Chapter 5:

Knight vs Necromancer Part 2

HoloFantasy: World of Fantasia

The slender arm of the undeads started to twitch together with its fingers. The red calves and arms was visible since the undeads is wearing a dirty gray cloth and black pants, All of them. There were females and have some medium sized chests and others is flat(just like the controller). The undeads doesn't really have same hairstyle but they have same hair color. Maybe they come from other world? Or maybe its just a tradition in hell go have black hair and eyes?

Anyway, Lets ignore those stupid thoughts, Most importantly is, Their faces, Calves, arms and even hands grow some kind of nerves as a sign of sudden increase of strength. All of them made a leaping stance.

The undeads made a move, Totally far from my expectation. I expected they will all leap forward to attack me but instead, they jump high like a horde of frogs. Being surrounded by this frogs- erm- I mean undeads, can be a really huge problem.

I immediately leap away, When some of them land infront of me, I swing my sword horizontaly, cutting their heads. Now some of them attack from my right and I immediately swung my sword to them, Now there are some of the left. As I struggle to defeat all of them, There was also a hard task in fighting them and that is to cut them to half. For those who isnt cut to half that only got their arms cut to half or got some huge wounds due to my sword, are still attacking me like nothing happen and their numbers is also a problem.

As the battle continued, I can see a golden light rosing up high in the distance. No doubt, Its Rushia, chanting a new magic. She's a necromancer but if that thing will enhance this creatures, Its the end of my career, Enhancing are clerics ability but if she learns few light magic, That is also not impossible since she's a S-ranker after all.

In the light rosing up in the sky, Its clear there was a golden machinery/ engine of a clock's parts, Spinning around, Ticking the same as a clock. Talk about clock, I notice the sky have somekind of huge magic circle but looking closely, Its a clock with its long hand ticking in a speed of seconds while the small hands is also ticking but 5× slower than the other one.

This magic, No doubt. Its a time magic! I need to eliminate all of this things at once before she can chant that magic. Im having a very bad feeling from it.

I swung around my sword, Cutting the body and heads of the undeads. When I made a leap backwards and get a free space to build my stance, I held my sword just with my right hand, placing it in my right side. My left palm was widely open, Placed in my front. I slid open my legs in the ground wide together with my feet and start to rush in full speed, Approaching the horde of undeads that also coming towards me.

My sword glows white, I swung around my sword, swiftly and smoothly as I move around the horde of undead like the time was just paused as I moved in vast speed, Leaving a white smooth path trace in the way, releasing some white petals.

White Rose Sword Style: Dancing White Rose

In the instant I stop, The head of the undeads I pass by earlier flew, sent spinning to the mid air as their body and head, slowly disintegrated to nothingness.

Another horde of undead surrounds me, then attacks in vast speed. With their sharp claws aimed to me. I immediately dock down as I hold my sword with both hands and placing it in my left, Leveled to my shoulder. With my sword glowing white again, The time was like being paused. I spun my self 4 times, Clockwise, Then stop in the same position I did in from start. I stand, swung my sword mid air, Only now placed in my right hand straight.

White Rose Sword Skill: Scattered Petals.

The traces I made earlier, Expanded as it shoot to the direction it faced. All of the undeads who's surrounded me earlier got their heads sent flying mid air.

I immediately face the direction where the source of the time magic being held. In there was a bunch of undeads heading to my direction, Totally blocking my way.

I held my sword with my two hands, Placing it in my right side, Labeled to my waist. The sword glows again. I dashed forward, Making a smooth curving move like a wave. White Trail was left as white petals scattered from it.

White Rose Sword Skill: White Rose Trail

As I get closer to my destination, I hear a murmuring voice of a female, Chanting a spell. When the tone of the voice rised, I was late and the necromancer chanted its final incantation.

"Altered Netherworld!"

A strong breeze appeared to the place, The clock above rang like a chruch's bell, All clock arms reached to 12 pm, And strong wind breeze is alsi waving around the middle of the battlefield, Joining together of this event. When I got out from the horde of Undeads, I swung my sword, Hoping to reach the necromancer. My sword was also stopped by a similar sword with a flower design but the sword was black instead of white.

I immediately step back, Joining to the group of undeads who's now disintegrated to nothingness.

The figure who stopped me was as tall as me, Holding a black sword with the same design of mine. A grayish pale skin, White short hair, She was closing her eyes and have same shape of my face. Wearing the same armor of what I have and even have same size of my chest. No doubt, She's a dead version of me.

The undead version of me who's standing infront of the necromancer was still closing its eyes, Holding the sword with its right hand. Standing still with its feet widely distanced making the breeze cross her hair. After those silent moment, She widely open her terrifying eyes with red colored retina and black eye lids.

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