Chapter 363:

Chapter 363: Kazan’s Full Power

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 363: Kazan’s Full Power

Narrator: Kazan has regained his full power. Kyle must find a way to overcome it or Zeth will be lost forever.

Kazan: You didn’t have to put yourself in this position. You could have simply helped keep Zeth out of the reach of the vampires.

Kyle: I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t accept that somebody would always be after him trying to unseal you.

Kazan: Your loss. May I remind you that this isn’t even my final form?

*Kazan’s skin changes to a red color. His appearance becomes fiercer-looking. Lastly, he gets a bit taller and more muscular*

Kyle: What about you showing me your full power? This is no different from our last fight?

Kazan: It’s the same form but I will be using even more power. I am the fourth most powerful being of Hell. Only the Dark Goddess, Armageddon, and Scythe surpass me. One born as a mortal such as yourself could never hope to beat me in a battle of strength. Now… Scorched Earth.

*The area around Kyle goes up in flames. Kazan rushes in and rapidly punches Kyle*

Kazan: You can’t handle me now!

*Kyle takes a beating but eventually punches Kazan in the chin and is able to jump back to get out of the flames*

Kyle: I won’t be intimidated by you! My determination will not falter!

*Multiple medium-sized lava bombs are shot out of the flames. The lava bombs explode near Kyle with lava going everywhere and they launch Kyle into the air*

*Kazan then launches into the air*

Kazan: Just wait until you experience everything my full might has to offer!

*Kazan tries to punch Kyle but Kyle charges magic into his fist, trying to also do a punch attack. Their punches collide and end in a draw. Kyle lands the next attack by kicking Kazan away from him*

Kyle: Our attacks were equal right there! You are no better than I am!

*Kyle reactivates Blazing Speed and rushes down towards Kazan. Kyle is surprised as Kazan almost lands a punch on him despite his speed. After successfully avoiding the punch, Kyle then lands his own punch. Kyle begins rapidly punching Kazan, stopping Kazan from hitting back. After the series of punches, Kyle kicks Kazan back and goes after him to continue attacking*

*Kyle gets behind Kazan and punches him hard in the back. Kyle then covers Kazan completely with Blazing energy and makes it explode*

Kyle: What do you think of that, I wonder?

*Before the smoke even clears, Kazan gets in point-blank range of Kyle, leaving Kyle shocked*

*Kazan grabs onto Kyle’s face and slams him down to the ground. Kazan then stomps on Kyle’s gut and grabs both of his arms*

Kazan: I’m going to rip both of your arms off!

*Before Kazan starts pulling, they see in the distance that Leonis and Asina are being finished off*

*Kyle smirks*

Kyle: Looks like your underlings are finished.

*Kazan starts pulling at Kyle’s arms and Kyle looks like he is in a lot of pain. Kazan is angered*

Kazan: You’re not in a position to be smirking. You will die here and then I will finish off your friends.

Kyle: Not quite!

*The Blazing energy travels from Kyle’s arms to Kazan’s arms*

*Kyle smirks again*

Kazan: Huh?

*The Blazing energy explodes on Kazan’s arms, allowing Kyle to break free and then kick Kazan back*

Kyle: You really should learn to not underestimate me.

*Kazan’s body begins to let off a strong heat. He is very angry*

Kazan: I was going to give you a quick and painless death but now I’m going to kill you slowly and painfully! I’m going to use one of the most powerful heat techniques ever invented, not only by me but by anyone! Burning Hell. It is the most merciless technique I have ever created.

*Kazan creates a flame barrier around Kyle that is 40 feet in diameter and the air inside becomes extremely hot. Kyle begins to sweat a lot and looks like he is dying of thirst and heat exhaustion*

*Kazan smirks*

Kazan: This is how you will die. Getting blown to bits is one thing, but there is nothing quite like lying there in the most oppressive heat while you are desperate for water as your body loses all of its hydration. To make things worse for you, I firmly believe that the only thing hotter than my Burning Hell is the sun itself. You won’t last more than a minute or two in there.

*Kyle uses his Blazing energy to try and blow up the barrier but it fails*

Kazan: Hahahahaha! You can’t destroy the barrier like that! The barrier represents the strength of my magic! You would need to use far more power to destroy it!

*Kyle looks afraid inside the barrier*

Kazan: It’s hopeless for you!

*Suddenly, a large shooting star blasts into the barrier and destroys it*

Kazan: What!? Where did that come from!?

*Kazan looks to his right to see someone. It’s Harmona. She is holding out her right hand which is where she launched the large shooting star from. She’s angry*

Harmona: I hope you don’t mind if I enter this battle.

Narrator: Harmona has arrived to save Kyle from certain death! Perhaps she can change the tide in the battle against Kazan.

Chapter 363 END

To be Continued in Chapter 364: Harmona and Kyle, Fighting Together Again