Chapter 3:

Test to Contest

HoloFantasy: World of Fantasia

"I'll be the one participating the combat skill" The short, flat chested girl with a grin on her face.

As she said that, The atmosphere became silent. The guild master didnt hesitated to break that atmosphere with its honest phrase.

"S-Rank isnt allowed to participate in combat skill for beginners"

'S- S-RANK!! THIS GIRL INFRONT OF ME IS S-CLASS!! From her appearance...' In the middle of my thought I end up giving her a weird stare so I immediately snap off and turn my head away.

"Is there even anyone who's willing to participate in fighting a knight except me? Im sure There's one rule here in the guild... Anyone who's willing to participate to aid lower members need to be accepted and not push it to members who's not willing to do it as long their not bad record or lower than C-Rank" The girl spoke while sitting to a table(not chair) with her legs crossed and left arm lay down in the table and right arm with its index finger poking in its own cheeks.

"Fine fine, You win" The guild master spoke in a irritated tone.

The girl goes down from the table and walk towards to me. Its black sandal made a thuding noise as it tap in the stone ground. When she reached 3 foot away from me, She spoke.

"I didn't introduce my self am I?"

The girl hold the side of her skirt, Raising it up a little and place her right foot behind her and bows.

"My name is Uruha Rushia, S-rank adventurer. A.K.A Necromancer"

She introduced.

I also lift a bit my... erm... Metal skirt too, Same position she did earlier and bows.

"My name is Shirogane Noel, A knight. It is nice to meet you, Uruha Rushia"

"Call me Rushia or Necromancer"

"Then... Rushia"

For the long time I waited, Finally, A girl showed up. Now Im feeling a bit ease. Im so hooked up in the current situation that I noticed, I was smiling... Weirdly.

"Dont underestimate me. I might be short, Look weak and, Have small chest..." When she mention small chest, I can feel the sadness behind it while she look to my chest... Probably its just my imagination. She coughed and continued.

"I wont be called right now a S-Rank if Im not strong enough"

She misunderstood the meaning behind my smile but she also have a point. She's short and look weak, But getting to an S-Rank is not that simple. The struggle and battle experience is also needed to be able to step such rank. She's probably one of those the tactical people... Now talking about tactical people make me sad thinking about a certain muscle-headed female knight with a silver colored hair and green eyes that think nothing except strength(That's totally no other than my self).

"Lets proceed to the combat skill" The guild master spoke, Cutting off our conversation.

As I glance in the door, Someone was there, going out. Its only a split of seconds so all I know its a person with a blonde hair, Tied on a ponytail. Wearing a cloth with a mixture of white and blue... I didnt saw its skin or other feature so that's all I know.

I just decided to ignore it and proceed to listen to the guildmaster.

5 minutes later, Were now in the colloseum. In the opposing side was Rushia. In the right side was the guild master. Behind me and Rushia, There were some large doorways. The viewer's seats is atop of a 5 meters tall wall that surround the center of the arena. The wall was thick, Its give a sign its really sturdy. There was a crowd of adventurers who will view our fight. In adventurer combat test, It was supposed to be behind the guild but the guild master says 'We will use the colloseum, I cant imagine how chaotic the battle will be. Im afraid, the guild's structure might be caught in your fight' So I guess that makes sense. A knight V.S a S-Rank adventurer.

But still... In the colloseum, Colloseum is only held when theres a big event is happening and needed a permission from the royalty but... Is our fight really that big? This arrangement gaves me a suspicion that the queen says 'Oh oh, Its noel-san. Go ahead! Dont you ever disappoint my precious darling!' Thinking about it made me sigh heavily.

I just look to the thin figure of a female who's standing in the arena, Proudly without a single fear.

Uruha Rushia, S-Rank adventurer, A Necromancer. As I can remember, Necromancer are similar to Clerics. Using light magic, High-ranked clerics can resurrect the deads but Necromancer is the reverse. They use Dark Magic and instead of resurrect the dead, They will manipulate the dead. And that type of ability is kinda dangerous. Since she's an S-Rank, Means a strong person. No doubt, If her summoning is not that strong, She will have the upperhand in quantity.

They say, Quality beats Quantity but that's just fantastical. A quantity can also beat quality too. In the end, Its about balance.

"Today, We will witness a huge fight! Did you all ready your bet!" The guild master loudy announced.

"YEAAAH!!!" The adventurers roared with their hands up with exvitement, Written on their faces.


I just sighed in exhaustment without the fight started yet. This situation beats me already.

"Uruha Rushia, If you won. You'll get a cash as your prize" The guild master spoke.

"Mhmm!" Rushia nodded with a bright and prideful smile in her face while standing straight with her both hands in her hips.

Cash Prize huh... Yes! I'll do my best so I could also solve my financial problem!

Of course, I didnt say that aloud.

"And Shirogane Noel... Your rank will be placed immediately in C-Rank. We cannot give you the cash prize. It will be unfair for Uruha"

No cash prize huh... I sighed. Oh well, I'll still do my best, I guess...

"Lets start the battle. Now get ready!" The guild master spoke loudly as he could that reached the whole arena.

I unsheath my sword, I would also grab my shield but I didnt brought any shield today, I only brought my spearaxe behind me. I held the grip of my sword with both hands placing it in my front as I made my left foot step back a bit. The girl in the opposite side just stand still with its palm both open.

The guild master gasped, Raising its right hand above and...


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