Chapter 396:

Chapter 396: The Monster Within the Goddess

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 396: The Monster Within the Goddess

Narrator: Back to the battle against the werewolves in the area with a lot of trees.

*The angels have now overwhelmed the werewolves and killed many of them with some being able to retreat*

Female Angel: That’s right! Run from us! All of you paid the price for messing with us!

Male Angel: Tell your masters that they are next!


Narrator: Meanwhile with Zeth and Zenfaro.

*Zeth and Zenfaro continue their fight with Dayna who now has some werewolf features*

Dayna: Rrrraaaaarrhhhh!!

*Zenfaro dodges a slash from Dayna while Zeth releases two Star Shards from above. Dayna notices and roll jumps in time to dodge. She then kicks Zeth back against a wall*

*Zenfaro launches himself up towards Dayna*

Zenfaro: You have gotten stronger and more agile but we can handle it!

*Zenfaro tries punching Dayna but she blocks it with her arm which shocks Zenfaro*

Zenfaro: She actually blocked it!?

*Dayna quickly forms a magic sword and tries to slash Zenfaro. He backs off but still gets a long cut on his chest from the sword*

Zenfaro: Yeah, that magic she is using is very strong…

*Zenfaro looks at Rayna*

Zenfaro: Just how much power did you give her?

Rayna: That’s for me to know and for you to find out. You may not want to be too distracted.

*Zenfaro becomes alerted as Dayna gets close. She starts trying to slash him, making him have to do his best to dodge*

*Zeth is charging a Shooting Star while Dayna is focused on Zenfaro*

Zeth: (Thinking) That’s right. Just keep your attention on him…

*Zenfaro finally gets in a punch and hits Dayna in the chin. He then kicks Dayna back*

Zenfaro: Now, Zeth!

*Zeth releases the Shooting Star at Dayna and it explodes upon landing a direct hit*

Zeth: Was that enough to finish her?

*Suddenly, an injured Dayna dashes out from the smoke. She grabs Zeth’s neck and pins him against the wall, intending on stabbing him with her sword*

Zenfaro: No!

*Zenfaro gets in the way just in time and gets stabbed instead*

Zeth: Brother!?

*Zenfaro punches Dayna hard, knocking her back against a wall. He falls to one knee briefly and looks like he is in a bit of pain*

Zenfaro: *huff huff* Don’t worry. It’s going to take more than that stab to take me down. Though, the wound will make it harder to fight. We’re going to need to use more power to finish her off.

Zeth: Right.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Harmona.

*Harmona continues fighting Poleon and they trade blows with their fists*

*Poleon grabs onto Harmona’s face and releases magic from his hand to blow Harmona down to the ground. He then releases a barrage of follow-up blasts of dark matter. She dodges some but gets hit by a few others which damages her further, causing her to fall on her back*

Poleon: What’s the matter? I thought you were going to kill me? That fire that lit in you when I told you about the dark matter has vanished. Oh well, time to finish you off.

*Moving at a very fast speed that leaves afterimages, Poleon moves towards Harmona and intends to stab her with his hand. However, Harmona grabs onto his arm before he can do it. She looks angry, even as she lies on the ground*

Harmona: I won’t lose…!

Poleon: So you do have some fire left? Unfortunately for you, you are just making your end more painful.

*Poleon stomps on her which causes her more pain but she doesn’t let go of his arm*

Poleon: Let go…

Harmona: No…

*Poleon stomps down on her again but this time doesn’t let up. As Poleon continues to grind his foot against Harmona’s abdomen, she still doesn’t let go of his arm*

Poleon: Persistent, aren’t you? Let go and die. If you don’t, I will make the deaths of all those you hold dear even more horrific. Not just the humans, but the angels and your children as well.

*Harmona’s eyes open wide*

Poleon: That got your attention. Hmhmhm. Your children… I will slowly rip them apart limb by limb and laugh as they scream in agony. I will enjoy every second of it!

*Harmona’s grip on Poleon’s arm becomes tighter. Now she is absolutely furious*

Poleon: What’s this? Why is she getting even stronger?

*Suddenly, Harmona punches Poleon so hard in the face that it knocks a few of his teeth out and he is sent flying back*

*Storm clouds form high above Harmona and lightning starts striking the ground in many places around the battlefield*

*Poleon sits up and rubs his face where he was punched*

Poleon: What is going on?

*Harmona starts standing up fully. Her eyes have become like a beast’s. Her teeth have greatly sharpened and her nails have grown sharper too. Her hair has wilder and she has grown a lion-like tail. She looks angry like a beast*

*Poleon is still rubbing his face in pain. He then looks at the new monstrous Harmona as lightning strikes all around her*

Poleon: What is this!?

Harmona: This is… a form I never wanted to use again. It’s too hard to control. But I’m opening the cage. Not for anyone else’s sake…

*She opens her eyes wide in savagery*

Harmona: (Vicious Sounding) …But to satisfy my own selfish desires to rip you to shreds!

Narrator: Harmona has unleashed her Savage Lion form! She intends to absolutely destroy Poleon!

Chapter 396 END

To be Continued in Chapter 397: The Savage Lion Strikes