Chapter 4:

Heart disease (4)


(Class 1A)

Entering the classroom wasn't thrilling for Liam as he hoped or believed. His mind was a mess, processing the scenarios that transpired since he set his foot on the school grounds.

'This school has something off about it, it's getting weirder with every step I take, not to mention the girl I met on that stall.'

Liam scanned the classroom for a brief moment, the boys and girls seemed to be sitting on different sides of the classroom. But this didn't give any hint to Liam. His mind was focused elsewhere.

'The drama club sure has many members, because everyone I saw was practicing one thing or the other. It's weird to be doing that early in the morning and as soon as they enter the school, however, there is a possibility of low free time or an event coming soon.'

He sat on the chair present on the right side of the class, 'then there was that girl, she avoided me like parents avoid demands of their kids while in a supermarket.'

The chairs in that class were accompanied by small tables in front of them. Unlike many other high schools that had chairs with a support arm or sliders. The furniture looked out fashioned yet new. Lockers on the backside, a whiteboard, projector and projector sheet, and a standing desk for the teachers, were what that class had.

The room was located in the middle of the building so the windows opened in the hallways, having no view but the dull walls and floor of the school.

Liam placed his bag above the table, and relaxed his back, 'on top of all, the guy I met was the shadiest and weirder of them all. The sunglasses dude, I mean who wears sunglasses inside? That's not what they were made for... '

He sighed and dropped his head on the bag, 'I hope all students here aren't like that, at least not the girls. I won't be able to find a girlfriend if that is the case. I'm so desperate, I might even try asking out a female cat roaming in this school.'


Somewhere in that school, a cat got chills running through her body. She was sleeping calmly under the shade of a tree.

She felt it, the thought Liam just had, it woke her up.

While Liam was relaxing and pondering with his head hidden between his arms over the bag, the whole class was silently staring at him. Wide eyes, weird expressions, and confusion took over all the students.

The boys were sitting separately from the girls, the boys were on the left and the girls were on the right side of the class. Making Liam the sole male sitting on the right side.

Everyone was having different thoughts about the situation,

'Is he blind?'

'Lucky… sitting with girls, soon won't be sitting anywhere though.'

'He is dead.'

'Waiting for A. C. S to find out, oh the drama, I can't f*ckin' wait, hehe.'

Thought the boys.

Girls on the other hand had many thoughts of their own.

'Should I tell him?'

'I can't talk to him or I will be seen as his girlfriend.'

'Should I write a letter to him? wait what am I even thinking?'

Everyone was struggling with their thoughts on what to do about the matter. Girls wanted to help Liam but didn't want to be caught with him. Boys were simply enjoying themselves or just busy in their world.

When it seemed like nothing could be done or no one was ready to do something, Kelly stood up from her chair, she was sitting on the 4th chair in the first row of the girl's sitting side. She was observing the reactions coming from all the students and knew no one had the guts or will to talk with Liam.

Seeing Keily approach Liam, added another wave of shock in that class. All students were taken by surprise and yet no one said anything.

Liam had his eyes closed and couldn't see anything around him. When Keily reached near Liam she tried shoving him but stopped midway. She hesitated which was natural, seeing how the class was reacting so far.

With a calm voice, she called out to Liam, "excuse me!"

Liam didn't respond, partly because her voice wasn't loud enough to reach his ears.

Seeing that, Keily, who was standing behind Liam before, moved to his right side, bent closer to his ears, and spoke again, "excuse me!"

In Liam's mind, those words made imagery of a garden full of flowers, where Liam was lying, looking towards the falling angels from the sky.

Quickly opening his eyes, Liam saw Keily in front of him, close to him, so near that it gave him a scare combined with a sudden rush of adrenaline. Immediately, he changed his resting position and sat most formally.

His face was red, and his eyes sparkling, 'an angel!'

'Angels don't exist in reality.'

'Did I fall asleep and start dreaming?'

Kelly smiled, and continued, "I believe you are sitting on the wrong side of the class."


‘"Did you come here to take me away?" Liam was still thinking of Keily as an angel, with white beautiful wings and light shining upon her. Making her look heavenly.

"No, I am not with A. C. S, yet…"


"Seems like you're not fully awake."