Chapter 395:

Chapter 395: Scared of Her Own Shadow

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 395: Scared of Her Own Shadow

Narrator: Sasha continues attacking Vollmond.

*Sasha lands multiple slashes on Vollmond and knocks him back*

*Sasha charges up a lot of magic*

Vollmond: Her power truly is great. If only she was fighting on the right side.

*Sasha has a sadistic smile*

Sasha: Soon, you will be nothing more than a pile of ashes! Hahahaha!

*A magic dragon head surrounds her body and purple energy begins to charge within its mouth. The magic dragon head then releases a wave of purple fire from its at Vollmond and it torches anything in its path. Once it gets close to Vollmond, it creates a large explosion with more flames going everywhere*

*Zaydra is in shock at this kind of power. Sasha continues to laugh at the purple fire spreada*

*Vollmond has taken a good amount of damage and is retreating*

Vollmond: (Thinking) I guess I spent too much time admiring her power. I will report back to the Dark Goddess on these events.

*Sasha stops laughing and her Black Devil form ends. She falls to her knees with fear on her face*

Sasha: What was I doing!? This fire is everywhere! I could have seriously hurt my friends! What if I become like this permanently!? I’m scared…! Of myself…! Of my own shadow…!

*While Zaydra is still in shock, she sees Sasha’s fear*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Zeth and Zenfaro.

*Zeth and Zenfaro fight Dayna*

*Zeth tries to punch Dayna but she releases a purple magic barrier to block him*

Dayna: Nice try!

*Zenfaro comes from above but she quickly releases another barrier above her to block his attack as well*

Dayna: I won’t let either of you land a hit—!

*Dayna is interrupted as Zeth finally gets close and lands a punch on her face which is followed by Zenfaro kicking her from above*

Zenfaro: So much for that claim.

*Zeth releases Star Shards at her but she forms a purple magic sword and slices them away*

Zeth: That precision!?

Dayna: Maybe I got a little careless. But I have more at my disposal.

*Dayna then forms what looks like a purple magic pistol and shoots it at Zeth. Zeth tries to dodge but he gets pierced in the shoulder by a magic bullet*

Zeth: Gaah!

*Zenfaro tries to get in close but he gets slashed by Dayna’s sword in his abdomen*

Dayna: Don’t underestimate my reflexes.

*Zenfaro starts charging orange magic into his arm. He then looks at Zeth*

Zenfaro: Can you keep her from dodging my next attack?

Zeth: You can count on me!

Dayna: I’m not deaf, you know. I won’t let you attack.

*Dayna aims her gun at Zenfaro*

*Before Dayna can shoot, she notices just in time that Zeth is getting close to her. She quickly forms a magic sword in her other hand and tries to slash him. Zeth barely dodges and then releases his chains*

Zeth: Chains of Heaven!

Narrator: With Kazan’s influence gone, Zeth’s Chains of the Volcano Demon have become the Chains of Heaven.

*Zeth’s chains wrap around Dayna’s arm. The colors of the chains are now a combination of white and gold*

Dayna: What!?

Zeth: I needed to get in close to do this. Otherwise, you would have sliced the chains. Now with your sword arm wrapped, not only can you not use your sword, you can’t move out of my vicinity either.

Dayna: No!

*Zenfaro rushes towards Dayna while she tries to aim at him. He thrusts his fist forward with a wave of orange energy releasing that batters Dayna*

Dayna: Aaaahhh!!

*Dayna is knocked on the ground and released from Zeth’s chains*

*Zeth looks at the projection of Rayna*

Zeth: Your daughter failed.

Rayna: Not quite. My daughter, let me lend you some power.

*New power enters Dayna’s body. Her body begins to gain some werewolf characteristics and she becomes more ferocious*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Harmona.

*Harmona continues to fight Poleon*

*Poleon dodges a Raging Shooting Star and then wraps his tail around Harmona’s neck. He swings her around for a bit until he kicks her away*

*Harmona quickly steadies herself on the ground. She looks frustrated*

Harmona: He’s so much more powerful than I expected…!

Poleon: Harmona, just like how you made the species I watch over extinct, I’m going to make the species you watch over extinct. It will be glorious. Humans running for their lives in terror.

Harmona: Don’t take your anger out on them!

*Harmona launches towards Poleon and they trade punches*

Poleon: Oh, would it make you feel better if I only kill one human for every one Zoren that you killed?

Harmona: Damn you…!

Narrator: Sasha becomes afraid of her own power while Zeth and Zenfaro now face an even stronger Dayna! Can Harmona get the upper hand on Poleon or will his plans succeed in the end?

Chapter 395 END

To be Continued in Chapter 396: The Monster Within the Goddess