Chapter 366:

Chapter 366: Golden Shine Lights The Way

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 366: Golden Shine Lights The Way

Narrator: Kazan has formed a massive lava monster body around himself!

Kyle: And now he’s bigger and uglier.

Kazan: Make jokes now. They will be your last.

Harmona: While it may look intimidating, we can handle it!

*Harmona releases a Shooting Star at Kazan. Kazan just smiles*

*The Shooting Star passes into the lava monster, but it meets resistance as it passes into it. Harmona is shocked*

Kazan: Here, you can have it back.

*Kazan uses a large lava bomb and blasts the Shooting Star back at them. Harmona and Kyle jump out of the way to dodge as it hits the platform and creates a large explosion*

Kazan: The lava monster formed around me is kept together by my magic so your attack encountered a powerful resistance which slowed it down and allowed me to counter. Good luck actually hitting me.

Harmona: We’ll see about that!

*Harmona’s anger increases and she goes into Raging Star Mode and launches towards Kazan*

Kyle: Wait, Harmona!

*Harmona tries to punch the lava monster to disperse it. Her punch creates powerful shock waves and makes the lava of the monster rumble. However, the monster’s right arm swipes at Harmona and knocks her down into the lava*

Kyle: Damn it!

*Kyle uses Blazing Speed and launches towards the lava monster. He rapidly attacks the lava monster and he keeps moving quickly from spot to spot to avoid getting swiped at*

Kazan: Once your extreme speed ability ends, you will feel pain.

*Harmona launches out of the lava and is about to use Raging Stat Zothena*

Kyle: No! If he hits you, your aura will tear at your body!

Harmona: One way or another, I will get through that lava and destroy Kazan!

*Harmona launches towards the lava monster. She dodges one arm swipe but is then hit by the other. While the hand of the arm is cut off and falls back into the lava flow, Harmona’s own aura creates lots of cuts on her own body from the ruined concentration*

*Harmona lands on a platform and has ended her Raging Star Zothena attack. Kyle’s Blazing Speed ends and he is finally swiped by the monster and knocked down on a platform as well*

*Both Harmona and Kyle look frustrated*

Kazan: Despite the large size, my lava monster technique has quick attacking speed. But don’t feel bad, Harmona. After all, you are still recovering and I am Hell’s fourth strongest warrior.

Harmona: I promise that I will kill you, Kazan! As Zeth’s parents, Kyle and I will save him!!

Kazan: It will never happen! This is where it ends!!

*The lava monster puts its hands close together and starts to charge up magic for an attack*

Kazan: You have no chance of knocking me out of this lava monster! With this bigger size, I can release even more energy at a time!

*Extremely powerful energy forms at the lava monster’s hands*

Harmona: Oh no! Kyle, get behind me!

*The lava monster releases a giant beam of energy. It engulfs Harmona and Kyle*

Kazan: Yes!! That’s it!! Get obliterated by my attack!!

*Soon, the beam hits a large mountain in the distance and the explosion looks like the size of a massive bomb explosion*

*All of the other heroes watching in the background are in complete shock at that attack*

Kazan: Hahahahahahahaha!! You went against me and now you’re dead!! Hahahahahaha!!

*The smoke soon starts to clear. Once the smoke clears completely, a large meteor is in place where Harmona and Kyle were standing. It starts to crumble to pieces, revealing that Harmona and Kyle were behind it*

*Harmona has been damaged more but Kyle wasn’t hurt*

Harmona: *huff huff* That was close…

*Kazan is shocked*

Kazan: You survived my Demonic Beam of The End!? And you did so by shielding with a meteor!?

Harmona: *huff huff* Don’t make light of it… That meteor rivaled your attack in power. It certainly could have destroyed your lava monster. It’s a shame because I was about to use it on you.

Kyle: And I’m sure it took a lot out of you.

Harmona: *huff huff* Yeah, it did…

*Kazan’s lava monster starts to deform and Kazan lands on a platform*

Harmona: It appears his attack took a lot out of him too.

Kazan: The difference between us is that I didn’t get injured releasing my attack. You did. I will still win.

Harmona: I know what to do now.

Kyle: What’s that?

*Harmona puts her hands together and golden magic forms around them*

Kyle: Is that… Golden Shine?

Harmona: Yes. We will help Zeth overcome Kazan from within himself. The only question is how do I catch him in it?

*Kyle looks like he is in deep thought*

Kyle: Form the Golden Shine as a ball and give it to me.

Harmona: What are you going to do?

Kyle: I’m going to be a father to my son.

Harmona: …Is your Blazing Speed recharged?

Kyle: No…

*In a view of only the bottom half of Harmona’s face, a tear starts to flow down it*

Harmona: …Very well.

*Harmona gives the Golden Shine in ball form to Kyle*

Kyle: It’s time to do this.

*Kyle starts rushing towards Kazan*

Kazan: I don’t know what that is but you won’t hit me with it!

*Kyle keeps just rushing in a straight line while Kazan prepares to attack. Kazan charges a lot of magic in his hand and prepares to try a piercing attack. Kyle still just rushes straight towards him*

Kazan: (Thinking) What is he thinking!? Surely, this isn’t some self-sacrifice suicide charge!? Is it a diversion for what he really plans to do!?

*Kyle gets within point-blank range and thrusts the ball at Kazan. Kazan pierces Kyle in the gut with his hand. Kyle successfully pushes the Golden Shine ball into Kazan but he also coughs up a lot of blood from being pierced*

*Both of them start to fall on their backs*

Kazan: You’re… insane…

Kyle: No… I’m just being… a father…

*Both of them land completely flat on their backs*


*Zeth appears inside his own subconscious and he hears Kyle’s voice*

Kyle: Break free, my son.

*Zeth opens his eyes wide*

Narrator: Kyle has taken a serious injury in order to give Zeth the chance to break free of Kazan! Will Zeth succeed in separating himself from Kazan?

Chapter 366 END

To be Continued in Chapter 367: Battle in Zeth’s Subconscious