Chapter 6:

Black & White

HoloFantasy: World of Fantasia

In the middle of the battlefield was me and the dead version of my self, Staring to each other in a total concentration. Uruha Rushia, who's behind the dead version of my self and the guild master in the side of the arena as a referee.

The adventurers who witness our fight have their eyes widened in shock, As the atmosphere became silent.

"A second Noel?" "No, That thing looks dead" "A reverse version of her self maybe?" "2 large badonkas..."

Those are the murmuring voices I hear from the witnessing adventurers but also made me wonder of who's this pervert thinking nothing except large chests.


A adventurer loudly shouted from the right side who's distanced from other adventurers, That taken over all attentions. He was... A young man. Brown haired and sky blue eyes, He's kinda cute. Probably he's somewhere in 15 or something. From he's appearance, He looks like a noble and with a book in his right arm, Placed on his waist, He's kinda elegant.

"A- A TIME MAGIC THAT TRAVELS THROUGH TIME, SUMMONING A UNDEAD FROM THE NETHERWORLD'S FUTURE!?!? NECROMANCER-SAN IS AMAZING!!!" The noblelike young man added with a cheerful tone. As his eyes was blisterring with stars of delight.

"That's right" The prideful Rushia showed her self from my dead version self's back by going to its left side(In my perspective).

"Altered Netherworld's ability is not just about a zombie doppleganger but also telling the truth in terms of the concept of time. Means..." She cut her words, Proceeding to point the undead doppleganger of mine and then continued. "This is you in the future. I wonder how strong you become in the future" She laughed.

I still stand on guard, Looking to every possibility of the doppleganger's movement.

"Now, Defeat with all your might the opponent currently infront of you" Rushia spoke. In instant, The doppleganger of mine immediately leap forward in vast speed and swing its sword to me. I immediately swing my sword in a right timing to repel it.

As what can I see, She's so fast. If I calculated it right, Her movement is 3x faster than me.

We continuously cross our swords, Emitting big bangs and clangs due to the sword impact in every swing that made the wind raged so badly. Every swing, My body always get thrown a bit, As a sign of her enormous strength. Theres no mistake, This person is diffenitely future me. But one thing bothered me, She might be strong but she's lacking at experience.

To try it if my theory is right, I step left to dodge her downward vertical swing, Then swung my sword straight to her face.

She immediately leap back to dodge it but the tip of my sword reach her upper left cheek, Resulting a little wound.

Looks like this battle will be easy as long I use tactics that looks new for newbies. Calling my future self a newbie is kinda disappointing. Its true she improved, Her strength and agility is totally in different level of my current state right now, Means im training hard in the future to reach such length but... She lacked in battle experience. I wonder what happen to me in the future. Is hell really that peaceful that I end up not having experience in battle?

I just cut my thought and focused to the "lack of experience" doppleganger of mine who held its sword both hands, Placing it in her front with its tip pointed upward. The sword glowed black before she muttered.

"Wïţhér Rose Sword Style: Đéçàÿïńg Flower" Her voice has the same voice of mine but... Lifeless and the word "Wither" and "Decaying" is kinda error. I call it error since its exactly what happen when the telepathy connection is failing.(Note: You can picture the words, same as when a phone call is glitchy)

Her sword emit some kind of rose petals but color black.

"White Rose Sword Style: Blooming Flower" I muttered a skill, Same as hers and not in the same time. My sword glows white, Emiting white rose petals. I held it with both hands, Placing it in my front.

We made a single step forward and then... Leap in full speed. As we met in a close quarter distance, Our sword clashed, making the wind raged intensely as dust smoke rose up, making a huge crack in the ground. We continued to clash with all of our might, As always, My body get thrown a bit due to her enormous strength.

As we clashed, I lost the hold of my right foot, Making me go out of balance. In instant, She made a fast down vertical slash. I able to regain my balance through stepping my right foot in the back, Tilting my body a bit to the right that made me able to stop her vertical slash with my sword held horizontally. But still, It didnt said Weapon Users can only wield their weapons. Resulting me to get kicked my unguarded stomach, So hard that it sent me flying.

In the middle of the flight, I made a single back flip, Stepping my right feet first in the ground before my left, making a cool stunt and safety landing without deep casualties. When I look to previous location where my opponent is, She's not there. The sunrays hitting my face was blocked by something. I raise my head to look the cause. There, I saw my opponent who's now in mid air, With its black sword glowing, Raised above. Her red eyes was gleaming brightly, Made me terrified a bit.

"Wïţhér Rose Sword Style: Descending Blàčk" She muttered, Slamming her sword who's glowing black approaching to me in full speed swiftly, Leaving a black trace behind.

I immediately raise my sword, Horizontally, Facing left to block her sword with my both hands held in the handle, To block the attack.

I step right so she end up landing in my left.


It create a very strong impact that made my hand go numb crazily and stopping it made my foot get stuck in the ground due to the ground cracking from the very strong impact that even gives bruises to my face.

I let go using my left hand, Resulting my sword to go in my left vertically. Due to it, My enemy's sword slipped in my sword's blade, Making a very noisy creaking sound from a sliding heavy metal to a metal. As the blade completely slip through the the tip of my blade, The blade of my sword is facing its neck.

"White Rose Sword Style: Ascending White" I muttered, Leaping upward, Smoothly passing my doppleganger's neck. When I land to the ground, A white trace who's emitting white rose petals rise up from the very beginning where I slash. Rising up exactly where I slashed, Straight to my glowing blade, Making a reverse U curve.


Her neck snap off as her body disintegrated to ashes.

The arena who's chaotic earlier is now clear and nothing was left except to my one and only opponent, Rushia.

I immediately ran in full speed, Approaching Rushia. Rushia was just standing unguarded. Just like before, I swung my sword and before reaching its neck, I stopped, Making a strong rage of wind.

The guild master who's acting as judge step front, Raising his right hand and spoke.

"The winner of the battle is..." He inhaled first before speaking. "None, The battle is a draw!"

The arena got filled with silent, Same to me who got frozen still in shock of sudden results. Is there a time limit? Did I break a rule? Did I did something not right again?

All of those thoughts of mine snapped after looking to my opponent Rushia who's now... Grinning with satisfaction and seductive due to its cuteness I guess...

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