Chapter 383:

Chapter 383: Zeth vs The Werewolf

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 383: Zeth vs The Werewolf

Narrator: Zeth has arrived to take on the werewolf.

Male Police Officer 1: Son of the Light Goddess!? Seriously!?

Zeth: Yes. Stand back.

*Zeth walks forward and the werewolf growls*

Zeth: I don’t know what your story is but you have no business being in this city. Leave!

*The werewolf tries to attack Zeth by slashing its claws but Zeth jumps to dodge out of the way and then kicks the werewolf in the chin on his way up. Zeth then punches the werewolf in the gut*

*The werewolf slides back from the hit. Its eyes become more focused and it starts charging magic*

Zeth: It’s charging magic?

*The werewolf releases a blast of magic from its mouth at Zeth*

*Zeth is in shock as he did not expect the werewolf to be able to do that and he is worried about the police officers behind him. Zeth tries to kick the blast but it just explodes on impact with yellow energy*

*Zeth took damage and he also looks confused*

Zeth: That attack? It felt like I was hit by the moon. And I don’t even really know what getting by the moon would actually feel like. What is this power?

*The werewolf releases another blast*

Zeth: Shooting Star!

*Zeth releases a shooting star and it collides with the werewolf’s attack. Shooting Star pushes it back and into the werewolf which blows the werewolf into a building behind it*

All Police Officers: Whoa!

Zeth: All of you, get back! This werewolf is really powerful!

*The police officers start backing up and Zeth waits for the werewolf to come back out*

*Suddenly, a man is thrown out from the building*

Zeth: Oh no!

*Zeth desperately leaps to catch the man but when he does, the werewolf launches out and gut punches Zeth hard. Zeth is knocked back into a wall while holding onto the man. Zeth looks a little bit hurt*

Zeth: Run! Go!

*Zeth lets go of the scared man who starts running for his life. However, the werewolf then grabs Zeth by the neck and holds him upwards. The werewolf looks like it is starting to grin*

Zeth: I’m not liking that expression! Let go!

*Zeth activates Star Light Shield which blinds the werewolf for a few seconds. It is enough time for Zeth to loosen the werewolf’s grip and kick it away from him*


Narrator: Meanwhile in Heaven.

*Meanwhile, Sasha is still sleeping in Zeth’s bed but begins to wake up and tries to put her arm around Zeth. She then notices there is nothing but empty space and fully wakes up during her sleepy talking*

Sasha: Oh, Zeth. I was having such a nice dream… Zeth? Wait!

*Sasha sits up and holds the bed cover up to cover her nude body*

Sasha: Where is Zeth!?


Narrator: Back with Zeth.

*The werewolf is charging up even more magic. It then begins to furiously attack Zeth with its claws and knocks him through the rear windshield of a car. Zeth is now stuck inside the car*

*The werewolf begins charging up another blast in its mouth*

Zeth: That’s not good!

*The roof of the car is destroyed as Zeth goes into Raging Star Mode and jumps up to avoid the werewolf’s blast*

Zeth: I can’t believe how strong you are as a single werewolf. However, this is where I defeat you.

*The werewolf launches at Zeth. Zeth also launches at the werewolf. As they get close, the werewolf tries to slash Zeth but Zeth punches the werewolf hard in the face which sends it flying into a building behind it*

Zeth: You won’t be doing any more damage tonight!

*Zeth jumps into the building after it*

*In the building, the werewolf ferociously tries to slash Zeth but Zeth keeps dodging and then is able to grab its claw when it tries a vertical slash*

Zeth: That’s enough out of you.

*The werewolf becomes even angrier and struggles against Zeth’s grasp*

*Zeth charges a lot of Raging Star energy into his arm*

*The werewolf’s eyes become unfocused and feral again*

Zeth: Raging Star Punch!

*The punch blows a hole in the werewolf. The force blows the werewolf out of the building and back outside*

*Zeth goes up to examine the werewolf. He sees that it is dead and ends his Raging Star Mode*

Zeth: Wait, what is that?

*Zeth sees a piece of paper sticking out from the werewolf’s body. He takes the piece of paper and looks at it*

Zeth: What is this? A note?

*He begins reading the note and his eyes open wide*

Zeth: What the hell is this!?

*The note has a crescent moon symbol at the top and drawings of Dark Divine Eyes on the bottom. The text is handwritten and it reads, “Dear Zeth, I hope you liked my werewolf. Of course, if it killed you, you were not worth my time anyway but since you are reading this note that means you are. Anyway, I want you to come to the country of Basiege. If you don’t, I will send hordes of werewolves all over Harmone and kill everyone you hold dear. I will also kill the citizens of Basiege and Vandox. You have 2 days to arrive. Bring Sasha too. She is required. Don’t try and play any games either. I will know.”

Narrator: Zeth fought and killed the werewolf invading Reign City! Now, he reads a mysterious note that is blackmailing him to come to Basiege. Who exactly wrote the note?

Chapter 383 END

To be Continued in Chapter 384: Plan to Invade Basiege