upper-cuts him, knocking him into the air. Kyle blasts into the air after him. Kyle’s Blazing power leaves behind a trail of fiery energy.

*In the air, Kazan tries to kick Kyle but Kyle dodges and kicks him, knocking him back*

*Kyle flies towards Kazan and uses Blazing Impact Barrage to knock Kazan around, each hit leaves tiny flames on the spots he hits*

*Kyle then puts his hands together and slams them down on Kazan to knock him down to the ground*

*Kyle forms a giant ball of fire in his hand*

Kyle: Blazing Sun!

*Kazan looks concerned as Kyle slams the giant ball of fire down on him. Kyle narrows the size of it and it blasts Kazan down into the ground. Flames burn throughout the area as a result*

*Once the flames go out, Kyle lands on the ground. His Blazing power looks less fierce. He looks down into the hole*

Kyle: If you are still alive in there, know that as you are now, you have no means to counter my Blazing power.

*Kazan jumps out of the hole and punches Kyle in the process, knocking him back*

Kazan: That’s not even remotely true!

*Kazan has a lot of burns on his body and he is clearly heavily damaged*

*Kyle rubs his cheeks because of the punch*

Kyle: Damn, I was hoping that really would have finished him off.

Kazan: *huff huff* Those attacks hurt. A lot. To think that I, the volcano demon, could be burned.

Kyle: Well, you are a vampire.

Kazan: Doesn’t matter. I have mastered lava. You will pay for what you have done.

*Kyle starts running towards Kazan. Kazan notices that Kyle isn’t moving extremely fast like before*

Kyle: (Thinking) The Blazing Speed portion of my Blazing Mode can only be used in short bursts. It’s going to have to recharge.

*Kyle gets close to Kazan and then they repeatedly try to punch each other but every punch by both of them ends up blocked*

*Kazan then head-butts Kyle, punches him a few times, and then kicks him back. He follows up by sending more small lava bombs at him*

Kyle: This again.

*This time, the small lava bombs surround Kyle and he is unable to avoid many of them as they slam into him and explode*

*Kazan gets close to the damaged Kyle and starts rapidly attacking him with punches and kicks. Kyle is not able to block any of them so he takes a beating. Eventually, Kyle grabs Kazan and does a reverse suplex to him. Kyle then uses a Max Impact Punch to hit him, dealing damage*

Kyle: I will not back down!

*Kyle then dodges a near point-blank lava bomb and jumps back. Kazan then stands up and launches a bigger lava bomb at Kyle*

Kazan: Try to dodge this!

Kyle: I don’t need to!

*Kyle sends a lot of his Blazing energy at the big lava bomb and, after a brief struggle, his energy splits the lava bomb in two. It blasts into Kazan, knocking him back a little bit*

Kazan: I think I’m starting to understand your power more. It’s quite interesting as to why you are suddenly not as fast as you were when you first used it. That is a high-energy technique of your Blazing power, isn’t it? Hmhmhm.

Kyle: (Thinking) He has it mostly figured out but he doesn’t appear to know that the Blazing Speed technique has a recharge. I will use that to my advantage.

*Kazan’s ears become pointy*

Kazan: Ah, more of my power has returned.

Kyle: I will stop you before you are at full power!

Kazan: Then show me that you can! Hahahahaha!

Narrator: Kyle tried and failed to finish off Kazan using his Blazing Speed technique on the first use! With Kazan’s power continuing to return, Kyle may be running out of time.

Chapter 361 END

To be Continued in Chapter 362: Mountains Will Crumble