Chapter 8:

Tulliano Strikes Back!

(Discontinued) Kazuki X Sayuri: Koibito Tero

(Tulliano Takamori now waits for the results on finding the gangs affiliated with the assault to Kazuki as Kazuki himself was training in the mafia's gym while sweating an awful amount while thinking about the assault. Suddenly, Kazuki gets a phone call during his workout which he paused to go and answer it.)
"Kazuki (Phone): Hello?"
"??? (Phone): We meet again Kazuki."
"Kazuki (Phone): You again? What is it now?"
"??? (Phone): I heard about the gang ambush that happened yesterday. Those six gangs are low seeds, they was actually bribed into killing you for a reputation boost. I found out who all six specific attackers are but you'll have to pretend you don't know them, got it?"
"Kazuki (Phone): I can do that, who are the attackers?"

"???: First on the list here is Takahara Yunosuke of the Coldskull clan. They're considered the lowest of the low, rarely heard from. Second, Tomita Yori of the Witch Syndicate clan. They're low seed but a rouge female clan. Third is Kogane Denbe of the Fallen Purgatory gang, a low seed gang clearly known for their trafficking and arson crimes. Fourth is person is Arakawa Honomi of the Queen Hawks, the Queen Hawks are low seeds as well but unfortunately are experts at men trafficking. Fifth is Mihara Masutaro and this young fellow is affiliated with the Plagued Trust clan, not most of a threat but are known copkillers. Lastly here is Sumisu Zenshin and this guy is affiliated with the Paladins of Retaliation, these guys are the top of the low seed but was bribed into the ambush as well."

"Kazuki (Phone): How do you know all of this..? Actually, how are you getting all of this...?"
"??? (Phone): I gather lots of useful information, that's why I'm a valuable asset to any gang member. In truth, it took the CIA along with the Japanese government years to find me and they still haven't. That should explain your question right?"
"Kazuki (Phone): Yeah... it did. So what do I do now?"
"??? (Phone): If by some sheer miracle Tulliano entrusts the mission to you alone, call me back and I'll tell you their precise locations."
"Kazuki (Phone): Alright. Hopefully that's what'll happen."
(As the call then ended and Kazuki was about to return to working out, he suddenly notices a irritated Tulliano who called for all the mafia members, including Kazuki.)
"Tulliano: Kazuki. We have a problem."
(As Kazuki followed Tulliano into his office and meets with the rest of the mafia, they all listened to a transferred phone call which was reached through a hacker's information hired by Tulliano.)

"???: You really think this will work? Striking down the Golden Gate Mafia with numbers and weapons like them? I don't think its worth the task, sir.."
"???: Did you just criticize my planned work? You joined the Yakuza Organization to serve, not to criticize. Your job is what you're primarily and secondarily instructed to do and that is to number one: Strike down the Golden Gate Mafia and number two: Kill Kazuki Takabe! His actions are unforgiveable for what he's done to my crew a year ago and I will make him pay with his life!"
"???: Forgive me sir.. The convoy along with the other low seed gangs should be here soon, they will await your orders."
"???: Excellent..."
(The transmission ended as most of the mafia members was a bit nervous about the threat.)
"Tulliano: To put things in smaller terms if no one understood, the Golden Pyramid is about to receive some very unwelcome customers. So its time we show these puny bastards the true power of the Golden Gate Mafia! You fuck with one, you fuck with the family!"

(They all cheered as Tulliano instructed orders for his skilled close, middle and long ranged gunman as several backup mafia members was ready awaiting the signal. Kazuki then was sitting on the rooftop of the Golden Pyramid and kept a lookout for any suspicious vehicles or acts of early gunfire as Amelie prepared two sniper rifles, one armed and ready known as the M40 and the Barrett .50 Caliber on standby. Tulliano then was outside the Golden Pyramid, smoking a cigarette while watching the open gate for the cars to burst into the parking lot.)

"Come on.. you bottom ranked, low seed pu**ies."
(As several minutes passed, over ten different gang vehicles arrived at the Golden Pyramid which several was the Yakuza Organization accompanied by the low-ranking gangs.)
"Yakuza Organization Member: Tulliano Takamori! If you surrender now, you and your mafia family will be executive members among the Yakuza Organization!"

"Tulliano: How about.. you do me a favor and go suck your boss's dick before I fucking cut your n*tsack off and mail it back to your fucking organization bastard. You puny pu**y ass clowns are nothing but pure jokes among the Golden Gate Mafia's territory. The day I give up this company is the day I die of old age!"

(As they all was shocked by the words Tulliano has said, the leading member then grinded his teeth and gave the signal.)
"Yakuza Organization Member: LIGHT UP THE PLACE!!"

(Before the other gangs could shoot, Tulliano's mafia fired first endless rounds of golden bullets aiming at the cars and the enemies as they retaliated. Several melee attackers was then running towards Tulliano as he then takes off his golden coat and pulled stomped his foot onto the ground as a hatch opened up and Tulliano pulls out the Remington 870 shotgun and takes his time shooting at point blank range with headshots while focusing on his cigarette. Suddenly, more reinforcements was arriving as several Yakuza enemies was falling and continues to match the mafia in numbers as Amelie then ties her headband, aims her sniper and lands devastating headshots to the reinforcements.)

