Chapter 372:

Chapter 372: The End of Kazan

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 372: The End of Kazan

Narrator: Zeth screams as he watches his father sacrifice himself!

Zeth: No!!!

*Kyle falls down to the ground with a big hole in his body*

Kazan: Hahahahaha! I didn’t kill you but taking out Kyle feels just as good!

*Harmona and angel medics rush to Kyle’s side. Kyle is coughing up blood*

Harmona: Is there anything you can do to save him!?

Male Medic 1: We don’t know but we’ll try our best!

*Zeth looks down with a frown. His eyes and forehead are shaded with a look of silent anger*

*Zeth then grits his teeth in extreme anger as blood energy begins to release from his body. His body begins to undergo more changes*

*Harmona notices and becomes frightened*

Harmona: No, Zeth! You can’t go into Blood Form Stage 4!

*It’s too late as Zeth has turned into a hulking monster with a bat-like head and has angel wings, His body is a very dark gray color. Zeth now is on all-fours. His body mass has significantly increased*

*Monster Zeth roars mightily in Kazan’s direction*

*Harmona has flashbacks to the carnage she caused when she went into Stage 4*

Harmona: No…!

*Everyone else also looks afraid at what Zeth turned into*

Kazan: Another form? You will still die.

*Kazan uses Gravitational Pull through the lava monster to start pulling Zeth towards him again. He has another Destruction Beam charged up*

Kazan: This is the end!

*Kazan launches the Destruction Beam*

*To the amazement of everyone, Zeth’s monster claws actually grab onto the beam and attempt to push it back. Zeth swipes at it with one of his claws and knocks the beam back towards Kazan*

Kazan: What!!!?

*The beam crashes into the lava monster and destroys it. Kazan is blown out and starts rolling down the volcano side in pain as a result*

*Kazan is now lying on his stomach at the bottom of the volcano side*

Kazan: Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!!

*Kazan looks up to see monster Zeth. Kazan actually looks scared*

Kazan: Stay back…!

*However, monster Zeth looks at the rest of the allied forces and begins rushing after them*

Zenfaro: Oh no! He really has gone out of control! Everyone, prepare to defend!!

*As monster Zeth heads towards the allied forces, Harmona intercepts him and punches him in the face. However, Zeth isn’t knocked back and tries to retaliate with a monstrous punch. Harmona dodges the monstrous punch but monster Zeth immediately tries a slash with his claws and succeeds, leaving bloody slash wounds on Harmona*

Harmona: Zeth, stop this!

*Monster Zeth tries another slash but Harmona roll jumps over monster Zeth and charges magic into her hand as she does. Harmona then puts her hand on the back of monster Zeth’s neck and slams him down to the ground*

*Harmona pins monster Zeth down*

*Monster Zeth roars in anger*

Harmona: You need to stop!

*Monster Zeth tries to break free from Harmona*

Harmona: Zeth, listen to me! It’s me, your mother, Harmona!

*Harmona starts pointing at Kazan, who is now standing up*

Harmona: See him? He is your enemy! He is the one that injured your father! Rip him to shreds!

*Monster Zeth stops struggling*

*Harmona lets go of monster Zeth*

Harmona: Go get him!

*Monster Zeth starts running towards the injured Kazan who prepares to defend himself. Kazan looks nervous but acts confident*

Kazan: You think I’m scared of you, huh!? I’m not! I am the great Kazan and nobody, not even a monster like you, will strike fear into me! I will destroy you!

*Harmona just watches as Zaydra approaches her*

Zaydra: What did you just do?

Harmona: I’m not sure. Perhaps a parent of a Stage 4 Blood Form victim can get through to their heart and guide them. I didn’t know if it would actually work but I had to try.

