Chapter 382:

Chapter 382: Werewolf Havoc

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 382: Werewolf Havoc

Narrator: Zeth has found himself being confronted by Hamura. It’s time to find out what she wants to discuss with him.

*Zeth and Hamura stare at each other with Hamura smiling*

Zeth: What do you want with me?

Hamura: The Deity of the Divide.

Zeth: What?

Hamura: That’s what I want. Have you heard of her?

Zeth: That legend that mom mentioned…

Hamura: Oh, so you have heard of the legend. My desire is to see her.

Zeth: What does that have to do with me?

Hamura: For a long time, I have searched the mortal world for her. It’s to the point that I probably spend more time here than in Hell.

Zeth: Once again, what does that have to do with me?

Hamura: Don’t be in such a rush. You already know that she was one of both light and dark. Well, she also tried to bring the two sides together but she failed. She has been missing for millions of years. Now, listen to this. I think she is hiding in the mortal world.

Zeth: You really think so?

Hamura: Well, I have been searching for her but have had no success. Ever since I first saw how close you and Sasha have been, that gave me a new idea. I now consider it a possibility that a new one could be created. I have already told Sasha all of this but the two of you could create the new Deity of the Divide.

Zeth: I know where you are going with this now and you are being super creepy.

Hamura: Be thankful. If not for my interest, I would have likely killed you long ago and taken Sasha back to Hell, as was ordered by my mother, the Dark Goddess. I have stalked you both in this city a lot over the last three months and I understand you are now officially a couple.

Zeth: Our relationship is none of your damned business!

*Zeth starts rushing towards Hamura and tries to punch her. Hamura dissipates right before his punch lands*

*Zeth opens his eyes wide*

Zeth: What!?

*Hamura grabs onto Zeth’s shoulder from behind which oddly makes him have a fearful expression on his face. Hamura has an interested smile*

Hamura: Another reason I came here is because I want to see your power. I know you killed Kazan. Show me that power.

*Zeth thrusts his elbow backwards but Hamura dissipates again and then appears in front of him*

Zeth: Don’t you dare make that kind of request!

*Zeth angrily rushes towards Hamura and tries to punch her multiple times, but she dodges every single one*

Hamura: You know, 42 years ago, Kazan was stronger than me. But ever since I found out how lacking I had become, I began training again. Kazan stagnated from being sealed away so I surpassed him.

*Hamura dissipates and then appears behind Zeth. Hamura taps Zeth on the shoulder with a single finger but Zeth swipes at her, making her have to jump back*

Hamura: The fact that tap did not even hurt you at least proves how far you have come. 42 years ago, that tap was enough to crack Sasha’s bones. But still, I want to see the fighting strength you used against Kazan.

*Zeth has a flashback to his Stage 4 Blood Form transformation*

Zeth: No! I won’t!

Hamura: You’re now afraid of your own Blood Form… I see.


Narrator: Meanwhile, elsewhere in the city.

*The werewolf starts attacking people throughout the city and the police are on their way*

Panicking Man: Help!! I don’t want to be food!!

Panicking Woman: Stop this monster!!

*The werewolf hops on a car that was being driven. The male driver in the car is scared to death*

Man: That thing…! That monster is on the roof of my car!! It’s going to kill me!!

*The werewolf roars and smashes its hand through the windshield to grab the driver by the neck and pull him out*

Man: I don’t want to die!! I don’t want to be food!!! Just put me down!! I’ll buy you all the food you want!!

*Suddenly, the werewolf’s arm is shot and it drops the man. The werewolf sees that a random male civilian shot him with a pistol. The armed man is scared and keeps shooting as the werewolf comes after him*

*The werewolf roars in anger*


Narrator: Meanwhile, back with Zeth.

*Zeth is having no luck attacking Hamura in his normal form but he can finally hear shouting about a werewolf in the city*

Various People: “There’s a wolf monster on the loose in the city!” “It’s like a werewolf!” “Someone better stop it or we’re going to be eaten by it!” “Just evacuate!” “Screw this! Staying here isn’t worth it!” “I’m out of here!”

Zeth: A werewolf!?


Narrator: Back with the werewolf.

*The police show up to surround the werewolf after it attacked the civilian that had the gun. The werewolf looks angrily at all of the police officers and its mouth is salivating. All of the police officers ready their guns*

Male Police Officer 1: Fire!

*All of the police officers begin shooting at the werewolf. The werewolf looks bothered by the bullets but it opens its mouth to charge up an energy attack*

Male Police Officer 2: What is it doing!?

*The werewolf releases a blast of energy that blows back many of the police officers*


Narrator: Back with Zeth.

Zeth: I’m going after that werewolf! Release this dark barrier!

Hamura: Fine. But just know that we will meet again.

*The barrier dissipates. Zeth runs to try and find the werewolf*

Zeth: I have to get to it and stop it before it kills anyone!

*It does not take Zeth very long to arrive at the location where the werewolf is*

*The police continue to struggle against the werewolf but Zeth shows up just in time*

Zeth: Let me take care of this werewolf.

Female Police Officer: Who are you?

Zeth: Zeth Zensora. The son of the Light Goddess.

Narrator: The werewolf runs rampant and creates havoc in Reign City! Zeth steps up to take on and defeat the werewolf!

Chapter 382 END

To be Continued in Chapter 383: Zeth vs The Werewolf