Chapter 0:

|Wake up, sleeping beauty

That time I got reincarnated in the middle of a royal wedding..

In this enveloping darkness, I felt the core of my very being floating right in the middle of it all. How much time has passed??? What was I even doing prior to this??? Oi, why the hell am I even freaking out in the first place?? I’m a born winner, the type that despises the very possibility of losing. My whole existence is a blessing in itself, this is factual. I am the perfect highschooler, Sousho Hachiya. Although, what is this darkness? No, it’s not that straightforward. It is only darkness I can see and that’s because I can’t see in the first place…My eye lids are slammed shut.. What the hell? Are they glued in? Is this a rare medical condition? I’m not so sure about that.. Even if it was, I wouldn’t be able to use my phone to find out exactly what this is..

Maybe it’s morning, if that’s the case, my sister should be up by now.. No no, she can’t be… I can’t count on that idiot for a single thing. Satsuki has always been a heavy sleeper. I’m the one who prepares her for the day, everyday. If not, she’ll probably be late for school all the time.. Forget about that, this is crucial and as much as I hate to admit it, I’m scared. Would I be blind for the rest of my life? No, this can’t be… I’ve never heard of a blind doctor before. No one will even place their trust in one that is blind. That’s like begging for an early death. 

What of the women?? The pretty women I was going to chase after?? I have seen quite spectacular girls at school but I didn’t plan on just stopping there. Call me a womanizer if you wish but I wanted to be laid down on a bed with about five European beauties cuddling me and even suffocating me with their bountiful chests. A life without women wouldn’t be a life worth living. Most importantly, how would I be able to see myself in the mirror?? This is truly dreadful. I struggled to gain these firm muscles, this inviting chest, these broad shoulders that any lady will lean on and lastly, this beautiful face that can enchant any female being. I’m absolutely serious.. All of that that hard work and I can’t even see it for myself every time I wake up. 

This is quite the predicament, I must say. Not to mention, I can’t feel, smell, or even taste either. All I have are these thoughts in my head.. Am I half dead?? Is this sleep paralysis? Can’t be, albeit this feeling is a little similar. I hope I haven’t been turned to a vegetable. If that’s the case, they should do away with me. However, whoever made me this way would regret it for the rest of their lives. Dry-firing at this point will get me no where. I can’t do anything to anyone. I can’t even do anything for myself right now.. I should probably stop talking..No, if I seek stillness, this eerie atmosphere will surely make me lose my sanity..


Huh?? I can make something out, though it’s not really clear… It sounds hollow but it feels like I am moving closer and closer to it…This sound, it’s breaking the stillness…Finally…

“You may now kiss the bride.”

Kiss the what?? Where the hell am I? As that sound caused my reasoning to take a slight turn, I could hear the sounds of the people seated behind me,even the usual wedding bells were annoyingly loud. I could see the natural light enveloping this entire building. My eyes were not messed with. Good to know. My tongue was no longer stiff. I could feel the hands of the lady in front of me. However, I am still more than confused right now. Why am I in the middle of a wedding?? I turned 18 a few days ago so I know the word “wedding” is the least of my worries. Besides, this boy is aiming for his own harem so marriage should be a distant thought. I noticed that the crowd fell silent after a while. Oh, I forgot to kiss the bride..WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!

Without a moment’s hesitation, she took off her own veil and plunged in with a deep, passionate kiss. I would have been moved, that is if I wasn’t  the one being smooched to death. At this point, I could feel my brain scrambling. I was clearly overwhelmed by all that was taking place in front of me. Just a moment ago, my senses were temporarily turned off and now I was being french-kissed, like a sleeping beauty (funny enough, sleeping beauty was woken up with a kiss but this lady had every intention of sending me right back to unconsciousness with it) in a wedding I had no knowledge of….WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!!!