Chapter 3:

Chapter 1_2: Beginning of the End

Gifted Blessing upon Curses

I shouted as hard as I can. Even though I know what happen, I just can't accept all of this. Now I remember what happen, everything that happens was so unreal that my brain deny it and hide it deep inside my consciousness. My father was killed brutally on his own throne while my mother and sister was raped to death in front of my dad. It was a nasty view. I, the youngest daughter of Landrantzel Kingdom was thrown to prison, I don't know exactly why but this has got to be about my noble blood. On the other hand, my brother was on a trip to the side country but here he is, laying lifelessly in front of me with bloody gap on his chest. He probably tried to save me but killed by this woman in undoing the rope tying my hand.
Why is this happening to me? Why am I the only one alive? Why must I suffer pain greater than death itself?

A flashback memories runs through my mind. When I was still a child, my brother tend to persuade me doing naughty things like running away from my private lesson to the forest to play. At the end of the day, my father would scold us for doing those kind of thing. There was also one instance where we bring a stray cat inside the castle and it create a whole lot of mess. After that, we bow our head to apologize to the maids and our mother can only sighed while shaking her head.

Right now, I couldn't even said an ounce of word, my heart is screaming. A sudden attack toward Landrantzel's castle leaves everyone surprised, no one could see this day coming. As the rope tying my hand loosen, I grit my teeth and prepare to attack the girl behind me. Even though I'm not sure if I can win against someone who killed by brother without having a single scratch on her. Even if I know this is futile and won’t return my family. But still, I muster my strength and aim my fist to her head. Now that I see her, she had a figuratively good looking body. Dense chest yet charming, a short blonde hair similar to a bob cut. Yet all those charming point, her eyes shows no emotion, there's only a single word that keeps hitting me when I stared at here before, Orders. She's like an extremely strict girl with twisted emotion. I don't know what happen to her in the past but right now, I really want to kill her for revenge. But as I expect, my attack are stopped like it’s nothing. She grips my right arm and throws my body onto the floor. My hands are tied around my back and I got pinned down easily.

"Don't do anything hasty. The generals are calling for you."

I can't say anything. It’s pointless, even if I tried to manipulate her, she won’t waver even by just a little bit. She start to loosen her grip and force me to stand up on my own feet. I was still using my dress from the morning albeit of some bloodstain and dirt. She pulled her stunning refined rapier and pointed it toward me.

"Walk, we're going to the throne room. There's something you need to do"

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