Chapter 1:

|The Priest watched on as I got assaulted

That time I got reincarnated in the middle of a royal wedding..

Being a model student on the outside but a womanizer on the inside is never easy. Trust me though, I might be God sent but that doesn’t mean I’m necessarily unique. Far from it, in fact. I don’t think there’s anything extraordinarily fascinating about me. I’m only the captain of the soccer team and the class representative. intelligent and extremely popular with both genders and can walk into any circle I want. I even walked out of the student council president role because I was too busy(bored). If this was a video game, you could call me a winner. Yes, just like a video game, I am the top of the hierarchy. These are my honest feelings. I consider myself to be special, and those that are special have to show it in every way, don’t you think? It can’t be arrogance when I behave like how any top dog should. I deserve that at least….

 I might be special but I don’t think that makes me unique. If my idiosyncrasies were more solid then maybe I could make the latter claim, full of pride, but at the moment, I’m afraid I just can’t. When you’re special and you’re in a room full of special people, then at that moment you aren’t really special and you can’t claim to be unique. I want to be something that no one can possibly be, no matter the circumstance. The only issue is how I accomplish this impossible task with nothing but my forlorn hope backing me.

That sums up my life. I’m currently in an unfamiliar land. One filled with dragons and some other worldly concepts, I think? When there’s a massive statue in front of you, with a man standing with a dragon on his shoulder then it’s safe to say it’s a dead giveaway. A place of intrigue if I do say so myself. Despite the confused look painted on my face, this dark haired beauty simply couldn’t help locking her lips with mine. Well, back in school, I had ladies like these fawning over me, it never really bothered me. Having a group of girls chase after me wasn’t too much to ask for.

 Unfortunately, that wasn’t entirely the case. It was way more complicated in actuality. When I made it clear I was not interested in just a single partner, by showing interest in those that I considered worthy, they all went “I’ve lost” and withdrew. Bloody hell?? I could have understood things a bit better if this was a tournament and the prize was yours truly. But it wasn’t. There could be multiple winners so what was so hard to understand? The others simply didn’t make any moves and hoped I read in between the lines like a custom made love interest. This is not some rom-com, damn it. To add insult to injury, the cycle was never-ending. This made all my relationships extremely short and weirdly shallow. 

Would it surprise you if I mentioned that this vixen has been kissing me all this time???? I tried moving my lips away but she was not having any of it. Can’t anyone see how I am clearly being violated here?? Is it because I’m a guy?? They look happy, though. A bit surprised but happy regardless…If I’m being honest, this situation isn’t too bad. However, I can’t consider this normal human behaviour.

 How did I even get here in the first place??? My last moments in Tokyo are quite foggy. I’m trying my hardest to remember but nothing comes to mind.. Wait, was it truck-kun? Did a book teleport me? Was I dragged in a magic circle by some other-worldly creature? I don’t think so. More importantly, why hasn’t she stopped kissing me???? Is she attempting a record or something? I change my mind, this is the worst.. SOMEONE SAVE ME!!!!

“Umm, that’s enough now.”

Finally, someone said something. She nearly shifted my crown(it’s way heavier than I thought). The priest was impeccable with his timing, though. Actually, he watched through all of this so he wasn’t. Wait, is that a smile? What is wrong with you?? Did this old geezer find it enjoyable? This lady is certainly bold. I wonder if she enjoys feeling like the dominator. What next?? Lift me off my feet and take me home like the princess that I am?

“It seems like I overdid it a bit.”

You certainly did… What’s with that bashful expression? Don’t play the innocent wife after you just assaulted your husband in front of hundreds of people. I’m not sure I’ve been this humiliated before. Fucking hell, my lips are numb.

Cheers filled the building, sounds of laughter and surprisingly, a low but audible sobbing. Someone is breaking down at my wedding?? Well,well. Whoever has this body, we definitely have a few things in common. Speaking of body, no one in this room looks Asian. Too good to be true…Caucasian??? With that facial structure, I might be right. Woah, I always wanted a European lady. Maybe French? Definitely.. I admire the language a lot and consider it sexy. I do know a little bit of it..Yeah, right. Whatever language this is,I can perfectly understand it. I think I can speak it, too. Quite strange.. She gripped my hand tightly, tears of joy glistening on her cheeks, like diamonds. I was really astonished, not at her beauty.. No no.. Maybe it was the situation… the reflection of the sun?? Was it her chest?? Well, to be fair, those things were enormous. Now that I paid more attention to it, I could appreciate the view even more. I might get used to this married life(just kidding).. 