"Kazuki: Shit... They're all having fun down there. Lucky them..."
(As Tulliano then has to reload the shotgun, he then places it back in the hatch and walks towards the incoming enemies with weapons. Tulliano then focuses his eyesight on their movements and begins to fight using pure martial arts such as karate, tae-kwon-do, white lotus and capoeira which allowed Tulliano to flawlessly drop his enemies without failure.)
"Kogane Denbe: GET THE RPGs!"
(The reinforcement vans was backed in reverse and opens the back doors to aim the RPGs at five of the pyramid towers where a few snipers are located. Suddenly, the vans was then destroyed by an airborne helicopter.)
(As most of Tulliano's men has died along with the gangs, Tulliano continued to brutally kill with martial art assassination techniques as the snipers continued shooting at reinforcements. Kazuki then notices flashing red and blue lights in the distance then fires a flare gun.)
"Kazuki: THE FEDS ARE HERE!!!!"

(As everyone heard Kazuki, all the remaining members of the Golden Gate Mafia switched to golden sub-machine guns and fires endless rounds of golden bullets at the remaining standing enemies. Several moments later, Tokyo police along with the SWAT team and FBI arrived to maintain order but was shooting back at Tulliano and his gang whom was beginning to quickly die out, along with the arrival of two SWAT helicopters which fired rapid machine guns. Tulliano then places his hands up and was carried by an automatic jetpack while carrying two fully loaded AR-15 guns and fires at the helicopters from above as Kazuki then spreads his arms out and runs down the side of the pyramid then jumps off, tackling a SWAT officer and shooting through the protective glass with his Colt 1911. The SWAT team then focused on arresting Kazuki as he did not go down without a fight and continued to use bullet by bullet in his magazines.)

"Amelie: There's too many of them..!"
(Amelie quickly reloaded her M40 and carries her Barrett .50 Cal on the side, using two snipers at once which doubled the damage given before. As the law enforcement began to die out, Kogane quickly noticed that the plan was a failure and forced everyone to retreat.)

(As Kazuki was coated in blood he then was laughing out of bloodlust as he chased after the escaping Kogane then tackles him down, they'd both engage in a fist to fist fight as all of the SWAT team along with the remaining alive police and FBI fled the scene while Kogane was stuck fighting an unhinged Kazuki. After gut punching Kazuki, he'd spit blood right into Kogane's face which he took the advantage and stomped his left kneecap inside out, delivers a nasty yet strong right hook to the face and sends an indented punch to the body of Kogane which knocked him down on his back as Kazuki was not done and purposely punches Kogane's face in over and over and over as he was coating himself in more blood. Kazuki then gets up as Kogane could only see with one eye and sees Kazuki holding his gun and aims it at his groin.)

"Kazuki: The groin or one of your livers?"
(As Kogane shook his head as hard as he could saying no to either choice, Kazuki still counted to three but for every number he says, he purposely pulls the trigger into his groin which had Kogane screaming in pure agony.)
"Kazuki: Two..."
(As Kazuki goes to number two, he pulls the trigger again after moving it to the side which more screaming was heard as Tulliano and the rest of the surviving Golden Gate Mafia members had to witness the torture Kazuki is giving.)
"Tulliano: Kazuki! Enough."
"Kazuki: ..... Tch.."
(As Kogane was dying in a pool of his own blood along with the blood of all the deceased bodies, Kazuki went back inside as he was now exhausted from fighting back as Tulliano and the others felt the same way.)
"Tulliano: MY FAMILY.. WE. HAVE WON.!"

(The Golden Gate Mafia cheered as they all won the battle and defended the Golden Pyramid. During the time to relax and take things easy, Tulliano hired body collectors from another gang to dispose of the corpses and clean up every last amount of blood inside the parking lot as numerous tow trucks to discard the destroyed vehicles along with almost thirty decorators of the Golden Gate Mafia to redecorate the parking lot and the surrounding area. Meanwhile, Kazuki and all the other members who fought cleans themselves off from the sweat and blood during the fighting. Tulliano then goes back to his office and relaxes on his chair as his armed guards was guarding him.)

"That boy Kazuki is going to get himself killed... Its good he knows how to fight but if that was a real fight.. a true fisticuffs, he'd die.. I cannot let my own family member die over a mistake I've made. Starting tomorrow, I'm teaching him the basics of martial arts..."
(Meanwhile in the center of Downtown Tokyo at the Yakuza Organization's hideout, pens was being snapped in half by the leader as he was pissed off about the results of the invasion.)
"???: It appears that bastard Takamori and Takabe got in the way again... No matter. If this is how things are to be, then we may as well go with plan B, isn't that right? Prime Minister?"
(The top chair then spins around and reveals the prime minister of Japan as the leader of the Yakuza Organization as he smirked.)
"Prime Minister: Yes, I shall commence with Plan B."

(A few minutes goes by as the prime minister places an update on the bounty of Kazuki Takabe which was now raised to ten million yen. Just then through the air vents, a spy recorded everything then sneaks out of the corporate hideout and takes off the mask, revealing it was Sayuri Ukyo who was now very nervous about Takabe's death being a lie and his bounty being risen to a bigger number than it was before.)

"Sayuri: If word gets around about this to gangs everywhere, Kazuki's going to be in deep trouble..! I have to warn him... But how can I reach him without triggering the Golden Gate Mafia..?"

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