*Monster Zeth leaps towards Kazan and tries to slash Kazan on his way down. Kazan dodges the slash but he is unable to dodge monster Zeth’s punch. Monster Zeth’s punch smashes into the ground*

*Kazan looks like he is in a lot of pain*

*Monster Zeth then does a downward thrusting punch to hit Kazan in the gut with a lot of force which causes him to cough up a lot of blood*

*Before monster Zeth can punch Kazan again, he blows monster Zeth off of him using a powerful lava bomb but the damage is minimal. Kazan stands but his injuries are clearly severe. He coughs up more blood*

Kazan: *coughs* You think I’m just going to lay down and die just like that!!? Think again!! You are just a simple-minded beast now!! You act only on instinct!! This can’t even be called a fight anymore!!

*Monster Zeth and Kazan then try attacking each other repeatedly*

*The medics are still tending to Kyle*

Male Medic 1: I don’t think we can save him!

Kyle: *cough cough* Can you keep me alive… long enough to say some final words to my son… after he kills Kazan?

Female Medic 1: That should be possible. We’ll try our best.

*The medics continue helping him, trying to keep him alive for a little bit longer*

*Kazan kicks monster Zeth in the chin but monster Zeth is then able to slash off Kazan’s left leg*

Kazan: Aaaaahhhh!!!

*Kazan falls on his back in pain. He looks scared of monster Zeth*

*Monster Zeth mightily roars at Kazan*

Kazan: No!! Stay back!! Don’t come any closer!!

*Monster Zeth is about to do another attack but, suddenly, he reverts to Stage 3 Blood Form*

Harmona: I suspected that would happen. Once my guidance fully got through to his heart, his Stage 4 Blood Form would end.

*Zeth forms his Vampiric Angel Sword and tries to hit Kazan with a vertical slash. Kazan rolls out of the way and then releases a lava bomb*

Kazan: No longer a beast, eh!? Now you are back to being nothing compared to me!

*Zeth is hit by the lava bomb and is knocked back to where Kyle is. Zeth is reminded of what happened again*

Zeth: Dad!

*Kyle smiles*

Kyle: Finish off Kazan and then I will tell you what I want to say…

Zeth: You will finish him off too, dad.

Kyle: What do you mean?

*Zeth covers his hands and then his sword in Kyle’s blood*

Male Medic 1: What are you doing!?

Zeth: Letting dad get to be a part of the killing of Kazan.

Kyle: *coughs* Looks like Kazan is trying to get away.

*Kazan is trying to crawl away from the battlefield*

Kazan: (Thinking) I must get away! My problem is that I let them all hang around too long! I should have gone into the volcano from the beginning! If I did that, they would all be dead! For now, I have to get away so I can recover!

*While Kazan slowly crawls away, he looks back and sees a limping Zeth coming his way which makes him feel fear*

*Kyle’s blood drips from Zeth’s hand and sword as he limps towards Kazan*

Zeth: You… You are not getting away…

*Kazan keeps crawling*

Kazan: No! I won’t go out like this! I am the ultimate vampire! I won’t go out so pathetically!

*Zeth reaches Kazan and stomps on his one remaining leg*

Kazan: Aahh! Damn you!

*Zeth then kicks Kazan over on his back*

*Kazan feels more fear as Zeth gives him a death stare*

Zeth: You are the ultimate vampire and here you finally have encountered a dead end. With my dad’s blood covering my hands and sword, I deal the finishing blow!

*Zeth uses his sword and pierces Kazan in the chest*

Kazan: Gaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

*Zeth leaves the sword in Kazan’s chest. Blood flows from Kazan’s wound and his mouth*

Kazan: *coughs* To think I would… meet my end… by an… inferior… be…ing……*

*Kazan dies*

Zeth: My dad’s goal has finally been accomplished.

*Out in the background, a very injured Helen was watching the battle. She is crying as she sees Kazan’s defeat*

Helen: I can’t believe they actually defeated Kazan. Kazan… I will avenge you. I will get stronger than even you and put all of their heads on a spike! With your trident, I shall accomplish that!

*Helen leaves the area*

*Back over to the allied forces, Zeth and Kyle look up at the sky and smile*

Narrator: At long last after over 50 years of searching and planning, Kyle’s goal of killing Kazan and freeing Zeth from his curse has been fulfilled! Where does everyone go from here with the vampires now defeated?

Chapter 372 END

To be Continued in Chapter 373: A Father’s Final Words