Chapter 2:

Heart disease (2)


After parking his bicycle, Liam, while hanging his bag on his left shoulder, reached the main entrance gate of the high school.

Narrator: Y. C. S. C high, a chain of schools and colleges, established in 1967, was a prominent Institute as all of its graduates went on to become high members of the society. Initially known as Young's chain of schools and colleges, it had no history of corrupt staff and inequality over student admissions.

To join the school, your grades were what amounted to something, even though the fees were high and only upper middle-class families could afford them. (What a hypocritical deal!) The school stood on the grounds of equality.

The institute wasn't huge compared to other branches. It had a main building with two floors, a basketball court, track field, auditorium, and soccer field.

On the ground floor of the main building, classes were held for the first, and the second year, along with having lockers and changing rooms.

On the first floor, third-year classes were held, along with having a cafeteria, faculty rooms, and the office of the principal.

The second floor had all the club rooms along with the student council, infirmary, and old equipment storage.

Each floor was different in width. Giving it an appearance of stairs, with the ground floor being the widest. It gave an opening for a terrace to be made on the rooftops of each floor.

Standing in front of the main gate, Liam was awed at the sight of his new school.

'So this is Y. C. S. C high? Top school in this city…'

Liam's eye moved to the right as his thoughts continued, 'hope they got top girls too.'

A second-year male student, begging for a girl came into Liam's view, the boy was on his knees and hands, which wasn't the greatest stance of begging society ever created but it was reasonable enough.

They were standing under a tree, as the morning sunlight shined over them. The exhibition would have felt different if not for the boy begging as if his life depended on it.

The female, who was also a second year, seemed to be confused as the boy spoke in a crying voice, "I… I have been a good person through and through, why on earth should it have to be me? Have the gods forsaken me?"

In a hurry and with shaking hands, the boy searched every pocket on his uniform, he took out his wallet and advanced it towards the girl. Tears were in the eyes of the boy and the girl felt embarrassed as she moved her eyes around trying to find a way out of this situation.

The girl was holding a flower in her hand, which had changed its appearance through the strong clenches it was undergoing.

‘’Take this," the boy yelled, looking at the few money notes coming out of his wallet, "isn't this what you want? it's all of my pocket money for this month, please spare my life.’’

Thinking of the situation as an act of bullying, Liam did what any teen would, moving his eyes away from them.

'Better ignore it! No use meddling in a bullying scene, things will only get worse.'

When his eyes moved to the left, Liam saw another duo, a boy and a girl bowing to each other. When they bowed, they were humble yet afraid of something or someone.

The girl spoke in a pitch engulfed in terror, "I'm… sorry… dude… I mean fellow human, my eyes are going rogue, I shouldn't have let them stumble upon you, I shouldn't have stared at you for more than a second."

The boy was also in terror, he was sweating uncontrollably, "the fault is all mine, I should've never been given a chance to breathe."

"What the hell is going on?"

Confusion took over Liam, the first incident could have been ruled out as bullying, but for this, he had no answers.

However, his mind quickly concluded or made up something that wasn't there. He waved his index finger as a gesture of realizing something. Understanding the matter in front of him.

'Oh! A rehearsal, yep, yep, they might be practicing a drama script.'

'I heard the drama club at Y.C.S.C high was strict.'

While Liam was in his thoughts and finally started walking away from the entrance gate towards the main building, he heard a bam. A sound produced by a collision. A girl and a boy bumped into each other. Making the girl lose control and fall.

The boy helped her on impulse, when the girl got up and cleaned her clothes, she smiled in guilt as her eyes made their way towards the face of that boy, "I'm sorry, I wasn't… "

Her face turned to stone, when she looked at the boy, shocked to her core, her teeth ground rapidly.

The boy who helped her was also in the same condition, standing there as if his soul left his body.

The girl was first to recover from her shock and instantly pretended to be blind. The boy followed soon, and both walked in their separate ways.

Liam, who saw all that fold in front of him, grew suspicious of it.


Liam dropped his head in deep thought as he advanced towards the door of the main building

'I can't put my finger on it but something isn't right with this school.'

Near that door, on the grey painted wall, a red poster was attached. It was showing a no-couple sign. With this written below the sign, "NO COUPLING" below which another line was written, "A WARNING FROM A. C. S / DRAMA CLUB."

In the darkness of the hallway that Liam just entered, loud laughter was heard, "who am I kidding! It's the drama club."

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