Chapter 2:

Starting Point

HoloFantasy: World of Fantasia

[Noel's P.O.V]

Right now, Im standing infront of a 2 story building made out from concrete, painted white. Looking above, A huge sign was hanging in the roof saying "Adventurer Guild"

I just gulp my saliva, Made a deep breath and exhales. My hands was shaking pretty badly as I reach the door. I hold the door's holder and from here outside, I can hear some male voice. Im now shaking pretty badly than before, Not because Im nervous to enter the guild in embarassment but my anxiety towards "men" as I mentioned before.

I just gulp again and gather my courage just to be able to open this wooden door with a bronze holder with a height of 2 meters and half.

When I open the door, As what I expected... Mens are now gathering in the tables of the guild. Worst case scenario I just imagine(more like a nightmare) that I fear so badly came true and that is... All their attention switched directly towards me.

I try to ignore them as planned in my mind to counter this scenario but being stared by mens totally draining up all of my energy. Thankfully, The hallway was empty. The left side of the guild was tables probably where adventurers takes rest after long day of travel or loiter around. The right side was a board filled with papers or should I say, The questboard. The end of the mainhall was a receptionist table and Im relieved a bit that the receptionist is a female. The door beside the receptionist should be the canteen due to the steam and delicious aroma from a meat(Sorry for being too distracted in food).

In the table, theres other girls too but I have no courage to look due to the number of girls got out numbered by the number of males.

I just goes in, Close the door that Im still holding, Let go of it and walks.

*Thud-Clank* *Thud-Clank*

My metal boots made a thud and clanking sounds every step I made in this stone floor. As I walk, I feel dizzy due to my axiety but I just did my best to tough up my self.

"Isnt she a knight?" "I wonder what a knight doing here" "Did the guild do something wrong?" "She's beautiful" "Those are some large badonkas"

Those are the words I hear from the gather of people in the tables. The badonka thingy raise my anxiety but also anger I guess...

I made a stop in the receptionist table. I can see the girl shaking, As she look into my eyes, But deep inside, Im shaking more than she do. The receptionist have a blond long hair and also have same hairstyle as mine. She have a light blue eyes and wearing a polo shirt under her brown open chested leather jacket, Its probably open since her chest size is somewhere D-cup. She wore a gray mini skirt with white knee socks and black pair of sandals. She have pointy ears as I just notice... Looks like she's a elf, Makes sense why she have such healthy white skin.

I just made a polite cough to gather my courage and speak.

"Can I join in this mercenary guild?"


That was her first reaction as the atmosphere became silent. I can see the people in the table have their eyes widened while looking to me like got turn to stone by a basilik.

"Ah... Sure sure"

The receptionist infront of me finally responded to my request.

A muscled browned skinned guy enter to the receptionist table from the right open side of the table.

"I'll take over your place, Serene"

"Eek!" I shrieked.

"Is there something wrong, Ms.Knight?" The muscled guy asked.

"N- no, Nothing!" After he completely take over the elf receptionist, Or should we call Serene since its her name, I immediately made a 2 steps backward. The receptionist girl is now heading to the canteen.

The guy infront of me, I can see he's strong due to his bodybuild. Not to mention his matured like face who have a scratch from his right eye, But his right eye isnt blind and still pretty fine. He have a black pointy hair, Ressembling a crown and his pointy grassy beard, But kinda weird with his fancy mustache. He wore a black sleeveless shirt, And gray pants with many pockets. Also I forgot, He have a cigarrete in his mouth, From how he looks... He's probably somewhere 30's.

He cross his arm and due to his gigantic height, Probably he's somewhere 7'2. He look down to me and spoke.

"So... You want to join this guild huh"

I just nod my head 3 times. Im shaking pretty badly now with a cold sweat running down my back.

"Guild Master" "I wonder what guild master doing"

Those are the words I heard from the gather of people from the table.

Im shaking pretty badly right now, Not because I know he's the guild master or because I know he's tough with his strong blazing aura, But because... MY ANXIETY AROUND MEN HAS REACH ITS CLIMAX!

"I see... First, We'll observe your magical apptitude and then next will be combat skills. Put your hands in this ball so we can see your magical apptitude" He moved a ball of orb in the table and place it infront of me. The orb ball was color white with some blue reflection of it, Probably due to the blue cotton that wrap below of it.

I just place my hand to the orb, Trying to act tough in my current situation. This situation is bad really, If this keeps up, There's probability I'll end up collapsing. I'll end this fast.

The orb glow [Element]. I just look at it and wait for the guild master's order.

"I see, So your apptitude is... Nature huh. Now lets move to combat-"

Before the guild master finish its words. A butterfly with a color blending of green in the top part of its wings while blue in the lower part with black color in the edges landed to my hand. It was glowing, I can sense its not a normal butterfly. The butterfly was moving its wings a bit and stayed for 5 seconds, After that... It flap its wings and fly away straight to the table where everyone gathered.

It landed to a small hand of a girl with a same tone of the butterfly.

The butterfly in her right hand, glowed and disappear in a form of light.

"I'll be the one participating the combat skill"

This flat chested girl spoke with a grin on her face.

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