This is pretty touching, though. Where is my new family??? I should be able to recognize them if their clothes are similar to the atrocity I’m wearing. This outfit is way too bright and red. I’m sure even Santa Claus would ditch Christmas if it meant having to wear this. It certainly gives me the creeps, their fashion sense must be primitive or something. Back to my family, I could always spot a person wearing a crown. From a distance, they all lined up. From what I’m guessing, they’re the royal family. My family. Suddenly, a loud clattering of shoes and banging of drums took away my attention. A couple of people clasped in red, white, and light blue marched right out of the church. She pulled my hand, slightly but also in a persuasive manner. Seems like she’s really into this. Well, I’m a bit happy that it doesn’t seem forced. 

Normally, in this sort of era, arranged marriages were the norm, especially for the royal family. It calmed my nerves but I still had a lot of things to do as we both walked on the flower laid carpet and walked out with all the citizens that couldn’t enter cheering loudly for us. This much attention could get to anyone. I mean, I basically just woke up here in a different body. I’m surprised at how calm I am. Maybe I’m a little too calm.

Once again, this silly band diverted my attention away with their loud music. If I was on top of things, I would have asked for stuff like this to be swiftly discarded. However, I’m sure that the king would have been the one on top of things so a request would have most likely been declined. Yes, that white haired bastard behind me with a pot for a belly. I might be exaggerating a bit but he was clearly out of shape, especially for a king. I really hope I look nothing like that in the future. Sheesh, at least give me the best genes, Dad. Well, that doesn’t even matter. Personality wise, I’m in good hands. I just have to do everything humanly possible to prevent such pathetic ageing. That just can’t be me in the next 20 years. Before any illnesses get to me, I’ll probably die of shame first.

 What a day this has been, I’m mentally exhausted already just by looking at the sheer number of people here. So many horses surrounded us. I get it. I’m supposed to be the prince and all….. But, don’t you guys have better things to be doing right now?? Did the middle age have this many jobless people?? Much to my surprise, there was a bright red carriage in front of us. It seemed like without the colour red, this whole event would have been incomplete. As I stepped on it, I held her hand and supported her as she climbed on. Wait, in cases like this, is the groom supposed to board the vehicle first??? I really had no idea but just now, I saw the man who appeared to be my father hit his face like I committed some last minute blunder. That’s really terrible, but I don’t care. 

This breeze feels refreshing. My head is receiving a suspicious amount of it, too. Am I bald? I hesitatingly touched the top of my head and looked for spots. Luckily, I was clear. That was scary. I haven’t gotten a chance to even examine this body yet so I’m simply hoping for the best and expecting the best too. If I do expect the worst, then the worst will come, no doubt about it. But really, if his hair is terrible looking, I might have to look for one of those royal wears and put one on my head for the rest of this sad, pathetic life I just tapped into. But, I just can’t lose hope. Not yet..Coronets for the win…

“Voyan, isn’t it wonderful?”


Voyan??? Who the hell named me Voyan?? Father, were you drunk at this point in time or were you just having some fun??? Was my baby face too much for you to handle that you decided to shame me with such a name for the rest of my days??And who the hell is the woman that accepted such a weird name?? I looked around, with my eyes moving from every corner in pure displeasure but hopefully, my plastered smile was enough to fool everyone. I saw my Father but that was it. The other two beside him looked like my siblings.Do I assume his wife is dead? I don’t know what to think at this point. I just got here, after all. I placed my hand on my chin as questions came in loops over my head. Questions that I didn’t even have the answer to. It was really frustrating.

“What are you thinking about?”

“N-Nothing….I’m just filling my eyes with this wonderful scenery.”

She chuckled and moved closer to me. Who said you could cling to me so closely after you tongue wrestled me against my will just a few moments ago?? It’s cute and all, but still….I feel oddly weird…Or is it that I’m terrified?? Slightly…Yikes…

“Although, no matter how bright the sun shines. It’s nothing compared to you.”

“Sounds just like you, Voyan.”

Hearing that come from my lips was absolutely mortifying. Is this what the Voyan dude spat out regularly? I just wanted to see her reaction from a cheesy line. I’m sure less of that surely wouldn’t give me away but I have to be careful. In order to avoid suspicion, I must stay in character. I don’t know what will happen if they find out I’m not who I claim to be. I’ve read tons of light novels and the main characters usually get their bodies transported without any issues. Why does my case have to be this messy? At best, they could help me return to where I came from and at worst, hmm.. What’s the worst case scenario here?? I’m the prince so they can’t get rid of this body. However, can they torture me in this body?

In any case, things look almost as terrible as the middle age compared to the modern age. But this beauty, I really don’t think I’ve seen anywhere in Tokyo as beautiful as this. Also, that probably means that girls of this era will fall hook, line and sinker for cheesy lines. I guess no matter the era, some things will never change…Maybe I was meant to be here for a reason. 

