Chapter 3:

Heart disease (3)



On the terrace of the ground floor, a third-year student was standing with a terrifying aura. She was serious and confident, her arms crossed as she looked down at the students coming to school, giving a sense of the picture of a kingdom's ruler who was assessing her pawns.

Zoey Young, president of the drama club and the leader of the Anti couple squad, was someone no one liked to mess around with. Her eyes could pierce through any tough person, that's how much hate she had in them.

Always judged others, and tried her hardest not to enjoy things while at school. Her name was more famous than any person on the school ground and her fear was in everyone's heart. At least everyone who wasn't new to that school. Or didn't know about A.C.S.

"Still assessing the newcomers?"

A male voice came from behind, a kind and soothing voice.

With light dark skin, a muscular body reaching 6 feet and 2 inches, white hair, and blue eyes, he stood behind Zoey, focusing on his phone.

Henry Peterson, student council president, vice president of the drama club, and second in command of Anti couple squad, was someone anyone could rely on, but he followed Zoey and that made him another person that the entire school avoided.

"Yes, if it's not your cup of tea, you can go."

Zoey moved her eyes back, but didn't turn her head, her exact focus at that time wasn't Henry.

"Yeah! But…" Henry, much like Zoey, didn't switch his focus, he kept using his phone. While barely lifting his eyebrow he glimpsed at Zoey, "what kind of vice president will I be if I left you alone."

"Suit yourself."

Zoey moved her eyes down, back at monitoring everyone on the ground.

'Her hair looks great today, did she change her shampoo?'

Henry was rapidly moving his eyes back and forth from Zoey's neck-length light purple hair, to the dark screen of his phone.

He wasn't using the phone, he was only pretending.

The air was blowing on that terrace, not much but enough to make Zoey's hair move a little from its calm state.

'The scent is different, definitely changed the brand.'

Smiling and blushing while standing there, to him he was where he needed to be. His feelings for Zoey were strong but not his heart to admit it out loud.

While Liam was walking inside the hallway, through the pocket of his pants, he got a paper detailing his admission and the class number he was in.


Liam moved his head, trying to find anything written on the walls or possibly a direction board.

'Where is this classroom? Should have come here with my parents during admissions. Now I feel like a 5yo lost in an amusement park.'

"Agh…" Regret and irritation filled his soul, but it didn't last long as someone came into his view. A female student was moving in his direction.

This gave him hope, Liam raised his hand as a gesture to say "hi"

'I should ask her!'

The girl noticed his raised hand, which was shocking for her to see. Her eyebrows raised a little as she walked toward Liam.

"Excuse me, I'm looking for class 1A, can you help me find it," Liam smiled, showing a gentle side, "I'm new and don't know my way around."

The girl, after hearing that, ignored Liam, moved her head away, and quickly walked past him.

'What kind of idiot is he?'

Liam awkwardly lowered his hand, leaned on the closest wall, and pondered his existence. This crushed Liam, he felt his soul slowly leaving his body and his inner conscious getting ready to start criticizing him.

'Is there something on my face?'

'Did I scare her?'

'Do I look so ugly that she would rather not look at me?'

'I'm the puke material of a guy, aren't I?'

'She ignored me, ignored me like people ignore an insect.'

'That's it, maybe I am an insect.'

Liam's eyes filled with tears, 'I will die alone, in some garbage dumpster, spending my life being jealous of these things called humans.'

"Yo! You okay, man?"

A hand approached Liam, dragging him out from the depth of darkness he created through his thoughts.

A second-year student was standing behind Liam, holding a bag with his right hand over his shoulder.

Mathew Shaw spoke with lips that had an old cut on them.

Wearing brown sunglasses that had a bunny sticker on the bottom right, he looked at Liam with concerned eyes, however, Liam couldn't know that fact as those glasses were concealing his eyes and emotions that might be seen through them yet they were explaining many other things.

Liam turned toward Mathew, tears in his eye and shaken body, making Liam appear like a helpless girl who was saved from a gang of bad boys.

Narrator: we can do a BL scene with them here for pun

"my prince… mwah." but… well… the budget is low so…

Who am I kidding, this was written on the budget of a toothpick. I mean you can already tell.

Mathew stepped back, unable to comprehend the situation, or how Liam seemed to him, "what… what happened, man?"

Sniffing, controlling his tears, and while coming back to his senses, Liam passed the paper towards Mathew, "do you know where class 1A is?"

"Ah! Uh… turn straight, I mean, go straight, and turn left when you see the men's toilet. That whole line is class 1."

Mathew pointed towards the directions he was giving, while through his sunglasses his eyes were focused on Liam.

'Poor guy…'

'I don't blame him.'

'I reacted somewhat similarly when I first found out about the drama club."