Chapter 374:

Chapter 374: Vampire Kingdom Arc Aftermath

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 374: Vampire Kingdom Arc Aftermath

Narrator: With the vampires defeated, peace has returned to Vandox.

*Everyone has spread around and are talking to each other*

Zaydra: All the vampires are gone? Even the ones in the castle?

Lorenza: Yes. Any vampire that wasn’t killed ended up escaping, probably back to Hell is my guess.

*Harmona meets with Commander Zupek*

Harmona: What were our casualty numbers among angels?

Commander Zupek: Not as high as they could have been thanks to the assistance of the human resistance. Of the about 1000 angels we brought to this battle, 217 were killed in action. 371 sustained at least minor injuries. Of those 371 injuries, 76 of them are severe and 14 are life-threatening.

Harmona: We will have a proper memorial service for those that died after we return to Heaven. They will not be forgotten.

*Joe, Emily, Kurt, Zeth, and Sasha speak with Daniel*

Joe: What will you do now?

Daniel: I no longer have a family. Vandox is my home… but I’m now a vampire. I’m already starting to feel a hunger for mortal blood. I can’t stay here.

*Joe opens his eyes wide*

Joe: But what about a cure? Where will you go?

Daniel: We don’t know of any cures and as to where I will go… I will go on a personal journey. I will see if there is still a place for me in this world with my condition… If not, I will find a place to die where starvation brings me to my end.

*Daniel’s words make Emily look down nervous and scared because she is a vampire too*

Daniel: I know you are all concerned but I’m just happy knowing my country is now free. So, thank you and goodbye. Maybe we will see each other again someday.

*Daniel starts walking away as the others look on*

*Joe, Emily, Zeth, and Sasha then turn to look at Kurt*

Joe: I must apologize. My fear got the best of me. My fear of what would happen to me and my family caused me to sell you out.

Kurt: It’s alright. I wouldn’t feel good if your family was sacrificed for my sake.

*Joe opens his eyes wide*

Kurt: My reincarnation came with a goal. I will kill Gentorious. He killed my father and then made it a goal to kill me and succeeded. Now that I’m back, I will be the one to kill him.

*Master Dom and Jane arrive as he says this. Jane goes up to Kurt and hugs him*

Jane: It’s so good to see you again, son! These last 42 years have been painful!

*Kurt’s eyes open wide as he is reminded of something when she said that*

Kurt: Why…?

*Jane stops hugging him*

Jane: Huh?

Kurt: Why do you look younger than you did 42 years ago? Same with you, Master Dom. Are you really my mom and Master Dom?

Dom: It’s because of the Spring of Youth.

*Everyone looks surprised*

Kurt: Spring of Youth?

Dom: Yes. Your death hurt us. We wanted to be able to fight to avenge you when the time came.

*Kurt looks at Zeth and Sasha*

Kurt: Have either of you ever heard of this spring?

Zeth and Sasha: No.

*Kurt looks back at Dom*

Kurt: Where is this spring?

Dom: 7.4 miles west of Kunasha City.

*This shocks Zeth*

Zeth: I grew up in Kunasha City and I have never heard of it.

Dom: It wasn’t out in the open.

Kurt: This needs to be investigated.

*Joe feels excitement*

Joe: This means we will finally travel as a group again!

*Kurt looks a little sad as he looks at Joe*

Kurt: I’m sorry, Joe, but it doesn’t.

*Joe goes from excited to a sad dumbfounded look*

Joe: Why!?

Kurt: I’m an angel now. I have duties in Heaven. I can’t freely travel the mortal world anymore.

*Joe falls to his knees and is crying*

Joe: No…

*Emily is crying too*

Emily: We… we understand.

*This sun begins to rise in the background and it makes everyone look like silhouettes. Joe is still on his knees in front of Kurt* (Author’s Note: This is meant to be emotional. Whether the whole silhouette with a beginning to rise sun in the background thing accomplished that is subjectively up to you, the reader.)

Kurt: When the stars align, we will cross paths… and I’m sure I will get to meet your son too.


Narrator: The next day.

Zeth: (Narrating) Joe and Emily returned to their base to see their son, Michael.

*Emily looks ashamed to appear in front of Michael as a vampire*

Zeth: (Narrating) The people of Vandox worked to rebuild their country and livelihoods with the threat of vampires gone. As for Daniel, who knows what his journey has in store.

*The people of Vandox look happy as they begin to rebuild their country. Daniel continues traveling and does so alone*

Zeth: (Narrating) Zonbi and Sean returned to the Undead Underworld. Sean was happy to finally get a name. The vampire incident has secured an alliance between Heaven and Zonbi and her undead forces against Hell.

*Zonbi and Sean looking happy as they meet in front of their undead warriors to announced the alliance between them and Heaven*

Zeth: (Narrating) My father was taken by Mark the Grim Reaper to the Palace of the God of Death where his moral standing was revealed to be 78% good and 22% bad. Certainly high enough to get to Heaven but not high enough for angel reincarnation. The bad things he did as a vampire lowered his standing but the bad things he did were not done with evil intentions so it lessened their impact on his moral standing.

*Kyle goes through a portal to Heaven as the God of Death watches on*

Zeth: (Narrating) As for the Spring of Youth, my mom has never heard of it either so it was investigated and angels were sent to where Dom had said it would be and no springs were found.

Commander Zupek: (Using a communication radio) There is nothing here. We went to exactly where that Dom guy said it would be. We’ve searched a wide area. The Spring of Youth either isn’t actually here or it never existed in the first place. Our investigation will continue.

Narrator: Many have returned to their normal lives but what is the mysterious Spring of Youth and why was it not found!? There are mysteries still to be solved.

Chapter 374 END

To be Continued in Chapter 375: Welcome Back!


Arc Completed: Late January 2017

Author's Comment: After 104 chapters, the Vampire Kingdom Arc comes to a close. This arc not only had a lot of chapters but it also took me a long while to fully write it. It took almost 7 full months to write. I was definitely feeling a little burnout by the time I finished it. Anyway, get ready for some new developments in the next arc.