Chapter 364:

Chapter 364: Harmona and Kyle, Fighting Together Again

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 364: Harmona and Kyle, Fighting Together Again

Narrator: Harmona has arrived to save Kyle and enter the battle to kill Kazan.

Harmona: To think that this is where you have been all this time, Kyle… and now you’re a vampire too.

Kyle: I’m doing this all for the sake of our son.

*Zaydra, Zenfaro, Zonbi, the Nameless One, Sasha, Emily, Joe, Daniel, Kurt, Keith, Master Dom, Jane, and RAG all show up now that they have finished off Leonis and Asina*

Zenfaro: Mother…

*Harmona opens her eyes wide as she sees Zenfaro*

Harmona: Zenfaro…! It really is you! But how?

Zenfaro: I was never killed. I was captured by the king and queen and my life force was suppressed.

Harmona: I’m so relieved that you are alive!

Kazan: Hmhmhmhm. What a touching reunion this is. Enjoy it because you will all die. Even the Light Goddess shall fall before me. Once I kill all of you, the Dark Goddess will be in my debt.

*Everyone looks angrily at Kazan*

Harmona: Don’t get too excited. You won’t stand a chance now that I’m here.

Kazan: Oh really? Because I can tell that you are weaker now than you were during the Great Chaos. I was sealed before it ended but using the memory of your son, I know you used your very soul to attack and end it. Since then, you have been recovering.

*Harmona looks at Kyle*

Harmona: We should seal Kazan away again—

Kyle: No. The curse on Zeth won’t leave. There will always be someone after him trying to unseal Kazan. We have to kill Kazan here and now.

*Harmona looks in awe at the determined look on Kyle’s face*

Kyle: I will kill Kazan even if it kills me in the process.

*Harmona then looks determined too*

Harmona: Alright, let’s do it!

*Harmona looks at the rest of them*

Harmona: Everyone else stay back. We will take down Kazan.

Kazan: Yes, and everyone will see the Light Goddess die before me. You are all witnesses!

*Nobody else looks amused*

*Kazan charges up his magic and releases a giant wave of lava, trying to engulf Harmona and Kyle but they jump up to dodge*

*Kazan meets Harmona in the air. He tries to punch her and she just barely blocks in time. Harmona then kicks Kazan back, but towards Kyle. Kyle prepares to kick Kazan but he dodges the kick and slams his elbow into Kyle’s chest. Kazan follows that up by kicking Kyle down towards the lava*

*A geyser of lava goes up and engulfs Harmona. She tries to shield herself but Kazan goes in and slams Harmona down into the lava*

Kazan: Neither of you can stop me at my full strength!

*Kyle is getting burned as he tries to get out of the lava that he is stuck in. He uses a narrow Blazing Sun to knock Kazan off of Harmona*

Harmona: Thanks for the assist!

*Harmona then launches towards Kazan and punches him hard in the face*

Kazan: Your punch hurts a lot! I suppose if it didn’t, you wouldn’t deserve to call yourself the Light Goddess! How about thi—!?

*Kazan tries to retaliate but Harmona does another hard punch in the face and knocks him back, interrupting his last sentence*

Harmona: Get lost, you freak!

*Kyle gets free of the lava and uses Blazing Speed to get behind Kazan. He tries to punch Kazan hard in the back but Kazan is ready and blocks with his elbow*

Kazan: You are nothing to me now…

*Kazan then uses his other elbow to hit Kyle in the shoulder. However, that doesn’t stop Kyle from kicking Kazan into the ground*

Kyle: That’s what you think!

*Harmona jumps above and releases a small shooting star into the ground where Kazan was kicked into and it causes a big burst*

Harmona: You don’t have to deal with just Kyle or just me. You have to deal with our combined teamwork.

Kyle: It’s been too long since we last fought together. I’m getting nostalgic.

*Harmona and Kyle wait to see the results but a lava bomb comes up from underground where Harmona is standing and knocks her into the air. Kazan leaps out of the hole and kicks Harmona in the back, knocking her onto the ground. Kazan then releases multiple medium-sized lava bombs at them and they start running as he continuously releases them*

Harmona: I will stop this attack!

*Harmona releases a meteor at Kazan while running. Kazan has to stop releasing lava bombs so that he can dodge the meteor. While in the process of dodging, Harmona launches towards Kazan and kicks him in the gut, causing him to cough up blood. Harmona then kicks Kazan towards Kyle who punches him hard to knock him down to the ground*

*Kyle and Harmona both land*

*Kazan starts to stand up and wipes the blood from his face*

Kazan: You got lucky there. It won’t happen again.

Harmona: No. It’s the beginning of the end for you.

Narrator: Harmona and Kyle have begun fighting Kazan together and they have left some damaging blows! Can they keep it up?

Chapter 364 END

To be Continued in Chapter 365: Lava Flow Battle