Chapter 390:

Chapter 390: The Mother Revealed

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 390: The Mother Revealed

Narrator: After the shocking revelation that Dayna was not the one who wrote the threatening note, the heroes must figure out who the mother is.

*The heroes continue discussing the revelation about the note*

Harmona: What concerns me the most is that now that it’s for sure that the mother is a deity, we have no idea who the deity is.

Zaydra: As Zeth said, we are going to have to approach Dayna and get answers.

Kurt: The whole thing sounds like a trap though.

Emily: But if the mother wanted us to come to this country, then she may be with Dayna right now. We would have no other choice if that is the case. Trap or no trap, we can’t just sit here.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Poleon and Dayna.

*Poleon continues talking with Dayna*

Poleon: I think you will be interested in knowing what we ultimately want to do. Your mother and I have been collaborating on destroying both Heaven and Hell. They will all be at our mercy.

Dayna: You claim to know my mother but you have presented no evidence that this is true.

*Poleon smiles*

Poleon: Well, then let’s have her enter this room and show you.

*The dark mist with Dark Divine Eyes starts entering the room*

Poleon: This is your mother.

Dayna: I see nothing but a dark mist with eyes. You are lying to me.

Poleon: Oh, but she is quite shy. She doesn’t like to show herself in public. Hmhmhm.

Dayna: I have no time for jokes.

*The mist begins to start forming into a shape*

Poleon: Just watch.

*The mist takes a human shape*

Poleon: She is not physically here but I can assure you that this is a projection of your mother.

*The projection of her is a transparent purple color. She is wearing a black high-collar dress. She has neck-length brown hair that curls at the ends. She has Dark Divine Eyes and a crescent moon stone on her forehead. She is 6 feet, 10 inches tall*

Mother: Hello, my daughter. I am Rayna, the Deity of Youth and Beauty.

*Dayna looks shocked*

Dayna: A deity?

Rayna: Why do you look surprised? After all, you have Dark Divine Eyes.

Dayna: But that is impossible! Father hated divine beings!

*Rayna licks her lips. She has very thin fangs*

Rayna: He hated them… with a bit of my influence. I had bitten Goma and had him wrapped around my fingers. He followed me unconditionally. Then, I became pregnant with you and he was the father. Under my direction, he founded the Crow Beak Divine Killers. He instilled the belief in many mortals that both Heaven and Hell were bad for them and gained a following. I decided to leave you in his care as it would be better for my plan to work behind the scenes. I had your power suppressed while you were in his care but when you took control of the Crow Beak Divine Killers, that is when I decided to unlock your powers.

*All of this information just leaves Dayna shocked*

Rayna: Don’t worry though. Your hatred of divine beings isn’t wrong. You just need to know which ones are worth hating and all the ones associated with Heaven and Hell are the ones worth hating. You too are a divine being, but continue on trying to fight those of Heaven and Hell. I have some slaves that can help you here. Come on in.

*Four people start walking into the room. They are Dom, Jane, RAG, and Sandy Rockswell* (Author’s Note: She is the one in the Mansion of Horrors Arc that called herself the Troll Queen. She grew up in the same town as Kurt.)

Rayna: These four are my slaves. I bit them just like I did Goma. I lured them in with my “Spring of Youth” trap. They all wanted to be youthful again. I gave them that but I also made them my slaves in the process.

*Rayna looks at Dom specifically*

Rayna: This one in particular was an old friend of Goma. I’m actually surprised he fell for my trap but he had a large desire to avenge his student’s death. So, now you must be wondering, if I’m the Deity of Youth and Beauty, why did you inherit my power of werewolves? Werewolves are usually a power of the Deity of the Moon. So what happened? It’s simple. I killed the Deity of the Moon and then took his Crescent Moon Stone.

Dayna: Why did you do that?

Rayna: The Deity of the Moon, Lycan, aligned himself with Hell. That was unacceptable. Most deities that are not a part of Heaven or Hell are not aligned with either of them. With his power, I suppose you can call me the Deity of Youth, Beauty, and the Moon.

Dayna: I see…

Rayna: If there is any one thing that you must keep in mind, it is that even though we are Dark Divine Beings, we are not allies of Hell. We are of the same race as the Dark Goddess but that is where our similarities end. Both Heaven and Hell will be destroyed. A new world will be born and there will be no need for the goddesses to be in it.

*Dayna smiles and bows*

Dayna: Mother, I accept you.

*Rayna also smiles*

Rayna: Excellent.

Narrator: Dayna’s mother is revealed to by Rayna, the Deity of Youth and Beauty! What dark powers does she possess?

Chapter 390 END

To be Continued in Chapter 391: Battle Against the Werewolves