Chapter 369:

Chapter 369: Vampire Saint Mode

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 369: Vampire Saint Mode

Narrator: After Zeth separated himself from Kazan, he now wants to fight Kazan alone!?

Zaydra: Are you crazy, Zeth!? Kazan is even stronger than the king and queen! You have no chance as you currently are!

*Sasha looks concerned*

Zeth: I know you’re all worried but this is something I must do.

Zaydra: Don’t be a martyr! We came here to save you!

Zenfaro: Stop, Zaydra. Try to understand how he feels. He’s not crazy. Kazan was adding Zeth’s power to his own and using it to attack his parents. How would you feel? For Zeth, this is personal.

*Zaydra looks down, feeling bad*

Sasha: (Thinking) I get it now. Defeat Kazan. You have my support.

*Sasha smiles*

*Despite Zeth’s vampirism being cured, a vampiric aura surrounds him. This shocks Kyle*

Kyle: He should be cured!

*Kyle tries to get up but feels a lot of pain and the medics pull him back down*

Kyle: Damn it…!

*Zeth starts walking towards Kazan. The vampiric aura begins to take a physical shape around Zeth. It takes the form of a royal red vampire uniform but also has some traits to an angel uniform. Zeth’s eyes do not change to a vampire’s eyes but he does get vampire fangs*

*Kazan looks intrigued*

Kazan: What is this?

Zeth: This is Vampire Saint Mode.

Harmona: Vampire Saint Mode? I have never heard of that before.

Kyle: Neither have I, and I have been one for over 50 years.

Kazan: Hmhmhm. And you think this new mode will allow you to defeat me?

Zeth: I don’t think. I know.

*Zeth launches towards Kazan and forms a sword that has a vampiric hilt with a skull on it. The blade itself is angelic in design*

*Zeth starts rapidly trying to slash Kazan and Kazan starts dodging*

Kazan: That’s a nice-looking sword! Too bad you won’t be able to cut me!

*Kazan roll jumps over Zeth. However, Zeth does leave cuts on Kazan’s legs in the process. On Kazan’s way down, he kicks Zeth away from him*

Kazan: You just got lucky. That’s all.

*As Zeth is knocked back, he performs slash motions with his sword, causing bats made of magic with angel wings to fly out towards Kazan*

Zeth: It’s more than just luck!

*Kazan fires lava bombs at the magic bats but they dodge them. This leaves Zeth grinning*

*Kazan swipes at the magic bats to destroy them but that results in small explosions. The explosions block Kazan’s view for a moment and Zeth gets in point-blank range of him. Zeth does a sword slash and leaves a large cut on Kazan’s chest*

Kazan: Gaahh!!

*Kazan falls backward and opens a pit of lava that he then falls into*

Zeth: Now you’re retreating! So much for luck!

*Zeth’s sword dissipates*

*Zeth forms a Star Shine Blast and aims it at the lava. However, another pit of lava opens up behind him and Kazan launches out of it*

Zaydra: Watch out!

Zeth: Huh!?

*Zeth is taken by surprise as Kazan punches Zeth into the pit of lava in front of him*

Kazan: We may have been connected just a little bit ago but without me, your body will burn just as easily as anyone else!

*Kazan jumps into the lava pit to continue his attack*

*Zeth starts to feel a lot of pain in the lava as Kazan starts beating him around. Kazan then pins Zeth against a wall in the lava*

Kazan: You’re going to die in here!

*Zeth fires a Star Shine Blast at the wall to destroy it and then Zeth kicks Kazan away. He quickly jumps out of the lava to avoid being burned by it any longer. Zeth took a good amount of damage from the lava and Kazan’s attacks*

*Kazan jumps out of the lava too*

Kazan: Interesting. Despite not technically being a vampire, your new mode still becomes weakened in extreme heat.

Zeth: You’re a vampire… Why don’t you have that same weakness?

*Kazan holds up two fingers*

Kazan: There are two reasons. First, it doesn’t apply to your own heat-based attacks. Second, I love volcanoes. Through endurance training, that weakness can be overcome.

Zeth: As long as I stay out of the lava, I will defeat you.

Kazan: Easier said than done!

*Kazan launches towards Zeth and starts trying to rapidly punch him. Zeth does his best to dodge*

Kazan: What’s the matter!? I thought you said that as long as you stayed out of the lava you would defeat me! Yet, you are on the defensive!

*Zeth stops Kazan’s barrage with a punch that has glowing red magic in the shape of a vampire’s face on his fist. The punch knocks Kazan back*

Zeth: I’m just getting started!

*Zeth launches towards Kazan and smashes Kazan in the gut using his elbow which knocks him down towards the ground. A lava pit opens up where Kazan will land and he goes into it*

*Suddenly, another flowing river of lava opens up and Kazan launches out of it and onto a platform*

Kazan: I would like to see you stay out of the lava now! Hahahaha!

Narrator: Zeth has entered his new Vampire Saint Mode! Will it be enough to defeat Kazan?

Chapter 369 END

To be Continued in Chapter 370: Vampiric Angel

Author's Comment: Unless I don't get the chance to post chapters tomorrow, the conclusion to the battle against Kazan will happen in tomorrow's chapters.