Chapter 368:

Chapter 368: Golden Attack

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 368: Golden Attack

Narrator: Zeth continues his subconscious battle to separate himself from Kazan.

*Zeth walks towards Kazan with golden energy flowing around him*

Zeth: You are a guest in my subconscious and you have overstayed your welcome.

Kazan: Do you know who you are talking to? I am the great Kazan!

*Zeth gut-punches Kazan so hard that part of Kazan’s back is pushed out and he coughs up a lot of blood*

Zeth: I don’t care who you are!

*A large chunk of dead land become paradise*

Kazan: *coughs* Stop acting like you are the strongest one around because you are not!

*Kazan tries to do a retaliation punch but Zeth bends his upper body back to dodge and then kicks Kazan back and goes after him*

Zeth: In my own subconscious, I definitely am!

*Kazan vanishes and reappears in front of Zeth and blasts him point-blank with a lava bomb which knocks him back into the dead land area*

*Zeth and Kazan both vanish and both reappear next to each other and dodge each other’s punches, but then Zeth kicks Kazan upwards and forms a few Star Shards*

*Zeth moves his arms as if to throw the shards up at Kazan but Kazan vanishes as he does. Zeth immediately turns around and throws the shards as Kazan appears. The shards tear holes in Kazan’s body*

Zeth: You were very predictable there!

*Zeth begins rapidly punching Kazan and then he fully knocks Kazan back into the paradise area with a very powerful punch*

Zeth: Get out of my body!

*Zeth launches towards Kazan and is about to slam a punch down on him. However, Kazan vanishes and appears in front of Zeth who then vanishes as Kazan tries to kick him. Zeth then reappears and kicks Kazan onto the ground*

*After that series of attacks, Zeth’s subconscious is now 80% paradise*

*Kazan looks up at Zeth with a frustrated expression*

Zeth: You can’t beat me in my own subconscious. You may be stronger in the real world but not here.

*The golden energy surrounding Zeth becomes fiercer. Zeth then begins attacking Kazan with fierce blows using punches and kicks. Kazan doesn’t even attempt to retaliate*

*As Zeth strikes Kazan with his golden attacks, more of the dead land becomes paradise. When Zeth stops attacking, 99% of Zeth’s subconscious is paradise*

Zeth: So you have given up?

Kazan: Hmhmhm. Yes. I will let you take this win and have your body back. But I will then crush you in the real world. Go on. Deal the finishing blow.

*Zeth walks up to Kazan and gut-punches him. Zeth’s subconscious becomes 100% paradise and Kazan’s body fades away*


Narrator: Back in the real world.

*Kazan begins to glow*

Sasha: What’s happening!?

Harmona: One of them has emerged victorious.

*Kazan is forced out of Zeth’s body and appears standing away from Zeth’s body. Zeth’s body returns to normal*

*Zeth opens his eyes. They are no longer vampiric and have returned to normal*

*Everyone looks so happy to see Zeth back*

*Kyle and Harmona are being tended to by medics with Kyle receiving a lot of medical attention*

Kyle: I did my research. I knew that once Kazan was unsealed, your vampirism would be absorbed by him. You are back to normal.

*Zeth sits up and smiles*

Zeth: Thanks, dad.

Kazan: Maybe you all forgot but I’m still here and I still intend to kill you all.

*Harmona stands up*

Harmona: With you no longer using Zeth’s body, you can no longer add his power to your own so you are now weaker than before. I’m ready to finish you off.

Zeth: No. I shall finish him off.

*Everyone is surprised by that*

Zeth: Don’t worry. I’m completely aware of everything that happened while my body was a part of his. Since he used my body to power himself up, he is now weaker without me. I want to crush him.

Narrator: Zeth wants to be the one that fights and finishes off Kazan. Can he do it or is this a terrible idea that he gave no thought to?

Chapter 368 END

To be Continued in Chapter 369: Vampire Saint Mode