Chapter 367:

Chapter 367: Battle in Zeth’s Subconscious

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 367: Battle in Zeth’s Subconscious

Narrator: Kyle has given Zeth the chance to break free from Kazan, but he has taken a significant blow in the process!

*Harmona runs up to Kyle*

Harmona: Don’t die on me, Kyle! Medic! Medic!!

*Kyle coughs but still gives a smile*

Kyle: *cough* Don’t worry. I won’t die. Not until I see Zeth free from that curse forever.

*The angel army has finished defeating the vampire army, allowing them and Salina to arrive. Salina, the angel army, and the rest of the main heroes approach Harmona and Kyle*

Sasha: Is it over?

Harmona: No. Right now, in Zeth’s subconscious, he is in a battle with Kazan to separate himself from Kazan.

Sasha: If all we have to do is kill Kazan, why not take the chance and finish him off now?

Harmona: Because the soul that is in control will keep switching. If we by chance deliver the finishing blow when Zeth is in control, he will die.

*Sasha looks sad*

Harmona: I’ve noticed something over the course of this fight. Kazan wasn’t just using his own strength. Zeth’s power was added to his so it made Kazan more powerful than he usually is. Considering his already enormous power, that put us in a bad situation. I wonder if Kazan even noticed.

Kyle: *coughs* That explains it. I thought for sure that I would be strong enough to kill him this time even when he is at full power.

Harmona: Now, all we can do is hope that Zeth can overcome Kazan. Since it’s Zeth’s subconscious, he will have the advantage.


Narrator: In Zeth’s subconscious.

*Zeth’s subconscious is half heavenly paradise and half hellish dead land. Zeth stands in the paradise area and Kazan stands in the dead land area. They stare at each other*

Kazan: Hmhmhm. Harmona is a fool. Does she truly believe that you stand a chance against me?

Zeth: I guess we’ll see.

*Kazan holds out his hand and forms a lava bomb*

*Kazan grins*

Kazan: You are nothing compared to Harmona and Kyle. This will be over in a second.

*Before Kazan can do anything, Zeth gut-punches him twice, causing him to cough up blood*

*Kazan is shocked by Zeth’s attack and his lava bomb just gets launched to a random location*

Kazan: How did—!?

*Zeth interrupts Kazan by upper-cutting him. Zeth then immediately jumps over Kazan and then kicks him in the back which knocks Kazan into the paradise area*

*Kazan gets up and looks back but doesn’t see Zeth*

Kazan: Where is he!?

*Zeth comes from above and stomps on Kazan’s head, smashing his face into the ground*

*After that series of attacks, some of the dead land changes into paradise*

*Kazan swipes at Zeth but Zeth jumps off of him* Kazan: How are you hurting me!!?

Zeth: This is my subconscious. We aren’t playing by real-world rules.

*Suddenly, Kazan is being picked up by Zeth and Zeth thrusts his knee into Kazan’s back, dealing more damage*

*Even more of the dead land becomes paradise*

*Kazan suddenly vanishes from Zeth’s grasp and appears somewhere else*

Kazan: *huff huff* The more he damages me, the more this area becomes like Heaven. If it becomes completely like that, I lose.

Zeth: And I will win.

Kazan: Fool. You shouldn’t have revealed that real-world rules don’t apply here. Just because it’s your subconscious doesn’t mean—

*Kazan instantly punches Zeth in the face*

Kazan: …that I can’t take advantage too!

*Zeth is knocked back*

Kazan: You had the advantage for only a moment and now that advantage is gone!

*Kazan blasts towards Zeth with extreme speed and rapidly punches him which makes the dead land start to take over areas of the paradise. Kazan tries a powerful punch to do a lot of damage but Zeth blocks with his hand*

Zeth: That will be enough out of you.

*Zeth blows Kazan back with a Star Shine Blast. Immediately after that, Zeth appears above Kazan as he is knocked back. He grabs onto Kazan’s face and drags his head against the ground*

*Kazan blows Zeth off of him with a large lava bomb. The lava bomb eventually dissipates and Zeth starts to fall from the sky. As Zeth falls, Kazan grabs Zeth’s neck and rams him against a wall*

*The dead land retakes a majority of the subconscious*

Kazan: You shall be erased. You will die and I will live on!

*Zeth smiles which confuses Kazan*

Kazan: What are you smiling about!?

*A big burst of golden magic releases from Zeth’s body and it blows Kazan back down to the ground*

*Kazan rubs his face and stands up*

Kazan: Damn it… What was that?

*Zeth lands on the ground and there is a golden aura surrounding his body*

Zeth: It’s my mother’s Golden Shine. Her power will give me the edge.

Narrator: Zeth has begun his battle against Kazan in his subconscious! With Harmona’s Golden Shine helping him, will he succeed in forcing out Kazan?

Chapter 367 END

To be Continued in Chapter 368: Golden Attack