Chapter 5:

Heart disease (5)


"You're not fully awake."

These words made Liam lift his eyebrows, the impression he had about Keily was slowly depleting. The holy wings he fantasized her to have burned away like the sand drifts with the wind.

The light in which she was engulfed turned dim, making her appear like a normal human before his eyes.

Liam quickly shook his head, trying to come back to reality, "come again, I couldn't understand."

Keily pointed towards the whiteboard, "there, you see! You are supposed to sit on the other side of the class."

'What? I never heard of rules like these before.'

Moving his eyes towards the board, Liam saw a mention of the sitting plan. 4 rows, two belonging to the girls and two to the boys.

Under that mention, the signature and title of the person who wrote this were present.

(Henry Peterson, student council president.)

Liam moved his eyes back towards Keily, 'damn, I wasn't paying any attention when I entered the class, now this feels kinda embarrassing.'

"Ah, my bad, I didn't know."

"No worries, you can simply change your seat, it's not a big issue."

Keily had a soft tone behind her words, which made Liam feel something. The feeling of spring entering his soul.


Liam grabbed his bag and moved to the left side of the class.

He wanted to talk more, but noticed all the eyes in his direction. Which he wanted to get away from as soon as possible.

He grabbed the 2nd last seat in the 4th row. Which was the only empty seat present on the boy's side.

Each row had 8 seats, boys having all occupied while girls only had 10/16 filled (all 8 of the first row and 2 of the second row).

A screen showed Liam walking inside the class while changing seats. As the scene zoomed out, many different screens came into view.

Each screen was showing different parts of the school, from classrooms to even the principal's office.

A hand clicked on the mouse which made the video of Liam be played on all the screens. The person who clicked the mouse was Mathew. Still wearing his sunglasses that were reflecting the light emitted by the multiscreen structure implantation in a wall.

"Oh wait, guys."

Mathew spoke to someone in that dark room, with only the screens being its light source.

"He changed his seat."

Saying that he rolled his chair back while clicking the focus away from class 1A.

Through the darkness, a male voice was heard, "so the pawn made the right move in the end."

Another person entered the talk, a female, holding a baseball bat in her hand, her appearance was mostly hidden because of the darkness in that room.

"Yeah! yeah!"

She dropped the baseball bat as her tone went from calm to mocking the male voice owner, "we get it, the chess insert. We know you love chess, but keep it out of your talk, okay?

The male voice followed in a high-pitched voice, "forget that. What were you planning to do with that bat?"

"Nothing… was just gonna hold it for dramatic effects. Teehee."

Back to Class 1A

Liam was gawking at Keily, ‘she is a catch.’

‘I can’t believe my luck, not only is she hot and in my class, but also the first person I talked with since I came to this school.’

Narrator: Wrong! He forgot about Mathew and the lady who saw him like an insect. What a pathetic simp.

Keily noticed Liam’s stare, she couldn’t do much but smile at him politely, ‘what the f*ck is he looking at me for?’

This reaction made Liam’s heartbeat rise, ‘what’s happening? My heart… it’s pounding.’

Liam held on to his chest, remembering what he read on the internet a few days ago.

In his room, Liam was reading something on the laptop. The open tabs were all about, ‘’how to find love?’’ ‘’how to find a girlfriend.’’ ‘’how to know if you are in love?’’

Those tabs showed how desperate he was, to the point where he had to get help from the shady and mostly wrong blogs written by people with no experience, living alone in some dark apartment.

Narrator: us bro… us.

One of those articles was explaining the signs of love and how to know when you are in love. It read somewhat like this…

‘’Love is like spring, calm and beautiful, and its signs are like an accident, violent and intense. If you find yourself unable to talk with someone or have your heartbeat rise, know that this is a sign of love. You are attracted to that certain person if it ever happens to you. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge those feelings. As if you don’t realize it in time, you won’t be able to forgive yourself.’’

Narrator: that seems accurate enough to me.

Block 32, City L, District 47.

Inside a shop, people were buying things of necessity, and the workers looked fresh, helping the customers being it the early hours of the day.

The calm and pleasant atmosphere, soon turned into chaos, when a guy entered the shop wearing a mask. He held his gun out pointing toward the shoppers and the employees.

‘’Get down, if you don’t want an unpleasant extra hole in your body.’’

Shaken by his words and the shiny outer surface of the gun, everyone proceeded as he said, except one female. Much like Liam, she remembered reading that article.

Seeing how her heart was pounding and she couldn’t speak, her conclusion about this scenario was non-other than, you guessed it, love.

The robber got busy looting the counter desk, in between that, he felt someone hugging him from behind. Assuming it to be a tackle, as most would think in that situation, he quickly broke away and pointed his gun toward the woman.

‘’What the hell do you think…’’

The robber hesitated to continue his words, what lay before his vision was a woman in her 30s, panting uncontrollably. Her eyes showed a sign of being under someone’s charm and her face was red.

The robber’s eyes widened at that sight, shifting his whole focus away from everyone else, ‘’does she have a kink about getting hurt or something?’’

That short moment was enough for others to tackle the robber and have him subdued.

Soon after the police came and arrested him, which was a moment of relief and happiness for others but for that woman, that was a moment full of sadness.