Chapter 365:

Chapter 365: Lava Flow Battle

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 365: Lava Flow Battle

Narrator: Harmona and Kyle continue their battle against Kazan.

Kazan: You won’t be so confident when I make this battlefield more in my favor. Watch and be amazed!!

*Kazan releases a lot of magic and the ground of the area they are currently in opens up very wide. After the ground opens wide, lava begins to flow in that section like a river*

*Kazan, Harmona, and Kyle all land on rock platforms in the flowing lava river*

Harmona: How did someone like you obtain magic that alters geography? That kind of magic is reserved for the gods and goddesses.

Kazan: I love volcanoes and lava. Do you think I wouldn’t try to get magic that helps me get more of them? Maybe I can’t do it on a grand scale as the gods and goddesses can but that’s no big deal to me. I will use it to crush you!

*Kazan begins hopping from platform to platform*

Kazan: Let’s see how you can handle fighting with my home-field advantage. I bet neither of you are used to fighting like this.

*Harmona tries to punch Kazan as he hops onto her platform but he dodges. Kyle also gets on her platform and kicks Kazan off*

*Kazan dives into the lava*

Kyle: Get ready. I doubt that lava is actually hurting him.

*A tidal wave of lava rises and heads towards the platform that Harmona and Kyle are on*

Harmona: Here it comes! He’s likely in that lava tidal wave!

*As the tidal wave gets close, Kazan comes up from the lava behind them*

Kazan: Surprise!

Kyle: Huh!?

Harmona: He launched a diversion!?

*Kazan releases a large lava bomb and blasts them into the tidal wave. Kyle and Harmona are being burned by the lava*

*Kazan goes back into the lava as Kyle and Harmona are now in the lava river and being continuously burned by it*

Kyle: We have to get out of this lava!

*Some arms reach out of the lava behind him. Kazan grabs Kyle’s shoulders and drags him down under the lava surface*

Harmona: Kyle!!

*In the lava, Kazan begins to rapidly punch Kyle and there is nothing Kyle can do as he takes damage from the punches and the lava burning him*

*Harmona goes under the surface of the lava and kicks Kazan in the back. She then grabs Kyle and pulls him out of the lava. They both get back on the platform*

Kyle: *huff huff* Thanks, Harmona.

Harmona: No problem. The burns are going to start affecting us both though.

*Multiple tidal waves rise from the lava river and surround them*

Kyle: This is not good…

Harmona: We are going to have a bad time trying to avoid these.

*As the tidal waves head towards them, Kazan launches out of the lava and into the air. He plans to launch a large lava bomb down onto them*

Kazan: There is no escape from this!

*Kazan releases the lava bomb*

Kazan: Die!!

Harmona: Lay on the ground, Kyle!

*Kyle lays low and Harmona charges up her magic. She releases shooting stars in all directions. The stars collide with the tidal waves as well as the lava bomb. After enough of the shooting stars hit the tidal waves, they become disrupted, allowing Harmona and Kyle to escape the lava bomb coming down on them*

*Kazan lands on a platform*

Kazan: I will be victorious!

*Kazan launches another large lava bomb at them*

Harmona: Shooting Star!!

*Harmona launches a large shooting star towards Kazan. Their attacks collide and explode. The explosion destroys many of the platforms and makes Harmona and Kyle have to jump back*

*With a very fast speed, Kazan reaches Harmona and tries to blast her in the face with a point-blank lava bomb but Kyle reacts in time and punches Kazan hard in the face. The pumch knocks Kazan into the lava*

Kyle: We will always have something that can counter your attacks. You should just give up. But knowing you, that won’t happen. Your ego won’t let you.

*The lava begins to shake*

Harmona: I don’t like this.

Kyle: Just be prepared for his next attack.

*A lot of the lava begins to form together*

Kyle: What is it doing!?

*The lava forms a giant blob monster head with arms. Kazan is inside it*

Kazan: I have connected my power to the lava! Let’s see if you can overcome this!

Narrator: Kazan has used his power to form a lava monster around himself! What enhancements does it give him?

Chapter 365 END

To be Continued in Chapter 366: Golden Shine Lights The Way