Chapter 371:

Chapter 371: Sacrifice

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 371: Sacrifice

Narrator: Zeth’s Vampire Saint Mode has evolved!

*Zeth flies towards Kazan at a fast speed and punches him in the face. Kazan is knocked into the lava*

*Lava waves and geysers rise to try and catch Zeth but he is able to dodge them*

*Harmona is amazed at what she sees*

Harmona: This is a Blood Form stage! This is an alternate Stage 3 for him because it has been altered by Kazan’s power! I can’t believe he has reached Stage 3 but it looks like it’s not as powerful as it should be. It’s as if being part light and part vampire makes him a jack of all trades but a master of none.

Zaydra: I thought you had the curse removed from his body!

Harmona: I did! Remember, Zaydra, that you can enter Blood Form without the curse. It’s just that you won’t rapidly advance through the stages or access it very early. He has more than doubled his age since the last time he accessed Blood Form so if he still had the curse, he would have gone into Stage 4 within seconds! Then, we would all be in danger.

Zaydra: Wait a minute! Why couldn’t we just remove Kazan’s curse from his body!?

Harmona: Because unlike the Blood Form curse, this curse does not affect the body directly. Instead, it affects the bloodline. That’s why Kyle couldn’t be used for this ritual. Kazan didn’t curse Kyle himself. Instead, he cursed Kyle’s bloodline. It is possible this curse could still be removed but it would take someone more advanced in curses than anyone we have in Heaven. We would have to go to the Divine World to find such a person. To give you a reminder, we can’t go to the Divine World whenever we want.

Zaydra: You know, you still haven’t actually told Zeth that the Divine World is even a thing that exists.

Harmona: I know. Once this is over, I will tell Zeth about it back in Heaven.

*Zaydra does not say anything further and now just looks concerned as she watches the battle*

*Kazan launches out of the lava and high up as high waves of lava surround Zeth. Zeth tries to fly up but he is kicked by Kazan as Kazan comes down. Zeth is knocked down and uses his wings to just barely avoid falling into the lava*

*However, the lava waves crash down on him and he is then nowhere to be seen*

Kazan: Let’s see…

*Zeth flies out of the lava from another spot but he did take damage and gets weakened from it*

*Zeth flies in the sky and forms a vampiric blast in his right hand and a Star Shine Blast in his left hand. He puts them together to form one attack. He releases it at Kazan who is standing on a platform*

Kazan: I can avoid this easily.

*Kazan dodges but the explosion swirls outward like a hurricane. Kazan is caught in it and gets damaged by it too*

*Zeth remains vocally silent as he flies down towards Kazan and punches him hard. Kazan is knocked back but steadies himself as he starts jumping backward from platform to platform*

*Zeth flies after him, trying to punch him but Kazan keeps dodging*

Kazan: There’s definitely something off about you now… I better not waste any more time.

*Kazan is now jumping while going up the volcano. As Zeth flies, he puts together another Star Shine Blast and Vampiric Blast. Zeth releases the attack and Kazan dodges once again*

Kazan: You missed!

*Zeth finally speaks for the first time since accessing his Stage 3 Blood Form*

Zeth: That’s what I wanted you to do!

*Kazan looks back as he jumps back and sees that not only are the platforms destroyed but the blast from Zeth’s attack covers the lava*

*Kazan is in a bad position and Zeth begins rapidly attacking Kazan with punches and kicks. Zeth uses his flying ability to knock him around. Kazan is soon knocked upwards and into the volcano*

*Zeth forms a Supernova star and fuses it with vampiric magic*

Zeth: I’ll just watch you go boom.

*Zeth releases the Supernova star and throws it into the volcano where a massive explosion happens with large amounts of energy being released out of the volcano*

*Zeth just watches as the explosion is ongoing*

*Everyone else looks in awe at the amount of power in that attack*

*The explosion soon ends*

Zeth: Did that finish him off?

*Suddenly, the lava starts erupting and it forms an even larger lava monster than before with Kazan inside it. He has clearly been heavily damaged by Zeth’s attack*

Kazan: *huff huff* I’m going to destroy you!!

*Zeth looks shocked that Kazan even survived*

Kazan: Your biggest mistake was to knock me into this volcano! Now I have even more energy to power my lava monster!!

*Zeth looks discouraged*

Zeth: No way…

*The lava monster holds out both of its hands and charges magic. The lava monster’s index finger on its left hand begins charging a beam of some sort. The right hand is left wide open and starts to create some gravitational pull. The pull affects Zeth and starts to pull him towards Kazan*

Kazan: Using my lava monster in a volcano allows me to use my most advanced techniques! I’m pulling you towards me with a gravitation pull and then you will be pierced and dead by my Destruction Beam!

*Zeth tries to resist but can’t break out of the gravitational pull*

Zeth: I can’t break free! No!!

Sasha: Please no!!!

Zaydra: Damn it!!

*Harmona launches towards Zeth to try and save him*

Harmona: I won’t let you die!!

*Kazan’s beam fires*

Harmona: I won’t make it in time!!

*Someone zips right past her*

Harmona: Huh!?

*The person that zips past her knocks Zeth out of the way. That person is Kyle who is using Blazing Speed. Kyle gets pierced by the beam instead and leaves Zeth with a scared and shocked expression*

*Zeth screams and his scream is loud enough that it can be heard throughout the whole area*


Narrator: To save Zeth, Kyle used his Blazing Speed to knock Zeth out of the gravitational pull but Kyle ended up getting pierced in his place! Has Kyle made his final sacrifice!?

Chapter 371 END

To be Continued in Chapter 372: The End of Kazan