Chapter 362:

Chapter 362: Mountains Will Crumble

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 362: Mountains Will Crumble

Narrator: Kyle’s battle against Kazan continues as he must find a way to finish him off.

*Kyle starts rushing towards Kazan. Right before reaching Kazan, he suddenly uses Blazing Speed and jumps-kicks Kazan, knocking him back towards some mountains*

Kazan: Damn it! He can still use that extreme speed!?

*Using Blazing Speed, Kyle swiftly and smoothly gets to the mountains where Kazan is*

*Kazan launches many small lava bombs at Kyle but he dodges them all. Kyle does a downwards punch and knocks Kazan into the ground of the mountain. To retaliate, Kazan releases a wave of lava on all sides and destroys part of the mountain*

Kazan: I will melt you until there are nothing left of you but bones!

*Kyle feels overwhelmed by the energy being released for only a moment but it is enough time for Kazan to grab him and drag him against the lava flowing down the mountainside. The lava starts burning Kyle*

Kazan: Mountains will crumble!

*Kazan stops dragging Kyle against the lava flow and does a downwards gut-punch, dealing a lot of damage and knocking him into the ground of the mountain with some lava flowing down into it*

Kazan: I’m not done yet!

*Kazan then launches a large lava bomb into the hole and it explodes, destroying more of the mountain*

*Kazan stands there looking confident*

Kazan: Let’s see if there is anything left of you after that.

*Blazing energy then blasts upwards and Kyle launches himself out of the hole. He is clearly damaged but is still capable of fighting. He then launches himself at Kazan and starts rapidly punching him*

Kyle: I’m not even close to finished!

*Kazan launches a small lava bomb at Kyle’s head but Kyle moves his head to the side to avoid*

Kyle: I have come too far to fail now!!

*Kyle continues to punch Kazan and then kicks him to a high part of the mountain. Kyle then sends a lot of Blazing energy towards where he knocked Kazan*

Kyle: Take all of that!!

*The Blazing energy gathers and then explodes which destroys the top part of the mountain*

Kyle: (Thinking) Blazing Speed needs another recharge.

*The smoke clears and Kazan appears from it sluggish and injured*

Kazan: This is the most pain I have felt in a battle in a very long time. Hmhmhm.

Kyle: (Thinking) I must keep at it!

*Kyle begins running up the mountainside towards Kazan*

Kazan: Scorched Earth.

*With a 10-foot radius, the ground where Kyle is running bursts into flames. Kyle is caught in it*

Kazan: Yes! Burn! Die!!

*Kyle is getting heavily damaged by Kazan’s attack. Kazan takes advantage of the situation by rushing in and punching Kyle, knocking him back a bit. Kazan then starts using multiple Scorched Earths as Kyle keeps trying to dodge them*

Kyle: (Thinking) Now that I’ve seen the attack, I will be able to dodge it! I learn fast!

*As Kyle dodges multiple Scorched Earth attacks, he gets closer to Kazan. However, Kazan uses Scorched Earth right in front of himself. Kazan smiles at catching Kyle in the attack but Kyle comes through it anyway which surprises Kazan.

Kyle: I won’t be stopped by this!!

*Kyle punches Kazan to knock him back*

*Kyle sends his Blazing energy towards Kazan again and it explodes. Kazan is damaged and tries to get back to Kyle but Kyle blows him back again using his Blazing energy*

Kyle: I’ll do this again and again if I need to!

*Kyle continues to send out his Blazing energy*

Kazan: I will withstand it all! My lava is better than your blazing fire!!

*Soon, Kyle stops his attacks and then quickly gets close to Kazan. Kyle begins continuously punching and kicking Kazan. Kyle then blows Kazan down the mountainside with a powerful Blazing punch*

Kyle: I will free my son from your curse!

*Kyle then jumps down towards Kazan and stomps him with a Blazing Max Impact Kick which causes Kazan to cough up a lot of blood*

*Kyle charges up a lot of magic in his arm*

Kyle: This will end it!! My son will be free from your curse forever!!

*Kyle attempts to slam his fist into Kazan’s chest. However, a burst of energy releases from Kazan’s body and it knocks Kyle back*

Kyle: What!?

*The energy soon clears. Kazan stands and has completely retaken his original appearance*

Kazan: Oh so close. That attack really would have finished me off too. To reward you for being such a challenging opponent, I will show you my full power. Power that I didn’t even show you during the Great Chaos.

Narrator: Kyle came very close to finishing off Kazan! Now, Kazan will fight with his full power. Does Kyle stand a chance?

Chapter 362 END

To be Continued in Chapter 363: Kazan’s Full Power