Chapter 4:

Knight vs Necromancer Part 1

HoloFantasy: World of Fantasia

While standing on guard inthe middle of the battlefield, The guild master raise its right hand and...


Without second thought, I leap forward in vast speed.

Rushia immediately place her hand infront with its palm widely open. As she do that position, Some kind of dark energy circling her, Making a bit whirlwind due to the raging winds. "Oh dead from the underworld, Respond to my call-"

Her chanting stopped midway, with the dark energy being canceled as her eyes widened looking to me who's already infront of her. I swung my sword in vast speed, Straight to her left neck. Before the sword reach her neck, I stopped as the wind raged due to the great force from the swing I made.


Rushia shockly responded in her current situation, She was badly dripping with sweat. As her hands was shaking pretty badly with her eyes still in a widened position but now shaking like she just lost her mind from the sudden shock she felt.

The atmosphere became silent, The adventurers and even the guild master it self just stare to the two of us. The guild master just place his fist to its mouth and coughed to broke the silence.

"You win but... Its still doesn't change the fact its a test. That's why lets start to the beginning so we can observe your battle skills but this time, Wait for Necromancer to finish her incantation" The guild master explained.

I pulled away the blade and put it back to its sheath as I bow to the guild master.

"Got it" I responded as I proceed to go back to my position.

I feel pity while looking to the girl in the other side who's face is so red while clenching its fist, Looking to its own feet. I felt poor for her, In the days where Im still in the knight academy, I learn one thing, And that is never let your enemy pull its ace. That's the reason I attack her earlier without making her finish its incantation.

"Incantation" It is always the weakness for Magic Users. While "Skill Mastery" is the weakness for weapon users like me. In the battlefield, Wasting even just one second can be really fatal, Weakness due to incantation of every Magic Users but for Weapon users like me, We dont need incantation but unpolished skills results for instant defeat, and in the battlefield, Defeat leads death.

"Ready" The guild master spoke, Looking to the both of us as he raise his hand.

Instead of raising my guard to maximum, I just pull my sword to my sheath and look to the very upset opponent of mine in the other side. I can feel the embarassment she felt, It is the embarassment when you were defeated in instant were the battle just begun and things will get repeated for your own sake as they give you the upperhand due to the pity they felt.

I once experience that, It was when I was still in the academy. It was the time when the academy test started. My enemy have a very sharp, Expensive, good looking sword but mine was my father's old sword that Im so thankful it looked shiny and new due to my hardwork to scrub that old rusty sword, Also resulting it to be fragile. So in instant the battle began, My sword snapped. Thankfully a friend of mine made me borrow her sword since she believed in my power and skill in battle even Im weak in magic. The battle resulted to my victory of course, Thanks to her kindness and encouragement.

To cheer her up, I should also encourage her but this situation is different, I cannot just go... "Goodluck!" Or "Do your best!" Out of nowhere. I will look like an idiot since I'm the cause of her embarasment after all, I'll just end up rubbing salt to her wound. No doubt, In a situation like this, She will go...


...All Out.

"I will make you pay!" Her previous innocent cute voice turn to a shattered like glass when she shouted. She bit her index finger and pull it out. As blood drip to her index, she raise it above. She then draw fastly a somekind of unknown [Kanji] word.

(Note: This word [Kanji] means [Meaning])

"Blood Art: Raging Undeads!"

The blood-colored drawing she made in the mid air who's still floating glowed to a bright red.

Blood Arts, It is a type of magic that a dark mage uses. Unlike Blessings from Priests and Clerics that uses the caster's faith to the gods they worshipped to be able to cast the magic. Blood Arts is a dangerous type of dark magic that needed the caster's full control and knowledge. If not, It results a huge damage to the caster's soul itself. As I known, Blood Arts is a type of dark magic where you borrow one of the great demon's ability. Controling it perfectly needed a certain knowledge to the Great Demon's Ability on how they use it and also a specific type like... If your a necromancer, Then the ability you be able to borrow also reflects to necromancing.

To be able to use such magic, There's no doubt now why she is an S-Rank. Due to the activity I did earlier, I end up shoving my self to a great danger.

The glowing red circle she draw mid-air earlier, It liquified and drop to the ground as a thick glowing red blood. The liquid emitting a bubble like its being boiled. It then proceed to scatter around the ground. After watching it, I realize it formed as a magic circle. The wideness was, Probably somewhere 8 meter in radius. While the girl is in the center of the magic circle, Black haired heads arise from the magic circle. I made a huge leap, Distancing my self from the magic circle. Now, Im 6 meters away from the magic circle. I held my sword both hands, Performing the same stance I did earlier as I watch the red skinned undeads, Completely rised from the ground.

"Now, Try to survive! Shirogane Noel! Hahaha-ha-ha-ha-haa!" She laughed with a relief and satisfaction in her voice. She made a very wide creepy smile, With her red eyes greatly looking at me with hatred.

I grip my sword hard, Raising my guard to its maximum due to the huge upcoming battle against a horde of red-skinned undeads.

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