This parade lasted for a couple of hours, unfortunately. We went round the whole town and my patience was slowly fading. It got to the point that I couldn’t capture the scenery. For some reason, I felt drained. I also couldn’t continue waving at all these people. I slumped to my seat and just focused on my partner instead. Her smile enchanted me once more. The beautiful white dress she had on complimented her dark hair perfectly. It’s been an odd couple of seconds, I’ve just been staring. Am I allowed to fall asleep? How the hell do I end this parade already? I’m sure the people already got the message.

“Ummm, darling??”

“That’s new… What is it, d-dear?”

“When is this whole thing ending??”


“I mean, what happens after the parade?”

“You don’t know?? We still have a reception venue to go to meet our guests and round it all up.”

“I-I see.”

More people to meet, huh.. My short yawn didn’t go unnoticed, she drew her body closer and asked me such a plain question in such a seductive manner. The switch from cuteness to sexiness was deadly. For both me and the little me that woke up from a deep slumber. We left the church a while back but it seemed I had only unholy thoughts welling up.

“Are you tired, dear?”

Her lips suddenly looked softer and twice as attractive. I have to admit, this is the first time the little man on my lower half felt something today. Impossible, just from her voice? It was never that easy before . Oh, this is not my body after all. If I move around too much she might notice it. Well, if she decides to look down then I’ll also be screwed. Quick, think of something weird, let’s see. A cat shooting out fur balls should do the trick. What else do I have in store??? Hmmm, an old homeless person doing skills on a skate board… Argh, it’s not working. Someone crushing my balls with a hammer and nail???? Ugh..

“Umm, Voyan, you look a bit..disturbed…”


I passed the mission unsuccessfully. Now, she seemed perplexed by my reaction. She’s probably thinking she’s the reason. Well she is, I wouldn’t be thinking of stuff like this in the first place if not for her. I don’t want to hurt her, though.

“Sorry about that, my mind was filled with some unnecessary thoughts.”

“I see, I thought it was something else. Hmm..”

From the way her eyes moved upwards, I could tell that she was trying to guess what I was thinking about.. I admire your effort but unfortunately it’s in vain. Even I don’t know how these things pop up.

“You want to try and guess?”

“Sure..Hmmm… Is it about Viesta?? or your brother, Quinn?”

....................... I might just stick to “brother” and “sister” because I might not be able to keep a straight face in front of them. Father, you should never get the chance to name a child again. From all the silly names I just heard, I was curious to know the name of the lady seated beside me but imagine asking your wife immediately after your wedding what her name was?? Yeah, that was bound to be a recipe for disaster.


“No,no. I said Viesta. Vi-es-ta. Jeez, you always tease me with this. You were the same person that corrected me with the pronunciation.”

“I was just checking to see if you still remembered.”

“Of course I do.”

“Hmm, does it seem like the three of us are on good terms? From an outsider’s perspective, of course.”

“Why do you ask?”

“You see, father told me I should be more mindful of the way I interact with my siblings in public so I just wanted to find out.”

“It doesn’t seem that way. Viesta is pretty close to you all the time but Quinn on the other hand rarely talks to you. Does he show a brighter side when you two are alone?”

“Uh no, hardly.”

So I have two siblings..Hmm..From what she said, I’m guessing my brother must hate me due to matters related to the throne. Either that or Voyan was simply an ass. And according to her, I have a clingy sister. I wouldn’t want it any other way to be honest. After all, my real sister acts the same way. It’s really common for siblings to duke it out for the throne but I simply am not interested. Anyone can have the throne for themselves. As long as I’m from the royal family, I won’t lack riches, respect, or even women so I wouldn’t put my neck out for something like that.

“I don’t want to think about that. It will make me more exhausted. Besides, there will be a whole long list of honored guests from all over the continent.”

“You’re right….Umm…Also.”


Her fidgeting was pretty cute to watch. If you act this shy around me then teasing you will be a no brainer.

“I know you told me not to hold back on our first kiss but I can’t help but feel like I overdid it.”


There are multiple problems with this statement. Firstly, I believe if there’s anything that will eventually expose me and lead to my demise, it will be this bastard himself. Voyan, we haven’t met but I hate you already. Life is already set on expert level difficulty and it seems like you can’t stop making things worse. Secondly, what is she expecting me to say??? Should I play it cool by reassuring her or should I simply start teasing with it?? Well, anyone that teases someone over this can very much be considered a devil. Most importantly,what will Voyan say??

“You must be overthinking things.”


I snuck my hand on top of hers and held them. In surprise, she blushed and opened them up, allowing me to lock them in. This was something normal, ordinary and mundane.Yet, it made my heart skip a beat. This was certainly odd. In that moment of silence, the odd words that escaped my lips were….

“Besides, you know despite that, my love still remains unchanged .”